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Okay, so I was lurking around the old Transformers Kinkmeme when this idea came to me:

Let's say that G1 is happening in modern day and it has been a number of years since the Autobots have met their human friends, but their bonds remain strong. Spike has grown up into a young man and works closely with the Autobots as a 'cultural translator' (or so the Autobots claim to the government), when his younger cousin Sam comes to stay with him and his dad for the Summer. Of course he has to show Sam his cool alien robot friends! (or maybe it's an accidental meeting- it's up to you). Spike feels responsible for Sammy and wants to keep him out of trouble... it's just kind of hard to do around the Autobots.


One of the Bots (or maybe Cons if that's your jam) takes a romantic/sexual interest in Sam, which Spike didn't think was possible (despite everything with Astoria). Cue Spike trying to protect Sam's chastity or something or other (because Aunt Judy is terrifying with that bat and he doesn't want her to be pissed at him or the Autobots).
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My first post on here, but I got bitten by a bunny who appeared out of nowhere while I was looking through this group...

Jazz (from the TFAverse, after the 3rd season finale) wakes up in an unfamiliar medbay. He realizes his joints feel rusty and stiff, he can't comm. anyone, and has no feeling beyond his waist. He manages to pull himself up slightly to see that his waist is slightly separated from his torso. The medbay door opens, revealing a strange green mech who looks at Jazz in shock, saying his name in utter disbelief.

Basically Jazz is bodyswapped with Jazz, but Jazz is dead so only Jazz wakes up as Jazz, but not as Jazz, an alternate universe's Jazz.


I mean, TFA Jazz wakes up in the previously-dead body of Bayverse Jazz IN the Bayverse, scaring the wrenches out of Ratchet.

That's the basic premise, but of course here's some things that could happen:

1. Jazz doubles over laughing when Optimus tells him he's the leader of all Autobot forces because: Optimus Prime, young maintenance crew bot, being a Decepticon-sized, deep voiced, battle-masked mech? Similar reactions to the contrast between the mechs Jazz knew and these new ones.

2. Prowl arrives on Earth to see a mech he thought dead walking around and cracking jokes. Also, Jazz hearing Prowl's voice and finding out that dear Primus, Prowl's ALIVE. In all, angst and shipping across 'verses.

3. Sentinel Prime is a jerk across the multiverse. What makes each Sentinel unique is HOW much of a jerk he is.
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I don't think this really needs a spoiler cut, but since the movie only just came out, I decided to put it behind one just in case.

After seeing the new movie I've had a burning, burning, need for more angst involving Lockdown and Optimus. I'll take anything, but if it involved torture, degradation and abuse all on Lockdown's ship I'd wiggle joyously! I don't even care if its slightly AU or not, I would just REALLY like to see more defeated Prime and Lockdown being a hideous bastard.
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So, I'm rereading the Gone series by Michael Grant (wonderful dystopian/super hero/super villain/horror stories. Not what I ususally read, but great nonetheless. Anyways, I'm rereading 'cause I haven't read the last one yet, and I've got it on hold at the library), and in the second to last book, Fear... Well, the army brings in a group called "NEST" to examine the Dome. This'd be a total AU for both continuities, but I was thinking, if anyone's up for taking it... Well, who better to examine this strange, odd, freak-of-nature occurance than Super Advanced Alien Transforming Robots?
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My grandparents have an old computer that they're giving my brother. Anyways, I saw it at their house the other day, and it spawned a little idea;

Meet Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Tower, and Speaker. The Compubots, a little mini gestalt. Their combined form is PC.

How they came to be, I don't really care. My first thought was Sam the AllSpark came home one day and zapped his computer, but whatever you want! I just think a few household bots would be cool.

There's also the Amuseobots; X-bot, Wii, DVD, VHS, and TV.

(I might write some form of this sometime in the far future, but if it happens, it will definitely be a long time in coming, and the Compubots were driving me crazy, so... here they are. Please, take them off my hands!)

Another one that just came out of nowhere - I had just posted this, so, this is an edit. Now two bunnies. :D

Anyways... An Autobot discovers the Amish culture. Perhaps forcefully -- they crash land in the middle of an Amish community, or something of the like -- or voluntarily, where they read about it somewhere, or somehow learn of it, and decide to visit. Now, we cue lots of confusion -- the Autobots are technology. They run on (sort of) electricity, they use processors, they're machines. yet they're also people. How do the humans react?
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[One little bunny from my pal Doomstalker].
G1. PG-13 or higher. Motomaster/Silverbolt. Every Aerialbot was created by Vector Sigma to counteract a certain Stunticon, accordingly. The problem is, they're too similar, alike, and complementary... to really hate each other.

[an AU plot-bunny from Deska]
What if there are places in universe where 'Cons and 'Bots can be at peace and their struggle is no more? Not a one-sided victory, not an armistice, but all-Cybertronian peace when all stand united as one people, in fusion and unison, one race once again.
This opens possibilities for many plot twists.
cut for length )

[And my own "teeny-weeny" bunny. :D]
standard-type Cybertronians and not-so-diversity of human appearance )
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The Canary and the Queen

Movie!verse element AU sorta

First there was a general bunny:

"In which Optimus decided that the well-being of ALL sentient peoples in the universe was of lesser value than the well-being of ALL Cybertronian people." And the long term fallout that comes after that decision. As told through the interpretation and experiences of Optimus' human pet -- a pet he believes is not sentient.

