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My first post on here, but I got bitten by a bunny who appeared out of nowhere while I was looking through this group...

Jazz (from the TFAverse, after the 3rd season finale) wakes up in an unfamiliar medbay. He realizes his joints feel rusty and stiff, he can't comm. anyone, and has no feeling beyond his waist. He manages to pull himself up slightly to see that his waist is slightly separated from his torso. The medbay door opens, revealing a strange green mech who looks at Jazz in shock, saying his name in utter disbelief.

Basically Jazz is bodyswapped with Jazz, but Jazz is dead so only Jazz wakes up as Jazz, but not as Jazz, an alternate universe's Jazz.


I mean, TFA Jazz wakes up in the previously-dead body of Bayverse Jazz IN the Bayverse, scaring the wrenches out of Ratchet.

That's the basic premise, but of course here's some things that could happen:

1. Jazz doubles over laughing when Optimus tells him he's the leader of all Autobot forces because: Optimus Prime, young maintenance crew bot, being a Decepticon-sized, deep voiced, battle-masked mech? Similar reactions to the contrast between the mechs Jazz knew and these new ones.

2. Prowl arrives on Earth to see a mech he thought dead walking around and cracking jokes. Also, Jazz hearing Prowl's voice and finding out that dear Primus, Prowl's ALIVE. In all, angst and shipping across 'verses.

3. Sentinel Prime is a jerk across the multiverse. What makes each Sentinel unique is HOW much of a jerk he is.
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I'm just writing this out because I have no plans to use it but it won't leave me alone and I have insomnia. Feel free to us or alter any ideas I put forward if you decide you want to do something like this.


Sometime after ROTF but before the events of DSOTM can happen (because that movie was shit) the Rift opens up and the first Kaiju invades Earth. When the Rift opens some sort of energy wave or signal gets sent out that forces all Transformers into stasis lock. All the transformers remain in stasis throughout the events of Pacific Rim. With the Autobots out of Commission NEST is put in lock down and the Autobots are moved to storage, except for the few that are examined to come up with the design for the Jaegers (you decide how gruesome this will be). With the Jaegers being built and the Kaiju being defeated the events of Pacific Rim continue without the public's knowledge of where the idea for the Jaegers came from. It is not until the Rift is finally prmanently closed that the Autobots come back online.

As the Autobots learn of the events that happened they address the concerns of the Kaiju being able to shut them down and the consequences of any actions the humans took while they were powered down. The story can then evolve from there, either form the prospective of the 'bots or the humans. I think the best would be Raleigh and Mako learning about the Autobots (not to mention Newt's reaction), but seeing the prospective of the newly reinstated NEST agents would be interesting too.

Bonus material:
The poisoning affect of called Kaiju Blue is a result of crude energon in the Kaiju's blood stream. The Autobots need a new source of energon since they lost access to their main source when Cybertron died. The fight to claim any remaing Kaiju blood could be the new resource war between the Autobots and Decepticons.

Decepticons could either have been hiding on Earth and effected by the stasis lock too or some could have escaped into space and have watched the events as they happened. There could also be newly arriving Autobots responding to Optimus' message that have been stuck in solar orbit until the Kaiju are dealt with.

Would love you for ever if you included that the process of Drifitng results in the formation of an new consciousness in the Jaegers. Since the Jaegers were based on Transformers, the Autobots see human drifting as a way to make new Cybertronians, meaning that their species won't be going extinct with the loss of the All spark. And besides, Sentiant Jaegers, why not?

Feel free to message me if you want to talk about any morer possibilities (I love thinking up and putting together new stories/ crossovers but never have the time to write any of them), or just continue the story on your own.


Mar. 26th, 2012 10:30 pm
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I've been thinking about this for a while (spoilers if you still haven't seen Dark of the Moon)

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What strange dreams I have.

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Not so much a bunny as a thought i've been haveing.

In both the movies and Prime Megatron buggers off to parts unknown for a great deal of time. Leaveing his Second in Command in charge untill his return. While he's gone Starscream seems to do a very good job of leading the con's. In both 'verses he's got the Autobots on the run, spread thin across the universe. Amassed a vast amount of resources and generally kept moral from going into the shitter. Hell in Prime he even has Optimus Prime hideing from him.

