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Curse me and not writing some bunnies that I think up.

1. Sam (or another random human) see the new Nissian Cube commercial or read about it in a magazine (I see Sam picking up one of
Mikaela's auto magz's or something) and can't help but laugh. . .cause you know the whole 'Cube' thing, I snickered myself. . .yeah I'll stop now.

2. So so days later the 'Bot's get word that Sunstreaker is heading for Earth. Sideswipe is ecstatic but Skid's and Mudflap. . .yeah, not so much. (btw I picture Sideswipe in the new movie, while a little over himself but not to much. The kinda strong silent type but still doesn't mind his ego being polished a little bit ;) )

And fraggit I got Foo Fighter's 'Pretender' playing right now, how ironic :D
Spoiler for The Veiled Threat for those whom haven't read it. )
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So, here in the UK we've been lucky enough to have Revenge of the Fallen released on the 19th, and I managed to get a showing in today which in turn has spewed a whole bunch of bunnies in my brain.

Bunnies contain spoilers,, click at your own risk.

A few generic bunnies as well )


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