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Okay, so I was lurking around the old Transformers Kinkmeme when this idea came to me:

Let's say that G1 is happening in modern day and it has been a number of years since the Autobots have met their human friends, but their bonds remain strong. Spike has grown up into a young man and works closely with the Autobots as a 'cultural translator' (or so the Autobots claim to the government), when his younger cousin Sam comes to stay with him and his dad for the Summer. Of course he has to show Sam his cool alien robot friends! (or maybe it's an accidental meeting- it's up to you). Spike feels responsible for Sammy and wants to keep him out of trouble... it's just kind of hard to do around the Autobots.


One of the Bots (or maybe Cons if that's your jam) takes a romantic/sexual interest in Sam, which Spike didn't think was possible (despite everything with Astoria). Cue Spike trying to protect Sam's chastity or something or other (because Aunt Judy is terrifying with that bat and he doesn't want her to be pissed at him or the Autobots).
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universe… G1 / IDW or Bayverse is what I'm picturing. If a writer can make it work with another universe that would be fine too, though it's hard for me to picture it with TF:A.

So Cybertonians are basically computers -- big, emotional computers with souls, but still computers with all the basic hardware we're familiar with computers having. Hard drives, circuitry, speakers, cameras, usb ports, power cables, wifi… even if physically and culturally these are very differently used. I've run into the idea that Cybertonians maintain a sort of intranet among themselves, and that was omglove, but taking it a step further: what if the autobots used their onboard wifi to maintain a sort of hive mind, to the point that (unknown to humans) the pronouns they and them are more appropriate than he or she could ever be.

so enter an outsider to the local autobot hive mind: Prowl

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I stumbled across this community a few days ago and really wanted to post my own bunnies and comments...which led to me actually joining livejournal. I feel as though this is the sort of thing that would have my very extroverted brother shaking his head in shame.
So...I've got plenty of ideas. Some I want to do myself, others I feel I wouldn't be able to do justice to or wouldn't have enough time once I finally get a job, so I thought I'd share them with others.

Keyblader Orion )

Minicon confusion )

Danny Phantom crossover )

4. Any continuity, but G1 seems most likely: For some reason, I always equate Moonracer with Sailor Moon. I don't know why. Moonracer's tfwiki profile probably doesn't help. Anyway, I'd like to see someone write a story where Moonracer and Usagi Tsukino are the same person.

5. Any continuity, but probably IDW: Back when Shockwave had emotions, he fell in love and got bonded to a bot he considered the love of his life. Then he got put through shadowplay and lost the ability to feel emotions.

Now his bonded has to deal with the consequences.

a. Bonded can be either Autobot or Decepticon. I think either would be plausible.

6. Prime: A human can see ghosts, always has. He/She has gotten used to it. However, he/she can also see into the Shadowzone.

Soundwave has taken to stalking the poor human.

Sparkling Cuteness )

Quintessons come to Earth )

The bots visit Jusenkyou and get cursed. )

I never saw Cybertron, but this sounds different from the premise. )

Static Shock )

So these are my bunnies. I might still use them one day, but not for a long time. Or I'll never publish whatever I end up with. I hope I did this posting correctly...
Edit: Added cuts as suggested by niyazi_a...I just realized I have no idea how to do links on this...Oh well...
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I'm just writing this out because I have no plans to use it but it won't leave me alone and I have insomnia. Feel free to us or alter any ideas I put forward if you decide you want to do something like this.


Sometime after ROTF but before the events of DSOTM can happen (because that movie was shit) the Rift opens up and the first Kaiju invades Earth. When the Rift opens some sort of energy wave or signal gets sent out that forces all Transformers into stasis lock. All the transformers remain in stasis throughout the events of Pacific Rim. With the Autobots out of Commission NEST is put in lock down and the Autobots are moved to storage, except for the few that are examined to come up with the design for the Jaegers (you decide how gruesome this will be). With the Jaegers being built and the Kaiju being defeated the events of Pacific Rim continue without the public's knowledge of where the idea for the Jaegers came from. It is not until the Rift is finally prmanently closed that the Autobots come back online.

As the Autobots learn of the events that happened they address the concerns of the Kaiju being able to shut them down and the consequences of any actions the humans took while they were powered down. The story can then evolve from there, either form the prospective of the 'bots or the humans. I think the best would be Raleigh and Mako learning about the Autobots (not to mention Newt's reaction), but seeing the prospective of the newly reinstated NEST agents would be interesting too.

Bonus material:
The poisoning affect of called Kaiju Blue is a result of crude energon in the Kaiju's blood stream. The Autobots need a new source of energon since they lost access to their main source when Cybertron died. The fight to claim any remaing Kaiju blood could be the new resource war between the Autobots and Decepticons.