Then Megatron comes back and agian things start going down the drain. Particularly in the Movie universe. In Prime Dark Energon= DO NOT WANT from me. That stuff gives me the heebie jeebies.

Anyway what i want to know is why aren't there more Decepticons loyal to Starscream? Surely he's earned a bit of respect during his term so to speak. I mean Megatron Abandond them for power essentially. Starscream steps up to bat and keeps things running smooth, maybe even better than with Ol' Bucket head. And as far as ive seen he treats the subordinates (Slightly) better Megatron does his. I can see at least a few 'Cons wanting Starscream back in charge once Megatron starts putting a werench in the works.

Sorry to ramble but these are my thoughts. Do with them as you will.
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 Okay, so it was on another account, but the sentiment/creepy stalker thing is still there.

This bunny literally hit me while I was driving to Prom last weekend.. and it refused to die. ( i know that you probably know where this is going to go)
But seeing as I have next to NO time (hence this not being added here till a week later), I decided to get the beef of it out so that it could possibly be adopted.
So the bunny entails an 18/19 year old Annabelle Lennox who never bothered to get a date for Senior Prom, and the Autobots, who while fairly well versed in Human culture intricacies,  are still socially awkward at times. My view on this is that the Autobots see Annabelle kinda as their sparking because they helped raise her when the 'Con's became more then a really bad annoyance and Will was forced to bring his family to the base housing at Diego Garcia, but you could have it differently.
Anyway the prom thing could go a few different ways:
1. It could become a huge comical fiasco in that some of the younger soldiers want to take her and they have to win the favor of both Will, who is the head honcho of the base, and the Autobots who are just as protective of her.
2. A few of the Autobots volunteer to take her for 'saftey' reasons. (Could be a total crack pairing between Annabelle and an Autobot *cough*Ironhide*cough* lol :D )
3. The Autobots and the younger soldiers want to take her so it becomes a huge in-base war.

There are other options but they are just variations of the first three and I'm sure that it won't be hard to figure those out :D
~Phew~ I'm glad i got that out.. I mean I already started planning it in my head and I really don't have time, as it is it took an entire day just to get this typed. 
This isn't an uber serious prompt, just something that is kinda funny, sorta kinda serious.. cause it's prom and it would be Annabelle's Senior year in Highschool. So please just have fun with it!!!... PLEASE ADOPT!!!
... really hope I got the tags right
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Because I have recently been reading a lot of Sailor Moon fanfic, I can't help but wish for a good crossover or two (besides Magical!Bots, which is a great series). So I present a couple of bunnies with that in mind: 'So instead of youma, we're fighting Decepticons?' )

Late Addition! )
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Hello, folks! Glad I can finally contribute something to my favorite LJ group.
Hope somebody likes them, they were the pick of the litter!

1. (G1) It's true that femmes have a port and mechs have a spike. Someone comes to Earth and is horrified that the Autobots' human friend is nicknamed "Spike", because that's like naming your child, well... ...and not realizing he had that name long before he met the Autobots. Perhaps this 'bot even decides they need to "rescue" the boy from these poor role models. Meanwhile Spike, being a child, hasn't been told anything about that aspect of Autobot anatomy, and is naturally clueless as to what is going on.

2. (Movieverse) I've seen stories where Sam absorbed the energies/essence of the AllSpark, with varying results (strange powers, hearing its "voice", transforming into a 'bot, etc.) Now what if it turned out he had absorbed Megatron's spark, too?

3. (Movieverse) Megatron actually does manage to make good on his promise and keeps Sam as a pet. Locked in Megatron's quarters, the Decepticon leader becomes Sam's only link to the outside world. Megatron occasionally makes passing references to how the war is going, mentioning victories or losses to the Autobots, but in reality Megatron has been lying to him the entire time, the entire war post-imprisonment fabricated--in truth, the Decepticons won the war a long time ago.
     And why would Megatron lie about a thing like that?

4. (Movieverse) I've seen fics where Starscream was immortal, and a few where Sam was immortal. What if they were both immortal?

