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Non explicit Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics in the Transformers Universe. I've come across a couple which were sticky but my curiosity leads me to question how the dynamics would work outside of sticky interface or procreation. I'm all for taking the concept and twisting it about outside of just sex. I'm especially interested in ranking systems.
So I'm thinking dynamics exclusive to trines and Gestalts. A trine can only work as a cohesive unit with each rank represented. The Alpha being the leader. The Beta as the solid centre to balance it out and the Omega often lightening the pressure on the higher ranks, by either playful behaviour or taking the brunt of the higher ranks frustrations. Obviously Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp seem to represent this well as an example.
But let's be honest that's obvious and simple. Let's expand and twist the idea further (with added subplots):
Seekers NEED to form a trine based on the three elements. If you remove one then that leaves an open wound in the remaining members. In wolf packs ranks are fairly fluid so conceivably if say, Starscream dies, then Thundercracker or Skywarp could take the Alpha role temporarily or permanently depending on who replaces the third.  Or maybe one of them decides to seek a new role within the group. Skywarp wants to be elevated within the trine. Or Thundercracker is perhaps containing his Omega/Alpha personality to fit the Beta role and tires of the façade. Starscream could actually be an Omega but is using his more carefree nature and twisting it into assertive frustration.
Subplot 1: Different ranks are determined by different modes of attaining it. Alpha roles require proof of leadership through battle. Omega's are required to supplicate themselves in an act of subservience. In Seekers this could involving aerial displays. Dog fights for Alphas where causalities can occur and for Omegas allowing the higher ranked Seeker to take potshots at them and even close into their airspace.
But now we'll leave the main seeker trine as everyone writes about them. Let's consider gestalts. I can see within the Aerialbots that Silverbolt is Alpha through need more then want. He comes across in personality as a more mid to lower rank member. But the others are not Alpha. Skydive is close but he's more a solid Beta. Airraid is very much in the mould of Omega and Slingshot through sheer will manages to avoid Omega, wants to be Alpha but settles for a mid rank role. Fireflight is more fluid in the mid rank/Omega role but Airraid comes across as far more Omega so by elimination Fireflight is mid rank.
Subplot 2: In wolf packs there is not just the three dynamics but also an unnamed mid rank system. Beta's in wolf packs are more like second in commands. When the Alpha, Beta and Omega positions are settled in a gestalt, this fourth unnamed rank is opened. It's not a dishonour to be a mid ranker. It shows willingness to become cohesive in the group.
I wouldn't just limit dynamics to flyers. It could and should work with the likes of the Dinobots, Constructicons ect...
And two more loose thought process with this bunny before I go on endlessly.
* One reason the  Aerialbots are so enamoured by the lead Trine is the fact they see the Trine dynamic as a perfect example whereas their own they consider as rough and destabilised.
* I would be interested to see this Bunny taken to where other outside influences try to alter the groups. Best way I can describe as my thoughts kept going different idea paths


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