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1) Early War: Autobots catch several younglings in hiding watching them do drills.

2) Random Autobot: "Oh yes, I'm just going to go walking around in my protoform and get shot."
Random Autobot 2: "No need to be sarcastic."

3) "Why do you have a huge size dent in your door?"
"I had to stop Spike's lawnmower from crashing into another car otherwise someone would have really gotten hurt."

4) Art: Elita One sitting on a throne with Chromia and Firestar standing on either side of her. They push either a Decepticon or Autobot into a pit that has sharkticons/Insecticons in it.

5) Art: Starscream with glasses

6) G1: Inferno firewalker. Inferno is famous because he is fire resistant. He can walk through fire without melting anything on his frame.
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I'd say something witty but I'm tired. Have a bunny.

Seriously, take them. Please. )

I've got more, but I've got to sleep now...
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I'm not the best person to consult about Beast Wars stuff, but I do know this- in Beast Wars, Blacharachnia was a Maximal Protoform reprogramed to be a predacon. In TFA, Blacharachnia used to be Elita-1 before she was hideosly mutated, which apparently made her super bitter toward the Autobots. However, in G1 Elita-1 was about as loyal as you can get. So what if Elita-1 still wanted to rejoin the Autobots after being mutated, assuming that they could fix her, before Megatron landed on the planet where she was stuck and decided that her scientific expertise, as well as her prowess in battle was something that he wanted, and after she refused to defect he got Shockwave to reprogram her to be a decepticon.

I really want to see optimus's reaction to learning something like that- or Elita-1's if she was ever freed from the programming.
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So I was feeling nostalgic for the mid 1990s, and I dug out my old October Project music and was listening to "Paths of Desire" and realized it was the perfect theme song for the trine of Sentinel, Optimus, and Elita.

What if one of them heard this song, what would they think? What would they do?

Hmm, incidentally, wouldn't this make an awesome song to do a video to?
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Just thought that I would post some bunnies to share for once, since I seem to come here only for snagging bunnies or looking for to locate a bunny or two.

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Um….I’m sort of new here so ugh…yeah, forgive me if I make various n00bish mistakes [the livejournal cut hates me btw]

Anyways, just thought I’d share some particularly dogged bunnies that won’t. Stop. NIBBLING! D: Personally, I’d love to write them myself but alas college assignments are an ever growing burden upon mine back that ah must bear TT.TT *kicked*

So, moving on, I’d be thrilled if anyone found these remotely intriguing :D  


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