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I want a fic with the pairing of AoE Lockdown and Rescue Bots Chase. A few ideas could be:

1. Chase and Lockdown are hunting the same bad guy who happens to have a huge bounty and is very dangerous.

2. Chase meets Lockdown on Cybertron and decides that maybe, Lockdown's line of work does more good around the universe then the stifling Cybertronain police or the Rescue Bots.

3. have an established relationship where Lockdown becomes jealous of Devcon after Chase meets him, thinking he would like the Autobot bounty hunter more then him due to their more compatible past and beliefs.

4. Chase and the Rescue Bots during the events of Age of Extinction.

5. Lockdown in the Rescue Bots cartoon trying to hunt a target, but also trying to convince the Rescue Bots he was sent by Optimus (as to not alert him to his presence right away) and is there is help them. Meanwhile, Chase starts to like faking it Lockdown.

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My mind wandered to all sorts of places when there's no internet connection. Here's some of the bunnies it ended up breeding.

Different time and place )

4. This could explain a few things about Starscream )

5. I got this from misreading a post from 2008. Can't remember which one exactly, but this is what I thought it said the first time I read the bunny: Galvatron is not responsible for people falling in love. Make of that what you will.

6. More Dinobots )

7. Prime: Meet June, Jack, Miko, and Raf…The Autobots’ pet cat and her kittens. Yeah, Bumblebee found her and brought her home. Ratchet said he couldn’t keep her but then she had her kittens. Tiny they may be, but the Autobots still love them.

8. Sari is not alone )

I noticed there's not tag for techno-organics, along with a few characters from Prime. Should those be added?
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The hatch failed.  The bunnies did not stay in their nice, snug little cages.
Oh no, they had to chew through the wood and cuddle up.  And then, they had the nerve to squeeze through the corners, where the wood and wire didn't fully mesh up.

I don't think I've stepped on any.  But, I need to get rid of them before I do hurt one of the little guys!

See what's been bitting me )
Please, take one?  They are cute and cuddly - just ignore the sharp incisors.
I do.
Trying to escape from the one's I've picked up on my last visit, but I think they've got me cornered.
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Ah, hello! I am a complete and total newbie to Live Journal but after stalking this parade of bunnies I thought I should share some of mine since I would love to see these written and I should contribute to a place I stalk regularly. So... yeah...

1. (Any Verse) Transformers Dark Woods Circus: For those unfamiliar with Dark Woods Circus--> www.youtube.com/watch
I imagine it as Megatron as the Ring Leader and Decepticon and Autobot slaves as his performers. You could include as many performers as you want, I just wanted a creepy circus run by Megatron. XD

2. (Any Verse) Triple Changers (Like Blitzwing) are born with not three, but four sparks. 3 are violent traits and one is a good trait. Three sparks fight for dominance and the fourth dies. The bad traits usually win as they have better powers.
--A. When triple changers fight and get shot at only the dominant personality at the time dies. The other two grow stronger but are in a state heavy grieving.
--B. (Animated specific) Blitzwing's Icy personality is killed. The Autobots, feeling guilty, say they could revive Icy but they might end up bringing back Benevolent, the good trait. HotHead and Random are willing to take the risk.

3. (Any) What if all bots have the same Autobot programming and every Decepticon is just glitched?

4. (Animated) Blurr managed to get to Ultra Magnus and inform him that Longarm Prime is Shockwave. Problem is, they didn't believe him...

5. Prowl the Decepticon spy who is actually working for the Autobots! (Double double agent?) (Ah if this is confusing I mean that Prowl is pretending to work for the Autobots and then pretends to be working for the Decepticons and has actually been an Autobot this whole time...)

6. (Animated) Shattered Glass! BlurrxShockwave :3

Now I was on a movie quote generator where you type in a word that gets replaced with a word in the quote. (The next five are like this)

7. "Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a Decepticon?" (Real Word: DeLorean From: Back to the Future)

8. "Remember who you are. You are my son and the one true Decepticon. Remember..." (Real Word: King From: The Lion King)

9. "This is the day you shall always remember as the day that you almost caught Blurr." (Real Words: Captain Jack Sparrow From: POTC)

10. "Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the Seekers." (Real Word: few From: Star Trek)

11. "First rule of Primus Club is - you do not talk about Primus Club." (Real Word: fight From: Fight Club)
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First of all, listen to this...

Now, what would the Cybertonians (Autobot or Decepticon) think of/respond to this?
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1) That in G1 especially, the Autobot symbol looks like Megatron, and the Decepticon one looks like Optimus?
And thus my mind leads me to angsty past between these two.

