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Oct. 17th, 2014 10:36 am
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First post, so tags might be a little odd... But anyways, they're from various continuities.


1. Starscream, still estranged from the other Decepticons, wakes up one day with a motorcycle alt. mode. After meeting an Insecticon named Venom, stuck in a weak body, the two find out that the Combaticon Swindle - the Combaticons having just made planet-fall - has made off with their old bodies... And the two have to get them back before he sells them.


2. The Decepticons catch wind of Blackarachnia's experiments and weaponize them. Say hello to the entire bug-ified Autobot team...
But where is Optimus, and who's that 'Tarantulas' character? (Tarry!Optimus, preferably with Tarantulas being a separate personality)


3. Starscream, as he promised, comes back to wreak his revenge, starting by stealing Terrorsoar's still functioning body from under the lava. However, when he's snooping about in Darksyde in order to perhaps steal something, he's found by Rampage - his clone. Seeker protective instincts kick in... And basically, no one's going to be safe from a very pissy and protective 'Screamer.


4. Pre-war, the Combaticons in high school. Even then, they're a close-knit group, so when the War starts, they have to decide whether to join Megatron's rebellion... or not.

5. G1 Starscream ends up on the run from the Decepticons for yet another grab at leadership... And ends up in the 'badlands', a series of dustbowls and gravel pits fought over by two sets of mercenaries, one RED, one BLU. Finding that they are a bit too tough to take on alone, the disgruntled Seeker ends up just hiding out at their bases to plot. (Crossover with TF2)

6. Seeker trines come in two types: traditional and non-traditional. Non-traditionals don't have a trine bond and are more common, but don't get along as well as traditonals (an example would be the coneheads), while traditionals have a bond and are rarer, more of a relic from the golden age (examples would be the Command Trine and the Rainmakers).
1) Trine bonds are spark bonds that are non-sexual, non-romantic, and produce an effect similar to the bond between spark twins. It makes them very able to co-ordinate in battle, and makes them instinctively predict their trine mates' actions. However, the death of one or more of the trine members causes something called 'trine withdrawal' in the remaining members, which is a relatively short period of time in which the Seeker weakens and feels pain. It's temporary, but makes the Seeker a liability, which is why there aren't many trine bonds anymore.
2)Trines have three parts: drive, energy, and temperance. Drive is always the leader and provides direction, energy provides motivation, and temperance reins in the other two. All three parts regulate each other; it's why the Command Trine is such an effective trine despite their differences.
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Skyfire crashes into the arctic in G1 because of the Beast Wars. Chaos ensues as the Maximals try to fix it. Or cover it up...  Skyfire probably wasn't important enough to put in the history books about the Great War anyway. (sshhh! there's a timey-wimey ball or something)
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They're Weird )

9. "What are you in for?"

10. "...Did Ramjet just understand Perceptor!?!"

11. "You obviously don't comprehend the level of insane I operate at."

12. Beast wars characters acting out The Killer Rabbit from Monty Python and The Holy Grail.
Waspinator: Tim The Enchanter
Silverbolt: Sir Robin
Terrorsaur: Sir Lancelot
Tigatron: Sir Galahad
Cheetor: King Arthur
Stampy: Killer Rabbit

13. Art. Wheeljack in a box labeled "Highly Explosive, keep your distance"

14. G1. The Twins learn that angry Wheeljack is scarier than Angry Ratchet. Why? Wheeljack throws his half finished projects instead of wrenches.

15. G1. A virus is going around The Ark and the Nemesis. Suddenly, mechs are speaking with the voices of famous characters, or getting a character's personality, or saying things they'd never say before.(Bonus points for getting personalities from other universes)

16. Art. Swoop and First Aid beating Megatron into submission with wrenches, Ratchet looking proud, the twins running away in horror

17. G1. Sideswipe:*dressed up as a pirate* Come on, say it!
Swoop: No, Swoop don't wanna!*flies off*
Sideswipe: Great, NOW where am I gonna get a parrot!

18. "So, what do you guys want for breakfast?"
"Gummy Bears!"
"Steve, no! We both know how you get around gummy bears!"
Vehicons/Eradicons in the morning?
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This one hit with the force of a freight train. And I KNOW I would screw it up. So please someone find this little bunny nice enough to adopt, yes?

So Transformers have visible concrete proof of  their Sparks. So what do they think of us humans with our so called "souls"?
I could see Mirage or Sunstreaker despising us because we have no way of proving we go into an afterlife.  And other 'bots debating the point. 

