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Hi, I come with just a few bunnies, hope someone adopts them. Plus one I came up with that I actually did myself, but would be interested in seeing someone else's take if it bites them...

1)2007 Movieverse - Mikaela finds herself alone when Decepticons attack, and ends up coming close to death. It seems, however, that her contact with the AllSpark left her with enough residual energy to turn her into a Cybertronian, but with few or none of her memories as a human. The Decepticons take full advantage, and recruit her into their group.
Of course, at some points she ends up fighting against the Autobots.
-Would love the Autobots to somehow work it out.
-Does she find out/work it out/get told/end up finding repressed memories and finding out?

2)2007 Movieverse - When Prowl lands on Earth, he loses the co-ordinates of the Autobot Base, but recalls those of Sam's house. He scans a Police car alt, and decides To go to the boy in hopes that Sam can help him rejoin his companions. Not realising that the last time Sam saw a Police car, it had a seriously bad attitude.
- Bonus points if a) Prowl scans the exact same car Barricade did, or
- Unknowingly scans Barrucade himself in alt.
- Bonus points if Sam screams like a girl when he spots Prowl

3) Any continuity - Starscream suddenly goes into heat while out on a flight. This makes him do one of two things when he sees other Cybertroniand, He tries to 1) interface with them till they are exhausted, or 2) attack them if he perceives them as a threat. The Autobots capture him and confine him to a room /tie him down to a berth for his own safety. Ratchet finds out that in heat, a Seeker's sex drive is insanely high, and interface is needed to stop the Seeker going mad/dying. So most of the Autobots end up performing this duty.
Bonus points if:
a) the ENTIRE Autobot forces in the Ark/Base/wherever are needed.
b Starscream wears them ALL out. (Yes,including Prime/Aerialbots)
c) Skywarp and/or Thundercracker have to rescue the Autobits and the situation by taking him on themselves.

4)This is the one I've done, but am throwing open for others.
G1: when Alpha Trion rebuilt Otion Pax into Optimus Prime, he wasn't the only participant. The other damaged mechs were added as the Command Deck and Roller, with Orion. Optimus Prime is a gestalt personality of the three, or at least he was. As Optimus was the first gestalt, when things started going wrong, his gestalt mind had been on the longest, and when Alpha Trion found out, he found the three separate minds had become irreversibly subsumed by the Optimus mind. So yeah, that's what I did, the whole "Optimus Prime is a (failed/too successful)gestalt, and this is why" (was inspired by KDZeal's "Part Of None" on fanfiction.net)

So - Do any of the Autobots know this?
-Do they find out?
-Do the Decepticons find out?

So, there they are, adopt away.
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Simmons fic! Seriously, this has been bugging me for a while. The interwebs needs MOAR Simmons fic!

1. Ever since Seymour Simmons was 8 years old, he's been hiding a secret- his Dad's car wasn't really a car... AU. Duh.
1a. the 'bot is Bluestreak
2a. The 'bot is Smokescreen
3a. Simmons still get's hired into Sector 7.
2. Simmons Vs. Annabelle. Bonus if Annabelle wins.
3. Has anyone played the virtual reality game? If not, find it here: http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Sector_Seven_%28game%29 Now, I want SimmonsXAgent X. Who may or may not be Rebbecca Howard. Also, AU virtual reality game- it takes place in normal movie-verse, not the Game!AU.
4. Just fic based off of the virtual reality game- seriously, I like the way S7 was set up in it.
5. How Simmons joined S7.
6. The cube gains sentience- and has the maturity of a 7 year old girl. Simmons has to deal with it/her without anyone else realizing that the cube is conscious.
7. Simmons/Judy Witwicky. Stepdad!Simmons and Little!Sam.
8. Rule 63!Simmons.
9. In which Lennox and Sarah die, and due to a twist of fate Simmons gets custody of Annabelle.
10. Simmons, agent of S.H.E.I.L.D.
11. Simmons (Somehow) accidently creates the Dinobots, who now consider him their dad. Hilarity ensues.
12. Simmons adopts Sari.
13. Simmons is related to Micheal Bay.

Other Bunnies:
14. Allspark! Mikaela.
15. "In retrospect, Lennox probably should have checked his pockets for tiny shards of ancient alian artifacts. Or at least kept Annabelle from swallowing it."
16. Similar to bunny number 9- Lennox and Sarah die, and Ironhide adopts her.
16a. The goverment does not like this idea at all
16b. The Autobots -coughIrhonhidecough- fake her death and hide her on their side of the base. Galloway stumbles onto her.
16c. Most of the Autobot-friendly military personel is in on it, and helps keep her presence a secrete.
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The bunnies- their swarming!

1. Because I have not seen this before- I want an AU where the humans were always Cybertronians. Would prefer TFP- Miko as a tower femme- maybe abused, and runs away to Bulkhead? Jack is a pretty average 'bot, but is apprenticed as a data clerk to Orion Pax. Bumblebee and Raf are orphan brothers. And Bot!JuneXRatchet. Yussss.

