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1) G1 AU: Before Bluestreak joins the Autobots. Bluestreak is the best sniper around. The Decepticons hold his mentor (Prowl) prisoner. They make Bluestreak snipe Autobots or his mentor dies.

2) The FBI wants Red Alert to stay away from them.

3) Human child: "Mr Prime got pooped on by a bird."

4) Human mother to child: "No sweeheart, Optimus Prime is not Santa Claus."

5) "You brought Autobots to our neighborhood? Are you stupid? We got people who strip wheels off vehicles."

6) The government has a list that ranges the Autobots to least dangerous to highly dangerous. The Autobots are insulted.

7) Starscream has come up with a prototype allowing all Decepticons not to freeze in the coldest temperatures and fight.

A) The Autobots get so cold during battle that they leave and let the Decepticons have the energon.

8) Wheeljack makes a giant wreath out of spare parts for Christmas.

9) The Wreckers take being Santa and elves literally and give presents to the Decepticons. (AKA bombs, gunfire, etc.)

10) Ravage steals Christmas decorations from the Autobots.

11) The Aerialbots are decorated for Christmas.

12) A small group of humans find a big footprint in the snow. They think it’s the Abdominal Snowman/Yeti. They take a picture and send it to the media. Everyone makes a big deal out of it. Until the Autobots come forward telling it was them.

13) Movie verse AU: Now that the news of the Transformers are out, NEST makes a video of the activities that go on in the base and of the Autobots and post it on Youtube for people to see.

14) Daniel learns how to count by counting Autobots.

15) Megatron watches Game of Thrones and wants his own throne made out of Autobots.

16) G1: The government gives Autobots energon once every month. An Autobot always drives with them both as protection and to escort them to the Ark. This time instead of an Autobot it’s a Decepticon in disguise as a Autobot.

17) Dark of the Moon: Optimus thinks Epps for helping them and Sam. He also apologizes for his friends dying.

18) Art: Skyfire/Astrotrain is on strike. They even have signs. They’re tired of being a chauffeur.

19) Random Autobot: "Why are you guys playing football with a Decepticon head?"
Random Autobot 2: "We need to have fun once in awhile."
Random Autobot 3: "Besides we told the humans the head was fake. No need to worry."

20) TFA/TFP crossover: Sari and Miko meet.

21) TFP: Smokescreen plays a prank and Arcee’s paint is turned pink. For a moment Optimus thinks Arcee is Elita One.

22) TFP: "Not a Decepticon heading our way, my foot!" Ratchet exclaimed.
"What does your foot have to do with Decepticons?" Ultra Magnus questioned.
"Contrary to belief he's been learning human slang." Arcee said. 

23) Bumblebee makes an error in his report and several Autobots pay a price.

24) Soundwave is playing hide and seek with Ravage. If or when caught he says he’s training Ravage to hunt Autobots down.

25) "Having emotions does not make you weak."

26) Spike makes a paper airplane and it flies around the Ark.

A) It amuses the Aerialbots.
B) One or two Autobots shoot it down thinking its Decepticon related.

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