5. (General) Someone starts to suffer from a glitch to their sensory system: all sensors trigger pleasure--literally all of them, even those that normally respond to hot, cold, pain, etc. Bonus points if this 'someone' is Starscream, especially if an irate Megatron appears in the story.
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This article: www.nytimes.com/2010/08/23/nyregion/23reptile.html. Only instead, it happens to one of the Autobots, and on discovering the likely reasoning that the alligator was left there, they investigate. Maybe it's Smokescreen? Blue Datsun, and all that . . . Other than that, any continuity and character open to the author.
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Blame this on reading fic that has a substantial presence of Wheelie in it, but I got thinking about the possibility of movieverse Wheelie being escentially the same mech as G1 Wheelie, but different due to upbringing (face it, G1!Wheelie lived in the wilds of Quintessa? for ages... and had that habit for rhyming, while movie!Wheelie had to survive amongst the Decepticons - picking up their attitudes... and would have been squished if he started rhyming) and the thought morphed into something else.

So, dimensional accident, and now we have two Wheelies - G1!Wheelie stuck in movieverse. How annoying does he get for the Autobots, and how pissed off does movie!Wheelie get at this annoying slagger with his name who is bigger than him, has the worst of squeaky voices and insists on saying everything in rhyme?
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I have frequently seen fics where the Autobot's treatment of humans is a kind of unintentional parental patronizing. Well maybe there is a simple reason for that: humans are the same average size as sparklings, so a good deal of Cybertronians can't help but consider humans as just that. Okay, so maybe very articulate sparklings, but sparklings all the same.

So how do their human friend react when they realize this is the reason behind the way the Autobots act towards them?

Could be any 'verse, really.
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For some reason the subject of gypsies (Romani) came up in a discussion with my mother and she related a documentry she saw at one point that had something in it about modern Gypsy clans in America - they have semi trailers that they've turned into large-scale caravans that they drive around the USA.

So, given that I was thinking of my movieverse truck toys as examples of the sort of trucks, I ended up turning around the thought... and getting a plotbunny.

The Autobots on Earth have been trying to track an unknown mech they believe has landed but are having trouble finding. The reason why they can't find him? Ultra Magnus totaled a Romani truck when he landed and is currently acting as their replacement for it until they can afford a new one. The clan has practically adopted him and make sure he has plenty of fuel and the clan mechanic has helped repair damage from his landing.

The other Autobots have kept missing him because the nearest they have come to the clan, they dismissed the trucks because they were a Romani convoy.
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1. Beneath the different paint, optics and, plating they say their sparks to be the same…

2. ‘Prowl, what happened to your optics? I mean why the green?’

3. ‘Oh, and how many blind Autobots have you seen walking around in those high crystal cities of yours?’

4. ‘Hey TC, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!’ Skywarp called lewdly at the two battling Seekers as they grappled for an advantage over one another, dusty desert soil rising up around them in a thin haze. ‘Skywarp, if they interface in public, I’m holding you personally responsible.’

5. Heatlightning giggled in a very unbecoming fashion, bright yellow back-plating pulling uncomfortably against Acidstorm’s own vibrant green, wringing an exhausted sigh from the goop covered Bearer. ‘Hey babe, I’ve gotta say; I’m stuck on you.’ Acidstorm just sighed tiredly once more.

6. He had become disillusioned with the Autobots long ago and left their ranks, and his old life, behind to take up the Decepticon brand as ‘Barricade’. Amidst the purple insignias of his new faction he found the spark he would bind his to for the rest of eternity. But now the war is over; Megatron and the majority of his comrades in arms dead, the AllSpark and their planet destroyed. There is little hope for him and his bond-mate, perhaps it is time for the Autobots to learn of what truly became of their SIC ‘Prowl’. But, even though he was in no way expecting a warm welcome, the amount of animosity shown towards his bond-mate, Starscream, is suffocating and brings forward all the reasons he abandoned his former faction to begin with.
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So I've never actually posted on LJ communities before, so I hope I'm doing this right. Anyways, ignoring the fact I'm coming out of nowhere in the shadows, I obviously have some bunnies to share :). Not a lot of bunnies, just a lot of spin offs. Some can be taken into a slashy context FYI.

Is this cut working? )
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When the movie 2012 came out, I went to see it with [livejournal.com profile] agiftedmind and we got talking afterwards about a crossover plot. Now that I have the movie on DVD, I have been reminded of that plot and feel like posting some of it here.

The world is going into a disastrous stage and the Autobots know it is coming. They are making their own preparations - getting ready to relocate off Earth. But the Autobots do not want to leave their closest human friends to the coming destruction, so they have to work out a way to be able to transport them as well.