2. Autofemmes and G.I. Janes. Do it.

3. Simmons is a techno-organic.

4. Ariel became Prime, not Orion.Orion is still rebuilt as Optimus. (G1)
-Optimus Pax?

5. Miko is a timelord because I don't even know

6. "... How did you even get a bannana to explode!"

7. TFA!Miko. Babysitting Sari when the autobots woke up? Also, bonus if she's super smart to match Smart!Bulkhead in this continuity, but hates showing how smart she is. Also, Jack and Prowl being friends.

8. TFA!Nightbird. Created by Powell mixing a protoform, an Allspark shard, and Prowls ninja skills together. Prowl was not a willing participant in this.

9. Instead of becoming Blackarachnia, Elita-1 escaped in a stasis/escape pod/thing, but it put her to sleep and Optimus and Sentinal still think she's dead. She lands on earth, where a grieving younger (4-5?) year old Sari is dealing with the death of her dad, because if Elita got it better in this universe, the cosmic bad luck has to fall on someone. Elita is disgusted with her (and the rest of the species at first) but eventually raises her. Still doesn't like humanity as a whole though. Than the Autobots wake up, and hilarity ensues.

10. Sam is eight years old in 2007, not 17. Everyone else is the same age.

11. Allspark!Simmons.

12. Time travel! Simmons. Seriously, after TF3, Simmons wakes up about a month before the events of TF1. From the sidelines, Primus is laughing.

13. In which Captain Archibald Amundsen Banes led an expedition to the arctic in 1897, and brings home a peculiar pair of glasses. Everyone the same as in the movie, only now its Mikaela who has the glasses, not Sam. Bonus if Bumblebee is still Sam's guardian, and Ratchet somehow ends up Mikaela's.

14. Bioshock AU! Bulkhead is a big daddy, and Miko is his little sister.
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Hello people, I’m new here so i hop everything i done the way its supposed to be. Please forgive my spelling errors.

Anyhow, I’m not much of a writer anymore but my brain won't stop breading the cute little floppy ear bunnies. My latest obsession: Transformers! Obviously or I wouldn’t be here. five megatron bunnies here but more on the way.

Megs Bunnies

hope the link works
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Had this bunny a long while ago but the one below me just reminded me of it. 

It's a Supernatural/Transformers crossover.
So the actor who's Will's wife (Sarah Lennox) and the one who plays...uh Sam and Dean is it? mother are the same. Really, I didn't have any thoughts on this beyond "OH SAME ACTOR. CROSSOVER FODDER YAY." and plus I don't watch Supernatural. So maybe you could have something about Sam and Dean running into Sarah or something? They might think she's a ghost or something. I dunno. xD

Anyway, go wild.
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I could not beleive these bunnies when they popped into my brain.

Some more barricade I'm afraid )
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Actually, only one bunny.

Set in the 2007/09 movie-verse - assumes that movie Sideswipe is one of the twins, and movie Sunstreaker just hadn't arrived on Earth yet.

Sideswipe just got his world back, but his world doesn't seem to have a place for him anymore.

Sideswipe's always been the social one, and he's always been the center of his more anti-social twin's world. So he really just doesn't deal well when Sunstreaker makes planetfall along with several other Autobots, some of whom Sunny has formed strong friendships with, and one of whom Sunny is romantically involved with. I'm kinda thinking eventual happy threesome, but oh there's so many opportunities for delicious angst along the way.
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Um. Hi. First post! Been lurking for a while now, breeding bunnies for even longer, finally heard of this place and rounded up some of these suckers for a post. Enjoy!




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A little bit of angst, a whole lot of crack, and Animated!Galvatron...
Bunnies! )
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 I did the math... and apparently I have 400 bunnies. WIth this post I'll have shared over 1/4 of them. Yay!

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 When I first discovered this community a few weeks ago, I started writing down the bunnies as they came to me. I quickly became worried at how fast they multiplied. So I'm handing some of them off to you guys :)

Click for bunnies... )
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Here I am, studying for finals, and then I feel the bunnies start nipping and start some interesting daydreams. Fun, but a bit distracting... I see all of these as movieverse cause thats the only one I know...

1.Would a Taser be considered a sex toy for Cybertronians? Perhaps it was invented cause they found a similar device on Megatron? If so, how would the Autobots react if they saw one?
Edit: 1a. Would this make Jolt be considered a sex god? (I had the thought and just had to add it in)

2.Optimus has forbidden Sam and Leo from ever drinking again and they are not allowed in the vicinity of either set of robot twins for at least a month. Why? They had decided to introduce the twins (can be either Sides and Sunny or Mudflap and Skids or both) to the art of cow tipping. A myth prank normally played on city dwellers by country folk, it takes at least 2 people’s strength to tip a cow if they catch it off guard, four if they don’t. Their knees don’t lock nor do they sleep standing, so a highly improbable task. A giant robot’s strength though…well, I feel sorry for the cows.
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1. The Autobots believe in spirits and honoring their dead and have their own tradition of communicating with their departed loved ones. It's a special ritual that happens only once a vorn and Halloween just happens to fall on the same day. So as the humans are preparing to celebrate Halloween and the spirits of fear and darkness, the Bots are preparing to celebrate the lives of the long departed (and maybe say hello if they're really, really lucky). The humans assume that they are just getting into the Halloween spirit.

