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Okay, so I was lurking around the old Transformers Kinkmeme when this idea came to me:

Let's say that G1 is happening in modern day and it has been a number of years since the Autobots have met their human friends, but their bonds remain strong. Spike has grown up into a young man and works closely with the Autobots as a 'cultural translator' (or so the Autobots claim to the government), when his younger cousin Sam comes to stay with him and his dad for the Summer. Of course he has to show Sam his cool alien robot friends! (or maybe it's an accidental meeting- it's up to you). Spike feels responsible for Sammy and wants to keep him out of trouble... it's just kind of hard to do around the Autobots.


One of the Bots (or maybe Cons if that's your jam) takes a romantic/sexual interest in Sam, which Spike didn't think was possible (despite everything with Astoria). Cue Spike trying to protect Sam's chastity or something or other (because Aunt Judy is terrifying with that bat and he doesn't want her to be pissed at him or the Autobots).
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New to LJ and posting fics.

I've been prowlin' the archive of the TF plot bunny farm with a wagon and picked up a few. I'll link back when I start the fic but trying to find the bunny in the maze of bunnies and commenting on when I update is kind of hard. I think I'll just post a list of them on my LJ account and update there when I post a new chapter. I normally update them daily.

I've brought my own baby bunnies )
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Simmons fic! Seriously, this has been bugging me for a while. The interwebs needs MOAR Simmons fic!

1. Ever since Seymour Simmons was 8 years old, he's been hiding a secret- his Dad's car wasn't really a car... AU. Duh.
1a. the 'bot is Bluestreak
2a. The 'bot is Smokescreen
3a. Simmons still get's hired into Sector 7.
2. Simmons Vs. Annabelle. Bonus if Annabelle wins.
3. Has anyone played the virtual reality game? If not, find it here: http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Sector_Seven_%28game%29 Now, I want SimmonsXAgent X. Who may or may not be Rebbecca Howard. Also, AU virtual reality game- it takes place in normal movie-verse, not the Game!AU.
4. Just fic based off of the virtual reality game- seriously, I like the way S7 was set up in it.
5. How Simmons joined S7.
6. The cube gains sentience- and has the maturity of a 7 year old girl. Simmons has to deal with it/her without anyone else realizing that the cube is conscious.
7. Simmons/Judy Witwicky. Stepdad!Simmons and Little!Sam.
8. Rule 63!Simmons.
9. In which Lennox and Sarah die, and due to a twist of fate Simmons gets custody of Annabelle.
10. Simmons, agent of S.H.E.I.L.D.
11. Simmons (Somehow) accidently creates the Dinobots, who now consider him their dad. Hilarity ensues.
12. Simmons adopts Sari.
13. Simmons is related to Micheal Bay.

Other Bunnies:
14. Allspark! Mikaela.
15. "In retrospect, Lennox probably should have checked his pockets for tiny shards of ancient alian artifacts. Or at least kept Annabelle from swallowing it."
16. Similar to bunny number 9- Lennox and Sarah die, and Ironhide adopts her.
16a. The goverment does not like this idea at all
16b. The Autobots -coughIrhonhidecough- fake her death and hide her on their side of the base. Galloway stumbles onto her.
16c. Most of the Autobot-friendly military personel is in on it, and helps keep her presence a secrete.
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The bunnies- their swarming!

1. Because I have not seen this before- I want an AU where the humans were always Cybertronians. Would prefer TFP- Miko as a tower femme- maybe abused, and runs away to Bulkhead? Jack is a pretty average 'bot, but is apprenticed as a data clerk to Orion Pax. Bumblebee and Raf are orphan brothers. And Bot!JuneXRatchet. Yussss.

2. Autofemmes and G.I. Janes. Do it.

3. Simmons is a techno-organic.

4. Ariel became Prime, not Orion.Orion is still rebuilt as Optimus. (G1)
-Optimus Pax?

5. Miko is a timelord because I don't even know

6. "... How did you even get a bannana to explode!"

7. TFA!Miko. Babysitting Sari when the autobots woke up? Also, bonus if she's super smart to match Smart!Bulkhead in this continuity, but hates showing how smart she is. Also, Jack and Prowl being friends.

8. TFA!Nightbird. Created by Powell mixing a protoform, an Allspark shard, and Prowls ninja skills together. Prowl was not a willing participant in this.

9. Instead of becoming Blackarachnia, Elita-1 escaped in a stasis/escape pod/thing, but it put her to sleep and Optimus and Sentinal still think she's dead. She lands on earth, where a grieving younger (4-5?) year old Sari is dealing with the death of her dad, because if Elita got it better in this universe, the cosmic bad luck has to fall on someone. Elita is disgusted with her (and the rest of the species at first) but eventually raises her. Still doesn't like humanity as a whole though. Than the Autobots wake up, and hilarity ensues.

