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Right now I have a full hatch of bunnies to take care of.
Can't handle all these too.

(any continuity)

  1. You know the ol’ saying that ‘Seekers make great sparkling protectors’?  It’s a lie.  Propaganda spread by the … (Decepticon of your choice)

Doesn't stop here! )

I know I've adopted a few bunnies from others, but for the life of me, I have dropped them - can anyone point me to the posts and/or authors that I've promised to write a drabble, fic, or something for?
 (I suppose I could go back and reread comments, but am afraid of picking up hordes of bunnies that somehow missed me before)
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 Been attacked by a new horde of bunnies.
Some (okay, most) have been inspired by fan-fics.
If someone knows of a fic that fits the criteria, please share link?  I'd really like to read the story!

(Most of these are either Generation 1, or any-continuity. Only a few are universe-specific)
Lots of bunnies - 57 to be exact! )

Maybe after sharing these, the others will stop hounding me.
Or calm down enough so I can write one without being mercilessly interrupted.

Have fun.
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What with my mind getting invaded by other fandoms at the moment, the TF bunnies are slowly dying. Please, don't let these poor little things waste away. Adopt one today and you will also get your choice of a free mouse pad, mug, or calender with pictures of your adopted bunny.

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What strange dreams I have.

DotM Spoilers )
ext_18500: My non-fandom OC Oraania. She's crazy. (Soundwave)
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This is what you get when I have a friend and her cat over for several days.

Does Soundwave have issues with Ravage acting like, well, a cat? Standing over him in the morning, demanding energon, playing with anything and everything, wanting to climb up onto Soundwave's computer terminal while Soundwave is working, deciding to clean himself right in the middle of their quarters... and cleaning some of his more... questionable components while in the middle of the room...

Oh, of course, he doesn't do this in front of the other Decepticons, but when it's just Soundwave and the other Cassettes? He can be his real, catty self!

G1 bunnies

Jan. 15th, 2010 08:52 pm
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Blame it on me watching G1 and my sick, sick brain :D

1. Smokescreen is one handsome mech, It's pitty only Optimus realizes it.

2. Everyone are very protective over Percy, especialy Bumblebee.

3. Optimus hugs Bee thanking him for saving his life... why?

4. Bee/Optimus uses Percy's machine to make himself smaller and "talk" with Spike

5. After Mirage is proved innocent Cliffjumper is sorry, he wants to apologize in a "proper way"...

6. Ravage and Blaster have sex inside Ironhide's altmode (Watch the 'Desertion of Dinobots part 1' and tell me it doesn't look like this!

7. Carly is very interested in Autobot's anatomy, the inventor lets her explore it XD

8. Blaster loves to dance to Jazz's music.
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As I'm currently been relegated to blowing my nose non stop for the past week, I've had a few bunnies creep up on me and bite a few times. **evil, insane laughter** Now I give them to you! Some of the ideas are crack, some are just.. weird. Mature on is located at the bottom for it's... questionable... theme.

Most bunnies are Bayverse but could be used for just about any chunk of canon.

Hop Hop - get down and do the Bunny Hop! )
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Gah, I hope this works. Why do blog sites have to be so weird? At least it's only showing two cuts now, it was seven or eight.


Just a few )Just a few )
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A fine Bah weep grah nah weep ni ni bong to you all. I'm a long time lurker but first time poster. Enjoy!

30 bunnies )
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1. Any verse. Megatron and Prime have a drinking contest. The winner is the winner of the war.
2.Ani: Lockdown finds Blurr's cube. Whichever sides pays the most gets it.
3.G1. Ravage and Steeljaw lose their memories and switch places.
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I've been lurking around for a couple weeks and finally decided to donate a couple holiday/Halloween Bunnnies:

1. Ravage gets stuck in the Nightmare Before Christmas world. He must work with Halloween Town's own Lock, Shock, and Barrel to get home again.

2. Megatron is convinced to celebrate Halloween/any holiday with the Autobots by some unusual means: Powerglide has gotten footage from a certain overcharging...

3. Tha jack-o-lantern was first thought of when a group of villigers came upon a certain triple-changer...(Animated) 
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So, here in the UK we've been lucky enough to have Revenge of the Fallen released on the 19th, and I managed to get a showing in today which in turn has spewed a whole bunch of bunnies in my brain.

Bunnies contain spoilers,, click at your own risk.

A few generic bunnies as well )


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