2. G1/2007 Movie crossover; G1Optimus: "So, let me get this straight. You and Megatron are brothers?" 2007Optimus: "Consider yourself lucky you only met him when he was an adult and didn't know him before the war." (Or a conversation between generally good-natured Optimus and a more battle scarred, better warrior Optimus)

3. Why, why, WHYWHYWHYWHY!?!?!?!?! Why does it always happen to those around him...

4. "Look, you sorry pile of scrap, either you dress up in this costume or you can tell Anabelle why you won't go trick-or-treating with her!!" (Somehow I can see Ironhide saying this to the Twins or another Autobot or maybe Lennox to Ironhide, I don't know. XD

5. If anyone can make a fic based around this music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9koVQcYGxg8 you've just made me a very, very happy Transformres fangirl and won yourself a whole bunch of cybercookies plus a drabble/fic from me with the pairing/prompt of your choosing.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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First post!

2007 movieverse In Plain Sight crossover: one of the new Autobots arrives on Earth, and somehow becomes the new car of one of Mary's or Marshall's witnesses.
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Important Note: Okay, this is one bunny that is haunting me and I beg that someone adopt it! Please! I want to see how this turns out. More than one person can adopt any of my bunnies, I forgot to mention that the first, second, and third time I posted. This is my fourth. It applies to all future bunnies I put out for adoption as well. If you adopt this bunny, please either post the link here or send it to me somehow. If you have a fanfiction.net account and post it on there, still let me know please. The challenge will be listed after the bunny along with awards for whoever accomplishes the challenge along with the bunny. It might even turn out to be a series.

Pre/Post & During 2007/2009 Movieverse: Before the Allspark was launched off of Cybertron, what if the Protectobots were just hitting the first stages of becoming younglings and no longer sparklings? At the same time, the Constructicons are the same way. But they aren't complete (I know there were only seven 'Cons in the 2009 movie that made up Devastator consisting of Scavenger, Mixmaster, Rampage, Hightower, Scrapper, Overload, and Longhaul, but for this Devastator needs to be consisted of eight - you'll find out why. The Protectobots remain the normal amount of five.). In order for the Constructicon gestalt to be complete and in order to combine to form Devastator, on more is needed. But the Fallen wants the final member to be different than the rest, and Megatron wants it even more specific than that (If you want to add some other evil entity like Unicron or the Quintessins, go ahead. Just make sure to use the Fallen and Megatron.). Together they decide that a medic would be different and best for the gestalt, but it was not to be from their own faction. Megatron watched the Autobots and decided that the Autobot First Aid would be the best candidate because he was apprenticing under the famous Autobot CMO Ratchet, and taking him would also cripple the Protectobot gestalt until the Autobots could get him back and renew the sibling and gestalt bonds, if they ever got him back. They also decided the best time to take him would be right before he became a youngling, which wouldn't be too far from now. So after capturing First Aid and reformatting him into the Constructicon medic known as Hook, tell how life is before the events of the 2007 movie, his exploits during the 2007 movie, the events that led up to the 2009 movie, events during the 2009 movie, and after the 2009 movie when a whole other adventure begins when the Protectobots, more Autobots, and more Decepticons arrive on Earth. Fic is supposed to have a good end, if manageable.

Challenge: Have First Aid as a femme and the youngest of the Protectobots. I read fics that had the Protectobots protective of First Aid, and I think it would be even better if First Aid/Hook was a femme. It would increase the drama and perhaps the action. Also have First Aid somehow reunited with the Protectobot gestalt, but at the same time the Decepticon Constructicon femme Hook becomes her own living identity.

Reward: Those who manage to do the bunny including the challenge inside will get to choose who and what they want to see happen in my fic "A New Family, A New Life". If they don't want that they may send suggestions for what they want to see in future chapters inside any fic on my profile at www.fanfiction.net/u/1379905/Witch08. I'll make it happen some way somehow. If someone sends something for the same fic, it'll be first come, first serve, but it'll happen eventually. I'll post the chapter links here.

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au RotF the autobots got to the forest fight in time and ironhide took the killing blow for prime (being his bodyguard and all), how does this effect the other autobots and the story line extra points if you get some ironhide/optimus in there somehow

P.S how do you do the cut thing i am new to lj and can't work it out

first post

Aug. 16th, 2009 01:28 pm
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i came up with this a while ago but due to real life issues can't write it my-self so i thought i'd put it up here, i'd like to see a 2007/2009 movie verse ironhide/optimus prime where it's prime confesses feelings to ironhide because ironhide is sick/injured badly,  f anyone does this it would be great if they posted it on ffn, thanks Cai-ann
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You know how most bunnies sneak up on you when you REALLY DON'T HAVE TIME to do something about it?

Begone evil Bunny... )
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This, sadly, happens to me all the time.

Anyways, here are some mostly animated bunnies. But first, here's a little thing I wrote with the Jettwins. More of a meme than a fic; I'm just trying to get used to animated before writing actual fics in it. Let me know what you think.

Now, bunnies!

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