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A rather...adult plotbunny for your perusal...

As you all know, the OT3 of Sam, Mikaela and Bumblebee is almost canon.

Those of you who have seen the new series of Doctor Who and its spin-off Torchwood are familiar with the omnisexual Captain Jack Harkness. The motto of humans in his home century is "so many species, so little time". If he/she/it is consenting and sexually compatible, Jack will shag him/her/it. If he/she/it is consenting but NOT sexually compatible, he'll probably find some clever work-around to shag him/her/it anyway.

What happens when these people meet...with or without the Doctor and various Companions facepalming in the background?
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 So.. somehow.. while writing an angst Sam turned 'Bot idea.... the twins *sigh* the twins attached themselves to Sam in a sexual sense..
Primus help me.
The twins from Transformers G1 attached somehow became attracted to Sam and thus this wonderful threesome plot bunny was formed.
Anyway... because I have no time at all to write this fic I'm posting it here and hoping it will be adopted.....
I am going to post what I have written and if you have questions you need to ask them with in the next five days of this post because I am leaving the country.
Sam X G1 Twins
Warning! This is kinda meant to be a hurt/comfort/smex kinda thing... and if I had the time I would write it.

Kinda M-Rated... there are implications toward the end... JUST TAKE IT! )
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Because I have recently been reading a lot of Sailor Moon fanfic, I can't help but wish for a good crossover or two (besides Magical!Bots, which is a great series). So I present a couple of bunnies with that in mind: 'So instead of youma, we're fighting Decepticons?' )

Late Addition! )
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Hello, folks! Glad I can finally contribute something to my favorite LJ group.
Hope somebody likes them, they were the pick of the litter!

1. (G1) It's true that femmes have a port and mechs have a spike. Someone comes to Earth and is horrified that the Autobots' human friend is nicknamed "Spike", because that's like naming your child, well... ...and not realizing he had that name long before he met the Autobots. Perhaps this 'bot even decides they need to "rescue" the boy from these poor role models. Meanwhile Spike, being a child, hasn't been told anything about that aspect of Autobot anatomy, and is naturally clueless as to what is going on.

2. (Movieverse) I've seen stories where Sam absorbed the energies/essence of the AllSpark, with varying results (strange powers, hearing its "voice", transforming into a 'bot, etc.) Now what if it turned out he had absorbed Megatron's spark, too?

3. (Movieverse) Megatron actually does manage to make good on his promise and keeps Sam as a pet. Locked in Megatron's quarters, the Decepticon leader becomes Sam's only link to the outside world. Megatron occasionally makes passing references to how the war is going, mentioning victories or losses to the Autobots, but in reality Megatron has been lying to him the entire time, the entire war post-imprisonment fabricated--in truth, the Decepticons won the war a long time ago.
     And why would Megatron lie about a thing like that?

4. (Movieverse) I've seen fics where Starscream was immortal, and a few where Sam was immortal. What if they were both immortal?

5. (General) Someone starts to suffer from a glitch to their sensory system: all sensors trigger pleasure--literally all of them, even those that normally respond to hot, cold, pain, etc. Bonus points if this 'someone' is Starscream, especially if an irate Megatron appears in the story.
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Um. Hi. First post! Been lurking for a while now, breeding bunnies for even longer, finally heard of this place and rounded up some of these suckers for a post. Enjoy!




*tosses bag over fence and runs* )


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It all started when I saw the "sweet little bumblebee" vid on youtube.

Then a bunny jumped at me. What If Mikaela isn't a real girl?
Bumblebee was on earth for veeeeeery long and to blend in, and keep an eye on Sam he took the form of Mikaela, alowed his holo/pretender to grow and develop. Keeping an eye on Sam but acting as If Mikaela didn't know him. Then the first movie happens and Bumblebee finally is able to have acces to sam with his alt-form. To make things easier he pretends to help hook Sam up with Mikaela etc. Anyway the first movie happens.

What next? Would bee tell Sam Mikaela is and never was real? Would 'Kaela be 'real' Bee, how would Sam react if he knew.

