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A bunny for the Rescue Bots!

Rumor has it that we should be seeing both Decepticon confrontations, and two new members (Medix and Hoist) for the Rescue Bot team.  I can't help but wonder if Medix and Hoist will start off as Decepticons (maybe the last remaining members of the Constructicons).

I would love to see how they meet up with the Rescue Bots and eventually become teammates. 
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...because I only have four, and a one-legged combiner wouldn't be able to kick ass.
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I think of tons of them during the day, but when I sit to write them down, I forget half of them. Anyway...

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The 1930s have nothing to do with this post. I've just been looking at really old ads. Meat was 18 cents a pound and none of the cars were over $200. That's so not fair.

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Ever wonder how you think certain character will work with other character. Do they even match up! Wonder no longer with the Love Tester!

That is right! Enter your ideal pairing and see how they will match up.

Trust me, it works. Prowl and Jazz got 100% on that thing! It has to work...Too bad about Sunny and Blue....but good news for Optimus/Megatron fans! Try out random characters and see what happens!

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I've got a question that's really bugging me. Who would the official quartermasters or 'gathering random stuff that someone needs' mechs be for each faction? I would guess Scavenger for the 'Cons, but I'm not sure if he'd be qualified to get stuff like highly technical scientific equipment. And for the 'Bots I have no idea. Beachcomber?

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... I should add that to this community's name, shouldn't I?[Poll #1211848]I thought of a contest when talking with [profile] water_smurf. I'm not sure what the rules would be (other than entries would have to be based on a bunny adopted here), and as for prizes... all I can think of is offering a banner because I have no money.

So what do you all think?


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