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1) Early War: Autobots catch several younglings in hiding watching them do drills.

2) Random Autobot: "Oh yes, I'm just going to go walking around in my protoform and get shot."
Random Autobot 2: "No need to be sarcastic."

3) "Why do you have a huge size dent in your door?"
"I had to stop Spike's lawnmower from crashing into another car otherwise someone would have really gotten hurt."

4) Art: Elita One sitting on a throne with Chromia and Firestar standing on either side of her. They push either a Decepticon or Autobot into a pit that has sharkticons/Insecticons in it.

5) Art: Starscream with glasses

6) G1: Inferno firewalker. Inferno is famous because he is fire resistant. He can walk through fire without melting anything on his frame.
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Just cleaning out some of the brain space.

Bunch of random bunnies )
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This is my first time posting, so bear with me. I've been mob lately with the bunnies, often of epic proportions, but due to work and just a general lack of willpower, I'll likely not be able to do anything with them myself.


...a bunny list /without/ Perceptor?! )

And they're all free to good homes!

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Silent Hill, crossovers, torture, Rozen Maiden, reincarnation, it all has one thing in common. There is plenty of potential Percy abuse in there! ^.^ I'm so nasty to him. You'd never guess that I really loved the guy, huh?

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I had a dream last night, and somehow, this was the result:

Inferno: "I'm sorry, Red. I can't. Firestar would be too hurt..."
Red Alert: "Inferno, when are you going to acknowledge that Firestar doesn't exist?! She's all in your processor, remember?"

Even if you think that's dumb (I like it), you gotta admit it'd be interesting to see Inferno as the psychologically damaged and Red Alert as the completely sane for once.
ext_18500: My non-fandom OC Oraania. She's crazy. (Robo Grope)
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When Red Alert and Inferno get involved, everyone worries how Red would react if Firestar reunited with Inferno in Red Alert's presence.
Then Elita-1 and her team have cause to meet up with the Ark crew. Everyone is holding their metaphorical breaths, as Firestar is - naturally - with Elita's team.

Then the first thing Firestar does is immediately pounce on Red Alert and kiss him utterly silly, while Inferno is standing back with a huge grin.

Everyone is left wondering just what the hell the situation between the three really is, looking to them to explain what is going on.

(The whole point being, take the fandom favourite slash pairing, the canon het pairing, and merge it into a threesome.)


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