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Jul. 21st, 2016 11:18 am
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1) The invention fell to the floor, shattering.
"Look what you’ve done!" Wheeljack cried, aghast.
"It's not my fault! You pushed me against the table in a fit of rage!"

2) "I'll report you to my parents!" The boy yelled.
Random Autobot: "...For being nice?"

3) "Will you promise to protect my mother?"
"Daniel," Optimus began. "Sometimes you can't promise everything will turn out right. I will try my best to protect your mother from harm."

4) The two once immaculate bots had mud dripping off their frames. The murderous look the perpetrators were receiving had them stepping backwards several spaces.
"Look Sunstreaker we..."
"Mirage, I'm..."
"Shut.up!" Sunstreaker snarled.

5) TFP: Jack burns his tongue on hot food and Arcee gets concerned.

6) Dark TFP AU: Jack Darby is a drug dealer. He gets drugs from the hospital his mom works at without anyone the wiser and sells them on the streets.

7) AU: The matrix has no power its just a symbol for leadership.

8) Spike gets drafted into the army.

9) "Surveillance videos can be altered."
"Not on my watch!" Red Alert exclaimed.
"Since when do you carry human watches?" Sideswipe asked, cheekily.
"Not.the.time.Sideswipe!" Red Alert grounded out.

10) An Autobot drunk in space.

A) Drunk Autobot in space serenading the stars
B) His coms. are on without knowing and Autobots can hear him.
C) Drunk Autobot flying erratically. Maybe hitting a few asteroids.
D) Autobots inside are worried.

11) Bluestreak sells illegal contraband to the Wreckers.

12) Blaster and Jazz are jealous over another bot that can play good music and sing.


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