Decepticons could either have been hiding on Earth and effected by the stasis lock too or some could have escaped into space and have watched the events as they happened. There could also be newly arriving Autobots responding to Optimus' message that have been stuck in solar orbit until the Kaiju are dealt with.

Would love you for ever if you included that the process of Drifitng results in the formation of an new consciousness in the Jaegers. Since the Jaegers were based on Transformers, the Autobots see human drifting as a way to make new Cybertronians, meaning that their species won't be going extinct with the loss of the All spark. And besides, Sentiant Jaegers, why not?

Feel free to message me if you want to talk about any morer possibilities (I love thinking up and putting together new stories/ crossovers but never have the time to write any of them), or just continue the story on your own.
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Two accent/language related bunnies:

One: Leo Spitz meets Figg. Spanglish chaos ensues.

Two: (got it from accidentally typing "Bleustreak") Bluestreak gets a French accent. Now, nobody can understand him.
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The bunnies- their swarming!

1. Because I have not seen this before- I want an AU where the humans were always Cybertronians. Would prefer TFP- Miko as a tower femme- maybe abused, and runs away to Bulkhead? Jack is a pretty average 'bot, but is apprenticed as a data clerk to Orion Pax. Bumblebee and Raf are orphan brothers. And Bot!JuneXRatchet. Yussss.

2. Autofemmes and G.I. Janes. Do it.

3. Simmons is a techno-organic.

4. Ariel became Prime, not Orion.Orion is still rebuilt as Optimus. (G1)
-Optimus Pax?

5. Miko is a timelord because I don't even know

6. "... How did you even get a bannana to explode!"

7. TFA!Miko. Babysitting Sari when the autobots woke up? Also, bonus if she's super smart to match Smart!Bulkhead in this continuity, but hates showing how smart she is. Also, Jack and Prowl being friends.

8. TFA!Nightbird. Created by Powell mixing a protoform, an Allspark shard, and Prowls ninja skills together. Prowl was not a willing participant in this.

9. Instead of becoming Blackarachnia, Elita-1 escaped in a stasis/escape pod/thing, but it put her to sleep and Optimus and Sentinal still think she's dead. She lands on earth, where a grieving younger (4-5?) year old Sari is dealing with the death of her dad, because if Elita got it better in this universe, the cosmic bad luck has to fall on someone. Elita is disgusted with her (and the rest of the species at first) but eventually raises her. Still doesn't like humanity as a whole though. Than the Autobots wake up, and hilarity ensues.

10. Sam is eight years old in 2007, not 17. Everyone else is the same age.

11. Allspark!Simmons.

12. Time travel! Simmons. Seriously, after TF3, Simmons wakes up about a month before the events of TF1. From the sidelines, Primus is laughing.

13. In which Captain Archibald Amundsen Banes led an expedition to the arctic in 1897, and brings home a peculiar pair of glasses. Everyone the same as in the movie, only now its Mikaela who has the glasses, not Sam. Bonus if Bumblebee is still Sam's guardian, and Ratchet somehow ends up Mikaela's.

14. Bioshock AU! Bulkhead is a big daddy, and Miko is his little sister.
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My grandparents have an old computer that they're giving my brother. Anyways, I saw it at their house the other day, and it spawned a little idea;

Meet Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Tower, and Speaker. The Compubots, a little mini gestalt. Their combined form is PC.

How they came to be, I don't really care. My first thought was Sam the AllSpark came home one day and zapped his computer, but whatever you want! I just think a few household bots would be cool.

There's also the Amuseobots; X-bot, Wii, DVD, VHS, and TV.

(I might write some form of this sometime in the far future, but if it happens, it will definitely be a long time in coming, and the Compubots were driving me crazy, so... here they are. Please, take them off my hands!)

Another one that just came out of nowhere - I had just posted this, so, this is an edit. Now two bunnies. :D

Anyways... An Autobot discovers the Amish culture. Perhaps forcefully -- they crash land in the middle of an Amish community, or something of the like -- or voluntarily, where they read about it somewhere, or somehow learn of it, and decide to visit. Now, we cue lots of confusion -- the Autobots are technology. They run on (sort of) electricity, they use processors, they're machines. yet they're also people. How do the humans react?
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Some of you might have read my oneshot Inevitable a few weeks ago. I would suggest reading the story, before reading the bunny, if one wants to be surprised, as the Oneshot IS the bunny. ;)

For all those who want to be reminded or don't want to read the Oneshot )

The comments to Inevitable made me realise, that this bunny has a lot more potential than just this one Oneshot. What about all the other Cybertronians in the war? Did they go mad, too? Can they be saved? Is there hope after Inevitable or only madness and destruction?