Hell, if you go G1, I could even see Tracks having his doubts until he gets to know Raoul.  That in and of itself is an awesome bunny.

Ditto with Bumblebee in any continuity. What does 'Bee think of humans and our lack of a Spark? Optimus Prime? Prowl? Ratchet or Ironhide? G1, movieverse, even TFA or TF:Prime. I can even see it in Beastwars.

Then on the other hand, what do humans think about transformers sparks? Tangible proof of what that we have been debating in ourselves for hundreds of years.

In that same thread, what do Cybertronians think of life after death? You know where a human dies. Dead. Gone. Then COMES BACK TO LIFE several minutes later.This would be awesome in G1. Especially with Sparkplug or one of the favored humans. Or miracle cures? Where the human is riddled with cancer then suddenly goes into remission with no explanation.

Or tales from the other side? Someone dies, sees heaven or hell and brings tales back. How would that effect a Cybertronian's view on humans? Or Transformers die, they stay dead. Spark is gone and so is that 'bot. Period. What would humans think?

There alot of different ways I can see this going and NOT just in Movieverse. 
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I have never seen much in the way of fics that take on the issue of the Maximal residency in the Ark, and what the Autobots would make of it after they wake up in 1984.

Even the best job at cleaning up may leave traces, even if the only traces left is a data trail in Teletraan - they did, after all, need to wake up the computer to help fix up Optimus Prime after Pred!Megatron tried to kill him.

I would love to see someone in the Ark crew uncovering traces of the Maximals and, given that the Maximals did try to clean up, becoming a sort-of detective trying to find out what the hell this stuff he's finding means.

Extra kudos if it includes Optimus knowing far more than he lets on (after all, his spark got temporarily transfered into Primal, for it's protection).
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 1) Animated/BW. BW Inferno stalks Optimus, Lugnut, and Grimlock. And possibly tries to kill Megatron for 'impersonating the royalty'. Cracktastic!

2) Predator/Transformers (G1?) the Wreckers have met their match.

3) Quote Bunny: 'Follow me if you so choose.' I can't remember who said it....eep.
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Just thought that I would post some bunnies to share for once, since I seem to come here only for snagging bunnies or looking for to locate a bunny or two.

Read more... )
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I’m not usually one to give up plot bunnies but I’ve got too much on my plate right now to deal with these. Plus I’m not sure if I could ever write them. They’re strange on a level I don’t know if my brain can handle.

Cut for crack and a convoluted plot more suited to daytime television )
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So... Yeah. This came to me when looking through the Wild Mass Guessing page for Beast Wars on TVTropes. (No, I'm not linking, yes, you are welcome.) SPOILERS for the end of season one.
Spoilers and a very strange bunny )
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Aheh. And my hands are cramping from "358/2 Days".

Who loves their HP, MP, and stats finessing? )
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1. An Autobot finds themselves cast into an odd vortex during an accident which leads to a strange new world, much like Cybertron, where the Decepticons are good and the Autobots are bad. Welcome to the future brave traveler; and the Fourth Great War of Cybertron.

In this future war anarchy is the norm; the Matrix not having chosen a new Prime at the previous one’s death.

1b. The Autobot meets Starscream; the only other person who can remember the time he came from.

2. (BW) Rampage wasn’t the only failed experiment the Maximal high counsel got rid of by dumping on uninhabited planets.

3. ‘Red Vs. Blue’ Transformers-style.

A smiling seeker is a dangerous seeker.

Idle hands are the devil’s play things.
Random mech: ‘You did what?!’
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1. The Autobots/Decepticons have contest over who has the most embarrassing/amusing life experiance story.

2. (Movie) A pissed pink Blackout, confused Scorponok and, guiltily amused Skywarp. (art or fic)

3. (TFA) 'Did Random just run by with Hothead's visor?'

4. 'We are the damned kind.'

5. As he held the quiet Seeker, the last Seeker, against himself, bodies intertwined, Optimus wished he could turn back the tides of war and let the other side win.

6. (BW) If Rampage was Protoform 'X' shouldn't there have been 'letters' before him?

7. 'You should have stayed dead, then at least then you wouldn't have seen what I've become.'

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Jun. 2nd, 2009 04:23 pm
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I'm not sure, but I think it's Cheetor talking. This is what happens when you think too hard on how to make Rampage less of a bad guy. -_-  

"You know, you almost had me convinced. but then I remembered something, Omicron wasn't a colony, it was a laboratory. The only ones there were guards, scientists, and other experiments. Nice try. Pull the other paw, it has bells on."
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Just cleaning out some of the brain space.

Bunch of random bunnies )


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