2) Crossover with Naruto. Jinchuurikis make the worlds best batteries for transformers, but of course, they're rare. Queue the great hunt for the demon containers!
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I pop back in to merely visit, and somehow the bunnies multiple. I've been back from Vancouver for weeks now, and I only got two bunnies there(both Seaspray centric). But one look at the Bunny Farm and !boom! I got bunny problems.

Might as well share them....


*insert witty comment here* )


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I made a promise to myself that I would post a few bunnies once I was done this semester in college (which is why I'm screaming freedom).  I've been lurking a bit for the last month and this is my first batch. I apologise in advance if someone already did them, the lj cut doesn't work or if the tags need re-doing >.<



Here are the bunnies with some radom generator prompts at the end. )

Hope some of these bite you!
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1. Beneath the different paint, optics and, plating they say their sparks to be the same…

2. ‘Prowl, what happened to your optics? I mean why the green?’

3. ‘Oh, and how many blind Autobots have you seen walking around in those high crystal cities of yours?’

4. ‘Hey TC, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!’ Skywarp called lewdly at the two battling Seekers as they grappled for an advantage over one another, dusty desert soil rising up around them in a thin haze. ‘Skywarp, if they interface in public, I’m holding you personally responsible.’

5. Heatlightning giggled in a very unbecoming fashion, bright yellow back-plating pulling uncomfortably against Acidstorm’s own vibrant green, wringing an exhausted sigh from the goop covered Bearer. ‘Hey babe, I’ve gotta say; I’m stuck on you.’ Acidstorm just sighed tiredly once more.

6. He had become disillusioned with the Autobots long ago and left their ranks, and his old life, behind to take up the Decepticon brand as ‘Barricade’. Amidst the purple insignias of his new faction he found the spark he would bind his to for the rest of eternity. But now the war is over; Megatron and the majority of his comrades in arms dead, the AllSpark and their planet destroyed. There is little hope for him and his bond-mate, perhaps it is time for the Autobots to learn of what truly became of their SIC ‘Prowl’. But, even though he was in no way expecting a warm welcome, the amount of animosity shown towards his bond-mate, Starscream, is suffocating and brings forward all the reasons he abandoned his former faction to begin with.
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Just a few random quotes I've picked up here and there. Hope it might inspired someone:

1) Random Con: An order's an order, even if it's a really, really, dumb order.

2) Cliffjumper: This is my BOOMSTICK!!

3) Random Con: You know what my problem is? I'm too slagging NICE!

4) The twins are sitting in the rec room:
Sunstreaker: This table, it's called the "table of the Lambos".
Sideswipe: There was a guy who called it the "table of the two idiots" but I don't think he recognised us.

5) Jazz: Aw, c'mon Prowl, where's your sense of humor?
*Prowl opens a drawer of his desk, rummages through it, pulls out a circuit board and tosses it to Jazz* Here it is. Please dispose of it for me.

6) ???: This...*raises big gun* will kill you. THIS ...*raises bigger gun* will kill you, and everyone else in the room!

7) Inspired by the movie X2: X-Men United: Remember that scene where Storm creates tornadoes to get rid of the jets chasing the Blackbird? Replace Jets with Seekers and...

Megatron: What do you mean you were caught in FIVE consecutive tornadoes?!
Skywarp: everything's spinniiiiiing... *pukes*

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Just an idea that struck me about how Decepticon society is structured (G1 Seasons 1-2, that is - probably wouldn't work for a lot of other continuities but still interesting to think about.)

cut for rather long bunny )
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1. Optimus looked about himself, an uneasy feeling marring his tanks, realizing that he was the only spot of color in the eerie stillness of Iacon and that the moons no longer moved in the sky...

2. ‘This is what I once was, long ago. Beautiful, don’t you think?’

3. ‘And the world fell down upon us, the endless seas of misery and oppression finally breaking the dams we’d made to hold them at bay, and crushing us beneath their all encompassing weight. We were fools; fools to think that things could remain as they were; that the Golden Age would be forever golden. Now we are damned fools, destined to do nothing but die...’

4. Blank red optics stared up at them with something frighteningly like innocent confusion as a softly scratchy voice asked out a question which should have never been asked, or else asked joyously. ‘Why did you bring me back?’

5. Starscream smiled, optics blank and unseeing, as he watched the blue planet before him spin upon its pallet of stars, the satellite beneath him drifting ever onwards in silence.