How do they go about it? Who are they going to take? Where do they relocate to? Do they have plans to come back once the Earth calms again?


Mar. 18th, 2010 04:44 pm
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1) Movieverse, post ROTF: Sam thought the only thing the All Spark gave him was knowledge, but while visiting a museum/amusement park, he accidentally brings a giant mechanical t-rex to life... (Other Dinobots optional)

2) Animated: Jetstorm's optics turned red when he was upgraded with Decepticon technology. He is embarrassed and ashamed of this which is why he always wears a visor. The only other bots who know about this are Jetfire, Perceptor, and Wheeljack.

3) Animated: Jetstorm and Jetfire were normal Autobots before they were upgraded with the ability to fly. What were their names then? Their names were Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.

4) Animated: (Post series, assume that the Decepticons have escaped) Shockwave feels that he made a mistake in offlining his favorite Autobot. When Swindle (or Lockdown if you prefer) offers to sell the Decepticons a mysterious blue cube that he found in the Autobot's garbage, Shockwave is eager to buy it, thinking he can manipulate Blurr into joining the Decepticons. The rebuilt Blurr is confused and disoriented, having lost many of his memories. But he does remember his superior Longarm Prime, who he admires and trusts very much... (Please don't make this into one of the stories that make it seem as though the Autobots are evil, I've read a few Shockwave/Blurr stories like that and it annoyed me.)
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In the beginning there were seven, the first creations of the AllSpark, they were the first rulers of Cybertron, holders of the Matrix of Leadership, from whom all Primes are descended, builders of the Sun Harvesters. All younglings know the story of the Seven Primes, of how they led their people with respect and fairness, ever mindful of the rights and worth of all beings, until they were betrayed by one of their own. But there is a second part to the tale, long stricken and forgotten; that of the Seer, given to the Primes by Primus himself so that their rule could be eternal, and so that they may never fall. This story still holds glory in its pages, but it holds shame and folly as well; the Seven Primes turning away from their gift, as well as one another and slipping from grace. It’s time for the story to be told, for the truth to be known... Once, long ago, there were Seven Dying Suns, and One Falling Star who told them of the Fall...
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...it does strange things to my bunnies... And, yes, I know some of them are long *cough*5*cough*; I just couldn't figure out how to shorten them without leaving something out.

1. Devastator snarled, massive mismatched claws curling around the battered form of the Seeker, acid green optics flaring in a toxic combination of rage and hate, as he searched for the foolish being who had dared to damage what was his. The broken flyer, one proud wings now tattered and dirty, was clutched protectively against a massive yellow chest as the gestalt waged war upon Autobots and humans alike, Decepticon forces wisely parting before him.

2. Sam liked this song, he wasn’t sure why, but it reminded him of that feeling he got when Starscream was feeling playfully rebellious against something…

3. They barged back into the room, movements frantic, to find Shockwave, hands still bound, standing of the writhing form of the Seeker as Starscream tried to dislodge himself from the medical berth he was bound to. Energon and fluids stained the berth and floor below as the struggling mech practically jerked his right shoulder and hip joints out in a frenzied attempt to roll away from the silent, unmoving mech standing over him, screaming at audio-splitting volumes all the while.

4. He watched his leader fall with apathetic optics; the Cube was gone, Cybertron was dead, as were his wing-mates, and the Autobots had a new little home to call their own. What was there left to fight for?

5. The insect-like symbiote scurried along the sand dunes, dodging another blast from Ironhide’s cannons, until it disappeared over a dune with a series of frantic sounding chirps. Cursing enough to make even a resident of Kaon blush Ironhide followed, reaching the shifting hills crest, and almost sliding down the mound of sand’s other side in his shock. There lay Starscream, silver plated body partially covered in crystalline sand grains and showing no signs of life despite Scorponok’s incessant nudging of his exposed wing and arm. A particularly hard prod finally earned a flicker of light within the jet’s dark optics, causing the smaller ‘Con to churr impatiently and wave its claws about before the other’s face plates. ‘I know little one; I need to get you out of here, get you food, shh,’ Starscream’s mumbled reassurance was followed by an attempt to rise which left Ironhide gritting his dentals at the sounds of grinding gears and locked hydraulics it produced, ‘I’m trying.’

6. 'Jambi' (Tool) + Megatron x Starscream or Megatron x Optimus


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