Ratchet: Might have gone made, between the orders to obey Prime and to heal - and the reality of being forced to fight, of war. I eman, throwing wrenches isn't a good sign in a medic which core programming is "healing".

Wheeljack: Maybe he was something else than an engineer and his explosions are a sign of suicidal thoughts?

Soundwave: Maybe he went quietly mad, because he felt all the madness around him  -and erased all of is core programming but the need to obey Megatron?

Starscream: Well, I touched upon his case in the oneshot, between the orders to protect the skies and Cybertron - and to obey Megatron who became a danger to said skies and Cybertron.

And so on. Sadly, at the moment I really don't have the time (or the ideas) to write more about it.

I would love to read other ideas, how they might have all been forced to go against their own core programming with various outcomes. No holds barred. If someone has an idea about Prowl and Jazz, or Megatron or Optimus, I would love to read it as well. :)

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Had this bunny a long while ago but the one below me just reminded me of it. 

It's a Supernatural/Transformers crossover.
So the actor who's Will's wife (Sarah Lennox) and the one who plays...uh Sam and Dean is it? mother are the same. Really, I didn't have any thoughts on this beyond "OH SAME ACTOR. CROSSOVER FODDER YAY." and plus I don't watch Supernatural. So maybe you could have something about Sam and Dean running into Sarah or something? They might think she's a ghost or something. I dunno. xD

Anyway, go wild.
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Dropping this off here because, hell, I don't have time to work with it. It's the crazy time of year and my muse doesn't cooperate with me most of the time :(

As we all know, Miles pretty much vanished without a trace midway through the first movie and never reappeared through RotF (I'm assuming he was a no-show for DotM as well, since I don't plan to watch the movie at all). Why?

Because he's some mech's hard-light holoform, that's why. And it wouldn't be good for him to stick around after everything went down.

As for who "Miles" really is, that's up for grabs. Part of me is leaning towards Red Alert, but that's just me.
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This one hit with the force of a freight train. And I KNOW I would screw it up. So please someone find this little bunny nice enough to adopt, yes?

So Transformers have visible concrete proof of  their Sparks. So what do they think of us humans with our so called "souls"?
I could see Mirage or Sunstreaker despising us because we have no way of proving we go into an afterlife.  And other 'bots debating the point. 

Hell, if you go G1, I could even see Tracks having his doubts until he gets to know Raoul.  That in and of itself is an awesome bunny.

Ditto with Bumblebee in any continuity. What does 'Bee think of humans and our lack of a Spark? Optimus Prime? Prowl? Ratchet or Ironhide? G1, movieverse, even TFA or TF:Prime. I can even see it in Beastwars.

Then on the other hand, what do humans think about transformers sparks? Tangible proof of what that we have been debating in ourselves for hundreds of years.

In that same thread, what do Cybertronians think of life after death? You know where a human dies. Dead. Gone. Then COMES BACK TO LIFE several minutes later.This would be awesome in G1. Especially with Sparkplug or one of the favored humans. Or miracle cures? Where the human is riddled with cancer then suddenly goes into remission with no explanation.

Or tales from the other side? Someone dies, sees heaven or hell and brings tales back. How would that effect a Cybertronian's view on humans? Or Transformers die, they stay dead. Spark is gone and so is that 'bot. Period. What would humans think?

There alot of different ways I can see this going and NOT just in Movieverse. 
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 So.. somehow.. while writing an angst Sam turned 'Bot idea.... the twins *sigh* the twins attached themselves to Sam in a sexual sense..
Primus help me.
The twins from Transformers G1 attached somehow became attracted to Sam and thus this wonderful threesome plot bunny was formed.
Anyway... because I have no time at all to write this fic I'm posting it here and hoping it will be adopted.....
I am going to post what I have written and if you have questions you need to ask them with in the next five days of this post because I am leaving the country.
Sam X G1 Twins
Warning! This is kinda meant to be a hurt/comfort/smex kinda thing... and if I had the time I would write it.

Kinda M-Rated... there are implications toward the end... JUST TAKE IT! )


May. 22nd, 2011 10:58 pm
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1) Red Alert is the wicked witch of the east, Optimus is the good witch of the North, Prowl and Jazz are munchkins, Cliffjumper is Toto and Inferno swears these ruby slippers aren’t his! (Set in G1)

2) Hotshot saves Wheeljack from execution… much to the Ex-Autobot’s fury (Set between Armada and Energon)

3) When Inferno is branded with the Decepticon's mark, Hotshot calls in an old friend named Wheeljack who might be able to help (Set in Energon)