6. As if sharing a single thought the group of stranded mechs turned as one to regard the abnormally quiet Decepticon SIC. Starscream for his part was simply sitting upon the rocky floor of the cavern, knees drawn up to his chest, an expression of abject misery on his faceplates as he muttered quietly over and over to himself. ‘I hate it here… always hated it here…’ ‘You’ve been here before,’ Sideswipe cut through the litany coldly, causing the Seeker to look up at him dejectedly, ‘you know where we are then, right?!’ A sad, too old look was cast over those waiting impatiently for the Seeker’s answer. ‘…The Pit…’
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1. Came from watching Cartoon Network's Clone Wars and their 'pacifist' Mandalorians. Ack. the Transformers had  warrior/war centered culture. Then, a group tries to begin 'conquest' of the galaxy (Early Decepticons) against two groups: one group that wants the Transformers to stay as they are, and finally another group that wants peace and the Transformers to bepacifists. The two warriorgroups basically kill each other off, leaving the pacifists to rule. Then, another group emerges, wanting to bring the Transformers back to their first culture. These rebels call themselves Decepticons, just like the first rebel group did.

2. Inuyasha/crossover. Naraku as Megatron and Starscream as Kagura.

3.Animated Shattered Glass. Shockwave gets sent to the Shattered Glass Universe for one reason or another. There he meets the Decepticons....and the Autobots.
3a. Post season three. He gets captured by the Autobots and meets Arcee.

Sorry, I can't make space when I change spelling. The space bar has somehow become backspace. (Number one)
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Quick bunny:

It is the year 1969. The Apollo 11 mission has entered space and is preparing to land on the moon. The astronauts land, and discover a base of (your choice of characters - cross-faction, single-faction, whatever!) on the moon. What happens then? Continuity and crossover or crossovers left to author.
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First off, I answered #10 and #9 (still unfinished) from this entry and #21 from this entry.
#9: 'Elect A Leader Week': part one, part two, part three
#10: Decepticon falls for Chromia: here
#21: Prime's inability to die: here

Now for the Burn Notice xover bunny:

clicky here )
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Now, to those of you who know a certain [livejournal.com profile] swipeatronspark , she recently had a entry in her journal about an anti-slash Transformer fan who basically ranted that slash in Transformers is the worst thing to ever grace the fandom. While you can read different reactions at her journal, this isn't the place for discussion. This is the place for bunnies. And dear Primus, did they ever bite when [livejournal.com profile] dryadic  said this simple sentence... )
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I've decided to not take up any more potentially long fics until I've finished what I have so as such I feel it best to give this little bunnies a good home.

It's a itty bitty bunneh!  )

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So, we all know that there will always be those Decepticons who gossip about Starscream getting to his position by sleeping in the right berths. And the obligatory response to that is that Starscream is more than just a pretty face and got to SIC with skill and determination and his rapier wit.

Alright, now let's make this totally (or not) AU and swap that around.

Let's say that, instead, Starscream did, in fact, sleep his way into the Decepticon ranks, and did so openly, instead of doing it militarily. Like he came in and moved up as a courtesan instead of a soldier, cleverly and stealthily moving onto higher and higher ranking Decepticons through deceptive manipulation and/or murder behind the scenes. It doesn't even occur to mechs that he's anything more than a pretty face and famous berthmate, mostly because anyone who starts to get curious turns up dead before they can mention their suspicions to anybody else.

Eventually, either by sheer luck, unluck, or over-ambitious planning on Starscream's part, Megatron ends up bumping into one of Starscream's assassins fleeing the scene of the murder of Starscream's former partner. He somehow gets Starscream's name from the assassin... and there begins an epic game of cat-and-mouse.

Megatron, interested and curious, publicly announces that he will graciously 'take in' the lovely Starscream after the 'tragic and mysterious murder' of the seeker's berthmate. He knows that Starscream is dangerous, or at least smarter and more deceptive than he lets on, and starts putting Starscream through some covert tests to try to make the seeker slip up and publicly admit/show his deception. Starscream gets suspicious, but can't confront Megatron about it in case he doesn't know, but is determined to win this 'game' they find themselves playing.

Detailed bunny is detailed, no? Complex bunny is interesting, Y/N?

TFA bunny

Nov. 29th, 2009 01:10 am
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So, I seem to remember Starscream mysteriously managing to get himself out of stasis cuffs at least once in TFA. This morning, I was wondering what the most cannon explanation was. Well, what other way do we get to see mechs removing stasis cuffs on-screen? Processor over matter!

So maybe Starscream can use processor over matter, which makes him an in-the-closet cyberninja. Starscream, a cyberninja.

lolwut? Viable?


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