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My first post on here, but I got bitten by a bunny who appeared out of nowhere while I was looking through this group...

Jazz (from the TFAverse, after the 3rd season finale) wakes up in an unfamiliar medbay. He realizes his joints feel rusty and stiff, he can't comm. anyone, and has no feeling beyond his waist. He manages to pull himself up slightly to see that his waist is slightly separated from his torso. The medbay door opens, revealing a strange green mech who looks at Jazz in shock, saying his name in utter disbelief.

Basically Jazz is bodyswapped with Jazz, but Jazz is dead so only Jazz wakes up as Jazz, but not as Jazz, an alternate universe's Jazz.


I mean, TFA Jazz wakes up in the previously-dead body of Bayverse Jazz IN the Bayverse, scaring the wrenches out of Ratchet.

That's the basic premise, but of course here's some things that could happen:

1. Jazz doubles over laughing when Optimus tells him he's the leader of all Autobot forces because: Optimus Prime, young maintenance crew bot, being a Decepticon-sized, deep voiced, battle-masked mech? Similar reactions to the contrast between the mechs Jazz knew and these new ones.

2. Prowl arrives on Earth to see a mech he thought dead walking around and cracking jokes. Also, Jazz hearing Prowl's voice and finding out that dear Primus, Prowl's ALIVE. In all, angst and shipping across 'verses.

3. Sentinel Prime is a jerk across the multiverse. What makes each Sentinel unique is HOW much of a jerk he is.
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I only have one bunny. G1 or movie verse.

Three Autobots as Charlie's Angels. After a battle with Decepticons in a city a few take pictures of three Autobots standing together with them holding their weapons. The picture and themselves become popular.
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I want a fic with the pairing of AoE Lockdown and Rescue Bots Chase. A few ideas could be:

1. Chase and Lockdown are hunting the same bad guy who happens to have a huge bounty and is very dangerous.

2. Chase meets Lockdown on Cybertron and decides that maybe, Lockdown's line of work does more good around the universe then the stifling Cybertronain police or the Rescue Bots.

3. have an established relationship where Lockdown becomes jealous of Devcon after Chase meets him, thinking he would like the Autobot bounty hunter more then him due to their more compatible past and beliefs.

4. Chase and the Rescue Bots during the events of Age of Extinction.

5. Lockdown in the Rescue Bots cartoon trying to hunt a target, but also trying to convince the Rescue Bots he was sent by Optimus (as to not alert him to his presence right away) and is there is help them. Meanwhile, Chase starts to like faking it Lockdown.

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I'm sorry I keep posting frequently. I don't understand why all the sudden these bunnies keep coming to me. I have twenty three bunnies.

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I have twenty one bunnies. Only two are not movie verse or G1. Those two are Transformers Prime bunnies.

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This is my first post here. Let me know if I do anything wrong. The first four are movie verse while the rest is G1.

1. Autobots learn about roller derby.

2. Autobots learn about figure of speeches. Examples: Its your funeral, break a leg, its raining cats and dogs, etc.

3. Transformers/Pacific Rim crossover. When Megatron was frozen all that time, the government studied him. That’s how they came up with Jagers. Lennox and Epps are pilots.

4. What do the Autobots think of tasers? Is it like sex to them?

5. There is an explosion in Med Bay that has Ratchet and several patients.

6. A mission with Trailbreaker using his force field and Gears using his infrared vision sensors.

7. An Autobot dies on the battlefield. Before his spark goes to the matrix he sees his friends one last time.

8. A fanfic with this line in it. “Foolish Autobot. You thought you could sneak up on me? Next time hide your signal.”
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So, I'm rereading the Gone series by Michael Grant (wonderful dystopian/super hero/super villain/horror stories. Not what I ususally read, but great nonetheless. Anyways, I'm rereading 'cause I haven't read the last one yet, and I've got it on hold at the library), and in the second to last book, Fear... Well, the army brings in a group called "NEST" to examine the Dome. This'd be a total AU for both continuities, but I was thinking, if anyone's up for taking it... Well, who better to examine this strange, odd, freak-of-nature occurance than Super Advanced Alien Transforming Robots?
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Hello people, I’m new here so i hop everything i done the way its supposed to be. Please forgive my spelling errors.

Anyhow, I’m not much of a writer anymore but my brain won't stop breading the cute little floppy ear bunnies. My latest obsession: Transformers! Obviously or I wouldn’t be here. five megatron bunnies here but more on the way.

Megs Bunnies

hope the link works
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What with my mind getting invaded by other fandoms at the moment, the TF bunnies are slowly dying. Please, don't let these poor little things waste away. Adopt one today and you will also get your choice of a free mouse pad, mug, or calender with pictures of your adopted bunny.

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*shy wave* Newbie here. erm, first time posting a bunny too. so fear the..erm newbie-ness of it all.

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P.S: couldn't find a DotM tag =/


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