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I was watching The Breakfast Club this past weekend, and a bunny bit.

The younger humans in G1 have a very similar diversity to them. The brain (Chip), the princess (Astoria), the 'odd girl' (Carly), the street punk (Raoul), and the 'average' kid (Spike). And the fact of it is, most of them have never met each other onscreen.

Why, WHY is it always the humans with me? )
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Um. Hi. First post! Been lurking for a while now, breeding bunnies for even longer, finally heard of this place and rounded up some of these suckers for a post. Enjoy!




*tosses bag over fence and runs* )


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I don't know where they're coming from. Oh wait. Yes I do. Breaks and lunches at work.  ^__^ Enjoy.

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G1 bunnies

Jan. 15th, 2010 08:52 pm
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Blame it on me watching G1 and my sick, sick brain :D

1. Smokescreen is one handsome mech, It's pitty only Optimus realizes it.

2. Everyone are very protective over Percy, especialy Bumblebee.

3. Optimus hugs Bee thanking him for saving his life... why?

4. Bee/Optimus uses Percy's machine to make himself smaller and "talk" with Spike

5. After Mirage is proved innocent Cliffjumper is sorry, he wants to apologize in a "proper way"...

6. Ravage and Blaster have sex inside Ironhide's altmode (Watch the 'Desertion of Dinobots part 1' and tell me it doesn't look like this!

7. Carly is very interested in Autobot's anatomy, the inventor lets her explore it XD

8. Blaster loves to dance to Jazz's music.
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Everyone has at least heard of the Dragon Cave, right? Well, two ideas spawned from my recent obsession with the place. These apply to any universe with internet access or humans.

1. The Autobots and Decepticons are introduced to the Dragon Cave website. Eggs, hatchlings, and adult dragons now cover Teletran's screens, much to the Chain of Command's chagrin (and somehow Jazz has misteriously disappeared saying something about saving his little Waterstrider. Now, what would Jazz want with a spider?)

2. The Dragon Cave was real, with real dragon breeders/caretakers. How many dragons would Sam or Mikaela (or Spike, Carly, and Chip) own? How would the dragons react to normal sized metal humanoids (seeing as they probably wouldn't know what a robot was)? What dragons would the Decepticons take? The Autobots?

As for the second one, I'm thinking of doing it myself, but I'm not sure. And for those who don't know what the Dragon Cave is, here's an example of an egg and a link to what I mean:

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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A random idea that hit me. Feel free to change around the characters, if you like.

“Mornin’, Prime. Just saw the visitin' femmes off back to Cybertron. Elita' stayin' behind for a few orns - said she'll go back with t' other ship.”

“Good morning, Ironhide. Give this report back to Jazz when you meet him for patrol, would you? I’ve red-penned the spelling errors. By the way, did you get a chance to speak with Chromia?”

“Yeah, but it was hardly worth the trouble. She’s all mad at me now for somethin’.”

“Hm. I’ve heard the humans have some good advice regarding such relationships. Maybe you could ask Spike what he does when Carly’s upset with him.”

“Ah dunno, Prime… it’d be kinda awkward askin’ t’ kid about stuff like that, y’know…”

“Well, it couldn’t hurt. He suggested I look up some human literature on the topic of maintaining a bond.”

-rummages in subspace-

“Here, have a look.”

“Huh. Well, whaddaya know! Humans have almost the same name for it? Ah thought they called it somethin’ else…”

“I suppose it’s another one of those quirks that this language has. Let me know if you want to borrow this.”

“Sure, Prime. Anything you think I should mention to those government humans who are visiting this afternoon?”

“Well, the humans do seem to like it when we Autobots express interest in their customs. Be sure and tell our visitors that if they wish to speak to me, I’ll be in my office with Elita-1 researching the human practice of ‘bondage’.”

I'm Back~!

Mar. 17th, 2009 12:07 am
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Man, I've been gone forever! Sorry, guys. A lot of stuff got backed up and I flitted off to Star Trek and Coraline for a while. I'm shoving a lot of stuff off my to-do list because of some school stuff, but I came back to relay a couple bunnies I have picked up! :D So did I miss anything?

Sorry if the cut is weird. It refuses to like me for some reason. And guess who's on a Silent Hill kick? :D



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Okay I had some weird ideas about how tranformers reproduce.

Reproduction )


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