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Aug. 28th, 2016 01:40 pm
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1) Bluestreak accidently shoots Optimus Prime

2) Fireflights plays hide and seek with human children

3) AU Dark of the Moon

A. Ironhide doesn't die
B. Elita One and Chromia make it to Earth in time to help the Autobots
C. Sentinel Prime didn't get the real pillars. He took the fake pillars.
D. As a result the Decepticons had their human soldiers kidnap Carly and Sam to be held as hostages. So they could trade them for the pillars.

4) The Decepticons watched amusedly as the injured Autobot attempted to get away.
"Where can you go Autobot? Who could you contact?"

5) TFP: The Wreckers strip dead Decepticons of parts needed for the wounded Autobots. Only it’s a trap and the bodies are filled with scraplets.

6) Any verse: The human government wants a few officials to ride with Autobots during patrol. To see how they patrol and where at.

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