4) Smokescreen was the sole carer of his two younger siblings after their creators die in a transport accident. He struggles to provide for them while he trains in the Autobot academy to become a psychologist and diversionary tactician, and resorts to gambling for energon to provide for his young brothers.
Magnus finds out and forces Smokescreen to give one of his siblings up for adoption.  Prowl is chosen by Magnus to be given away. Smokescreen wallows in guilt, becoming the underground betting boss Gambler, but raises Bluestreak, the youngest of the trio, well.
After Smokescreen is caught gambling under his alias, Gambler, with Bluestreak guilty of turning an optic to his elder brothers habit (sometime after he has completed his training in the Autobot Academy) Magnus sends them to serve time with Optimus' crew on earth as punishment, only to run into their long lost brother, who doesn't seem to know them at all. (Set in TF:A)

5) The Black Ops Club is the gossip hub of Cybertron, Secret organizations use the bar as an information hub. Jazz, while on a mission to gather info, meets his old lover and rouge agent, Prowl. (Prowl was preferably blackmailed into going rouge by a rival organization) (Set in G1 or Bayverse) 

6)“Prowler” Jazz snickered placing his servos on his hips “I don’t understand you half the time and I’m bonded to you”

7) "I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you"

8)  "To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target" Prowl offers Bluestreak sniping advice.

9) "The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the list." 
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 Okay, so it was on another account, but the sentiment/creepy stalker thing is still there.

This bunny literally hit me while I was driving to Prom last weekend.. and it refused to die. ( i know that you probably know where this is going to go)
But seeing as I have next to NO time (hence this not being added here till a week later), I decided to get the beef of it out so that it could possibly be adopted.
So the bunny entails an 18/19 year old Annabelle Lennox who never bothered to get a date for Senior Prom, and the Autobots, who while fairly well versed in Human culture intricacies,  are still socially awkward at times. My view on this is that the Autobots see Annabelle kinda as their sparking because they helped raise her when the 'Con's became more then a really bad annoyance and Will was forced to bring his family to the base housing at Diego Garcia, but you could have it differently.
Anyway the prom thing could go a few different ways:
1. It could become a huge comical fiasco in that some of the younger soldiers want to take her and they have to win the favor of both Will, who is the head honcho of the base, and the Autobots who are just as protective of her.
2. A few of the Autobots volunteer to take her for 'saftey' reasons. (Could be a total crack pairing between Annabelle and an Autobot *cough*Ironhide*cough* lol :D )
3. The Autobots and the younger soldiers want to take her so it becomes a huge in-base war.

There are other options but they are just variations of the first three and I'm sure that it won't be hard to figure those out :D
~Phew~ I'm glad i got that out.. I mean I already started planning it in my head and I really don't have time, as it is it took an entire day just to get this typed. 
This isn't an uber serious prompt, just something that is kinda funny, sorta kinda serious.. cause it's prom and it would be Annabelle's Senior year in Highschool. So please just have fun with it!!!... PLEASE ADOPT!!!
... really hope I got the tags right
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It all started when I saw the "sweet little bumblebee" vid on youtube.

Then a bunny jumped at me. What If Mikaela isn't a real girl?
Bumblebee was on earth for veeeeeery long and to blend in, and keep an eye on Sam he took the form of Mikaela, alowed his holo/pretender to grow and develop. Keeping an eye on Sam but acting as If Mikaela didn't know him. Then the first movie happens and Bumblebee finally is able to have acces to sam with his alt-form. To make things easier he pretends to help hook Sam up with Mikaela etc. Anyway the first movie happens.

What next? Would bee tell Sam Mikaela is and never was real? Would 'Kaela be 'real' Bee, how would Sam react if he knew.

The scenario has potential for almost everything. from Slah to het, from love to hate, from fluff  to total angst and from crack to drama.
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Some of us hate idea of the holoforms who are basicaly human representations but this bunny bit and I can't get rid of it.

It's been years since Autobots are on earth They are living, trying to be normal people but wherever they go they encounter problems, there are size isues, beaurocracy isues, political isues... etc. Even though the gov claims they are treated like humans, they aren't.

Then, one day the papers screams about the 'fake human' that was caught selling drugs to kids, turns out to be Swindle.
Suddenly there is a way to 'be' human, to live undisturbed but then some of the autobots consider it below their dignity, other thionks it's deceptive towards humans, then it turns out that there were some bots already using the technology.

Humans ofcourse start a theory that autobots were deciving them all along, that they are spying, etc.

So yeah would like to see Cybertronian way of thinking about holoforms. We usualy write holoforms as very convenint, and not necesary. What if there are not as convenient but very much necesary.

Then on a lighter note.

My kid watched Clifford the big red dog few days ago, my brain turned him into cybertronian version XD wouldn't it be hilarious seeing humans running away cause a cyberdoggy wants to play XD
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Sorry for the spelling errors that I know I have here. English is not my first language and spellchecker is less then helpful.

1 G1 and 2 Movie AU bunnies )


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