Mainly there was a lot of M/OP porn and politics and maybe not too obvious manipulations of Prime by his Protector ... from the unfortunate voyeur POV of the pet.

Then I had fifty bajillion thoughts and the bunny became Unicron )
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I'm the kind of writer who comes up with ideas, expands on them a bit, then gets distracted by another idea. In the end, nothing gets done! So, I decided I would just drop a few ideas off here and see how they do... though I have to admit that I might still work on them, just because I can't truly abandon anything >.>;;.

*Throws bunnies and flees* )
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Spoilers... )
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 Okay, so it was on another account, but the sentiment/creepy stalker thing is still there.

This bunny literally hit me while I was driving to Prom last weekend.. and it refused to die. ( i know that you probably know where this is going to go)
But seeing as I have next to NO time (hence this not being added here till a week later), I decided to get the beef of it out so that it could possibly be adopted.
So the bunny entails an 18/19 year old Annabelle Lennox who never bothered to get a date for Senior Prom, and the Autobots, who while fairly well versed in Human culture intricacies,  are still socially awkward at times. My view on this is that the Autobots see Annabelle kinda as their sparking because they helped raise her when the 'Con's became more then a really bad annoyance and Will was forced to bring his family to the base housing at Diego Garcia, but you could have it differently.
Anyway the prom thing could go a few different ways:
1. It could become a huge comical fiasco in that some of the younger soldiers want to take her and they have to win the favor of both Will, who is the head honcho of the base, and the Autobots who are just as protective of her.
2. A few of the Autobots volunteer to take her for 'saftey' reasons. (Could be a total crack pairing between Annabelle and an Autobot *cough*Ironhide*cough* lol :D )
3. The Autobots and the younger soldiers want to take her so it becomes a huge in-base war.

There are other options but they are just variations of the first three and I'm sure that it won't be hard to figure those out :D
~Phew~ I'm glad i got that out.. I mean I already started planning it in my head and I really don't have time, as it is it took an entire day just to get this typed. 
This isn't an uber serious prompt, just something that is kinda funny, sorta kinda serious.. cause it's prom and it would be Annabelle's Senior year in Highschool. So please just have fun with it!!!... PLEASE ADOPT!!!
... really hope I got the tags right
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I'm not sure if I can explain this very well, it was a dream after all, but here it goes.

When killing Shockwave, or some other Decepticon (maybe the Fallen), Optimus's spark somehow ends up absorbing some of the ambient spark-energy released by his death, leaving the Prime with a bit of problem. He begins developing some perceived Decepticon traits and preferences, such as violence and cruelty (could explain why Movie!Optimus was so homicidal), which he fights desperately to control while keeping anyone else from finding out.

a: One of the more unscrupulous Autobots finds out and attempts to black mail Optimus, leaving him with the decision of whether to come clean or 'take care of' the Autobot.

b: One of the Decepticons notices and, perhaps to gain leverage or aid, offers to help with the problem.
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hi :)

i have this plotbunny to adopt, because my english is not good enough to write it myself  ;)

here is it:

Fandom: transformers-movie 2007/2009

Pairing and/or Characters: Barricade/other male chara, pairing/mates

Prompt: Barricade hides between other cops far away from the autobots. he works with the cops (perhaps not only as a 'car' but also with his holoform that drives said car ? :)..) and one night he detects a killer/sniper and follows him ^^..

then he catches him and discovers that the two have a lot in common (they both like killing, blood, interogating, etc - but not the crazy way, but in a cool and terrifieng sort) ? some fantasy of mine is that the killer is very handsome, tall, strong/trained (but not bulky), long black hair and perhaps a gene-defect so his eyes resemble a black/red-tint without beeing sensitive like an albinos ^^..

some ladymagnet, but he likes only men ? :) so Cade works with him and helps him hide from the police and with his jobs, eventually they work together ? :) and a sort of romance/bond develops with the rush of killing/the blood, etc ? (i see a scene where the two finally kill a victim and lick the blood from each others fingers?) :) ...

please can someone adopt this bunny and write a story ? *begging*  i would do it myself, but my english is not good enough to write it myself *blushes*

if you have questions, please contact me ^^..

*hugs*, bye, Blackie ^^...


Dec. 17th, 2008 08:14 am
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Lurker de-lurking to offer up a short fic spawned by a bunny from [livejournal.com profile] kirin_saga way back in June. Actually, for me this is a fast turn around. Usually the bunnies'll sit stewing in my brain anywhere from a year to two years. 6 months is really fast for me.

Anway, here's the fic:

Title: In Reverse
Rating: PG
'Verse: Transformers 2007 Movie
Author: [livejournal.com profile] saffiter/[livejournal.com profile] masi_tfoot/Sheena (We're one in the same).
Characters: Sam Witwicky, Ironhide, mentions of Constructicons
Warnings: One mention of sex in regards to chickens.
Summary: They had been feared enemies. Now all one had to do was utter one word. One simple little, single syllable word...

This, this is crack.

(They had once been feared.)


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