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1) Early War: Autobots catch several younglings in hiding watching them do drills.

2) Random Autobot: "Oh yes, I'm just going to go walking around in my protoform and get shot."
Random Autobot 2: "No need to be sarcastic."

3) "Why do you have a huge size dent in your door?"
"I had to stop Spike's lawnmower from crashing into another car otherwise someone would have really gotten hurt."

4) Art: Elita One sitting on a throne with Chromia and Firestar standing on either side of her. They push either a Decepticon or Autobot into a pit that has sharkticons/Insecticons in it.

5) Art: Starscream with glasses

6) G1: Inferno firewalker. Inferno is famous because he is fire resistant. He can walk through fire without melting anything on his frame.
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1. Okay, this bunny came to me in a dream so sorry if it's a bit muddled. Basically, in order to defeat Unicron, the Primes remove his T-cog so he gets stuck in planet form. No, it doesn't end there- the T-cog has a sentience of its own and transforms into an average sized Cybertronian with no idea that it was ever part of Unicron. The Primes figure it's a good way for no one to ever find and replace Unicron's part, so they allow the new Transformer to wander free. Time skip and it's present day, and someone (Decepticons?) has figured out the connection and is looking to revive Unicron. The T-cog had become an Autobot, and now they have cult fanatics chasing them across the universe. Who do they run to for help? The T-cog can be an OC or a cannon character, though my prefrence is for a cannon character since I would love to see any of their reactions. Not sure what 'verse to put it in, so that's up to anyone who adopts the bunny.

2. [G1] Quite a while ago I saw a movie involving the ghost of a girl who didn't get to go to prom who was haunting some guy to get his help to pass on. For some reason, this movie came to mind while I was thinking about Prowl and this idea came to be. Poor Prowl being haunted by the ghost of some irrational human asking for help, and Prowl (besides glitching over ghosts period) is basically all 'lalala, I'm not listening, you're just a bug in my system.' Then I imagine Jazz somehow getting involved... well, you can imagine the chaos and fun from there.

3. Okay, this one is just plain silly. I was in the middle of typing and I made a typo of spelling Chromia as 'Chromio.' Chromio sounds like Romeo, and if she's Romeo that would make Ironhide her Julliet. I don't know, it's just a silly idea that I can't stop giggling about (probably because I'm picturing Hide in a dress saying "Chromio, oh Chromio, where for art thou Chromio?").
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Just a random little bunny =3


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1.  In the movie-verse, Chromia is tiny compared to Ironhide.  So, it got me wondering who would carry the sparkling.  The larger your chest size, the easier it would be to house another spark.  And it would be hilarious to see the human reaction to Ironhide being "mommy" in the relationship, since Chromia is so feminine.

As far as straight pairings go, I do like Ironhide x Chromia (went I'm not pairing him with Will or Ratchet). 

2.  Optimus' bonded (a mech) and their youngling arrive on Earth.  Youngling can be anyone, but I was thinking Hot Rod (since he becomes Rodimus Prime). 

Again, human reactions to a bonded mech couple are always fun.  Also, Optimus was the birth-creator of their youngling, but had to run the army, so his mate went into hiding with their youngling (and perhaps other younglings and guardians hiding from the Decepticons)
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A random idea that hit me. Feel free to change around the characters, if you like.

“Mornin’, Prime. Just saw the visitin' femmes off back to Cybertron. Elita' stayin' behind for a few orns - said she'll go back with t' other ship.”

“Good morning, Ironhide. Give this report back to Jazz when you meet him for patrol, would you? I’ve red-penned the spelling errors. By the way, did you get a chance to speak with Chromia?”

“Yeah, but it was hardly worth the trouble. She’s all mad at me now for somethin’.”

“Hm. I’ve heard the humans have some good advice regarding such relationships. Maybe you could ask Spike what he does when Carly’s upset with him.”

“Ah dunno, Prime… it’d be kinda awkward askin’ t’ kid about stuff like that, y’know…”

“Well, it couldn’t hurt. He suggested I look up some human literature on the topic of maintaining a bond.”

-rummages in subspace-

“Here, have a look.”

“Huh. Well, whaddaya know! Humans have almost the same name for it? Ah thought they called it somethin’ else…”

“I suppose it’s another one of those quirks that this language has. Let me know if you want to borrow this.”

“Sure, Prime. Anything you think I should mention to those government humans who are visiting this afternoon?”

“Well, the humans do seem to like it when we Autobots express interest in their customs. Be sure and tell our visitors that if they wish to speak to me, I’ll be in my office with Elita-1 researching the human practice of ‘bondage’.”

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Nov. 2nd, 2008 12:51 pm
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I'm beginning to notice that my lists are slowly getting longer. I suspect this is counterproductive, but I'm having too much fun here to check.

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This is my first time posting, so bear with me. I've been mob lately with the bunnies, often of epic proportions, but due to work and just a general lack of willpower, I'll likely not be able to do anything with them myself.


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And they're all free to good homes!

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I've got a question that's really bugging me. Who would the official quartermasters or 'gathering random stuff that someone needs' mechs be for each faction? I would guess Scavenger for the 'Cons, but I'm not sure if he'd be qualified to get stuff like highly technical scientific equipment. And for the 'Bots I have no idea. Beachcomber?


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