The scenario has potential for almost everything. from Slah to het, from love to hate, from fluff  to total angst and from crack to drama.
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So I've never actually posted on LJ communities before, so I hope I'm doing this right. Anyways, ignoring the fact I'm coming out of nowhere in the shadows, I obviously have some bunnies to share :). Not a lot of bunnies, just a lot of spin offs. Some can be taken into a slashy context FYI.

Is this cut working? )
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As I'm currently been relegated to blowing my nose non stop for the past week, I've had a few bunnies creep up on me and bite a few times. **evil, insane laughter** Now I give them to you! Some of the ideas are crack, some are just.. weird. Mature on is located at the bottom for it's... questionable... theme.

Most bunnies are Bayverse but could be used for just about any chunk of canon.

Hop Hop - get down and do the Bunny Hop! )
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 When I first discovered this community a few weeks ago, I started writing down the bunnies as they came to me. I quickly became worried at how fast they multiplied. So I'm handing some of them off to you guys :)

Click for bunnies... )
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Bunnies have been leaving me alone these days but I still have a few to show off.


bunnies over here )
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Got a few of the fuzzy little bugger to let loose.

And then there were bunnies! )


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It started with two things:

A) Some Canon Queen on DeviantART whining how my notes on TF reproduction were wrong wrong wrong and not even remotely cannon, despite it painfully clear that the TF Wiki was pulling a Bumblebee on his Simmons-like attitude...

B)The huge effing pic I LOLed of [livejournal.com profile] crowdog66's cat, Emmy. I won't post it here as I've not asked her permission to spread it yet. Lets just say it's an amusing image of a perversely twisted cat sleeping position that reminds me of a Pretender Ravage forgetting he's not a cat ^.^

You haz been warned. Dem bunnies iz everywhere! 2009/ROTF movie spoiler near the end )
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HEllow, newbie here ^^
I was bored in work and those two ideas popped into my head:

1. What if Autobots are reincarnations of people who lived on earth and after human dies his soul is transfered back within time and space so that Autobot who lived thousands of years have souls of humans who died not so long ago. What if one of the autobots is starting to remember his past as a human.

And the second one is Slashy and NC-17 (i think)

2. After the fight in egypt Sam's body was destroyed to such degree that Sam i barely living and Ratchet decides to transfer his mind and personality into cybertronian body.
When others see Sam in his new body they are immediately atracted to him and Sam is unintentionaly leading them on. Sam is pretty wierded out by other mechs' actions but what i wierd for him, for others is just normal way of acting towards someone who they want to interface with.
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ROTF bunnies
1. Prime is late, and the Fallen turns on the machine. In doing so, he attracts the attention of Ra, Egypts sun god. Who is not happy.

2. Back in ancient times, when the Fallen first arrived, man still had magic and cursed the Fallen off earth until the last prime died. Sam Witwicky is the last anscestor of the man who gave the fallen the curse, and learns of the spell through the allspark's symbols. He now has a choice - he can leave magic alone, and be normal, or curse Megatron in the same way.

3. Tracks lands on earth and meets Raoul - and has to hide the fact he has a human friend from the rest of the autobots.

G1 bunny.

Sentinel crossover. In the Sentinel, for those who don't watch the show, a sentinel is a human who has all five senses enhanced. They usally have a guide to help them out, lead them along, and make sure they don't focus too much on one thing. In fandom, the sentinel usually is quite paranoid, secretive, and grumpy. The guide seems to be carefree, open and happy. (based on Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg.) Red Alert and Inferno as a sentinel and his guide.
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 Well, it's just about confirmed fellow Transformer fans- ROTF is the worst reviewed movie that has sold 6th best so far this year. Showing once and for all that explosions will overcome any plot holes. 

1.     Red Alerts sensor net is extremely powerful. When he was a youngling he heard a lot of things he shouldn’t of, and was sent to an insane asylum. To this day, he had never told anyone he could hear their spark pulsing, hear words whispered from far away, smell the spilled energon rotting on the floor…


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