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This is my first post here. Let me know if I do anything wrong. The first four are movie verse while the rest is G1.

1. Autobots learn about roller derby.

2. Autobots learn about figure of speeches. Examples: Its your funeral, break a leg, its raining cats and dogs, etc.

3. Transformers/Pacific Rim crossover. When Megatron was frozen all that time, the government studied him. That’s how they came up with Jagers. Lennox and Epps are pilots.

4. What do the Autobots think of tasers? Is it like sex to them?

5. There is an explosion in Med Bay that has Ratchet and several patients.

6. A mission with Trailbreaker using his force field and Gears using his infrared vision sensors.

7. An Autobot dies on the battlefield. Before his spark goes to the matrix he sees his friends one last time.

8. A fanfic with this line in it. “Foolish Autobot. You thought you could sneak up on me? Next time hide your signal.”
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The bunnies have slowed to a crawl, so it's been a while. In my defense, RL has been kicking me into next week and back. Silly life.

So- have another 25.

Every bunny list should have at least one crack crossover. I'm rather proud to say that out of 25, I've got 3. There was a 4th, but I've forgotten )
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Well I've been too quiet in this communtiy. Haven't replied nearly enough or at all lately to others. I shall try to rectify that. In the meantime I offer up more of those darnable bunnies.


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