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[One little bunny from my pal Doomstalker].
G1. PG-13 or higher. Motomaster/Silverbolt. Every Aerialbot was created by Vector Sigma to counteract a certain Stunticon, accordingly. The problem is, they're too similar, alike, and complementary... to really hate each other.

[an AU plot-bunny from Deska]
What if there are places in universe where 'Cons and 'Bots can be at peace and their struggle is no more? Not a one-sided victory, not an armistice, but all-Cybertronian peace when all stand united as one people, in fusion and unison, one race once again.
This opens possibilities for many plot twists.
cut for length )

[And my own "teeny-weeny" bunny. :D]
standard-type Cybertronians and not-so-diversity of human appearance )
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Oh joy, Transformer Plot ideas and snippits I can’t work into a story/ficlet at this time.  I want to see them, but keeping them straight (and giving them the attention they deserve) is not possible right now.

WARNING! .... The technical background gets a bit wordy ... )

Well, now that I got these off my chest, maybe I can actually work on the stories that are bouncing around in the attic.  If any of the bunnies attack you, so sorry, but I would like to see the results.
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Quick bunny:

It is the year 1969. The Apollo 11 mission has entered space and is preparing to land on the moon. The astronauts land, and discover a base of (your choice of characters - cross-faction, single-faction, whatever!) on the moon. What happens then? Continuity and crossover or crossovers left to author.
katsuko: The canon pairing, Goodnight/Billy (Transformers // Rickrolling)
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I am not supposed to be dealing with stray bunnies ¬_¬

Free to a good home: one rambling bunny )
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Follow the cute bunny tails.
And for once I'm actually remembering to add tags. 


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