10. Sam is eight years old in 2007, not 17. Everyone else is the same age.

11. Allspark!Simmons.

12. Time travel! Simmons. Seriously, after TF3, Simmons wakes up about a month before the events of TF1. From the sidelines, Primus is laughing.

13. In which Captain Archibald Amundsen Banes led an expedition to the arctic in 1897, and brings home a peculiar pair of glasses. Everyone the same as in the movie, only now its Mikaela who has the glasses, not Sam. Bonus if Bumblebee is still Sam's guardian, and Ratchet somehow ends up Mikaela's.

14. Bioshock AU! Bulkhead is a big daddy, and Miko is his little sister.


Mar. 26th, 2012 10:30 pm
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I've been thinking about this for a while (spoilers if you still haven't seen Dark of the Moon)

Read more... )
ext_18500: My non-fandom OC Oraania. She's crazy. (Sam the Flirt)
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Something inspired by looking at the various icons I have with the name "Sam" on them:

What would happen if someone (likely an Autobot, or Dean) brought up how similar Sam Witwicky and Sam Winchester's names are? Both of them are also short for "Samuel".
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I'm the kind of writer who comes up with ideas, expands on them a bit, then gets distracted by another idea. In the end, nothing gets done! So, I decided I would just drop a few ideas off here and see how they do... though I have to admit that I might still work on them, just because I can't truly abandon anything >.>;;.

*Throws bunnies and flees* )
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Oh Dear.... ((stares morosely at the plot bunny)) I have a Transformers bunny that's been with me for a while, one that's being written, in which Sam is not quite as human as the Transformers think... And There's a Doctor Who bunny in which Humanized!Doctor ends up in another universe. And you know what? They've MERGED.

So guess what? This new crazy bunny has become.... Drumroll please... A Doctor Who/Transformers Crossover!!!! (facepalm))

In which Sam opens his pocketwatch after watching Starscream blow up the Xantium, and the Doctor opens up a can of whoop ass on the Decepticons.

There! Now someone take the bunny. Take it! I'm already overrun, I can't deal with one more!!!!
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*shy wave* Newbie here. erm, first time posting a bunny too. so fear the..erm newbie-ness of it all.

DOTM spoiler )

P.S: couldn't find a DotM tag =/
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 So.. somehow.. while writing an angst Sam turned 'Bot idea.... the twins *sigh* the twins attached themselves to Sam in a sexual sense..
Primus help me.
The twins from Transformers G1 attached somehow became attracted to Sam and thus this wonderful threesome plot bunny was formed.
Anyway... because I have no time at all to write this fic I'm posting it here and hoping it will be adopted.....
I am going to post what I have written and if you have questions you need to ask them with in the next five days of this post because I am leaving the country.
Sam X G1 Twins
Warning! This is kinda meant to be a hurt/comfort/smex kinda thing... and if I had the time I would write it.

Kinda M-Rated... there are implications toward the end... JUST TAKE IT! )


May. 21st, 2011 12:40 pm
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I've scrolled through these bunnies for the last few months and I'm amazed at just how many I recognized as being the muse for some of the wonderful Transformers fanfiction I've read.  So I wanted to add some of the bunnies that popped up while I was looking through this journal.  I hope they inspire someone to create their story.


Bunnies! )

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Sorry the idea's late!

Anyone who has read anything by innortal on FF will understand all too well. In the battle in Mission City, Sam dies. But he wasn't supposed to. He was supposed to live, and end the war for good. Fate rewrites time, and instead of death, Sam wakes up the morning his father buys him his first car. Caught in an endless loop of repeats, Sam must figure out how to not only stop a war, but to survive the week as well.

1. If Sam dies, he has to start all over again.

2. Sam is the only one who remembers everything when time resets. Unless you can think of a way to bring in anyone else ^^

3. Sam was already prone to panicking, and being the only person who knows what's going on is very tiring. It would be very logical if he decided to prank everyone around him to release some stress. His parents, his friends, Trent, the Bots, the Cons, Sector Seven.........

4. Above all else, have fun with it! I haven't seen any like this for TF, but we all know it would be hilarious XD
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Hello, folks! Glad I can finally contribute something to my favorite LJ group.
Hope somebody likes them, they were the pick of the litter!

1. (G1) It's true that femmes have a port and mechs have a spike. Someone comes to Earth and is horrified that the Autobots' human friend is nicknamed "Spike", because that's like naming your child, well... ...and not realizing he had that name long before he met the Autobots. Perhaps this 'bot even decides they need to "rescue" the boy from these poor role models. Meanwhile Spike, being a child, hasn't been told anything about that aspect of Autobot anatomy, and is naturally clueless as to what is going on.

2. (Movieverse) I've seen stories where Sam absorbed the energies/essence of the AllSpark, with varying results (strange powers, hearing its "voice", transforming into a 'bot, etc.) Now what if it turned out he had absorbed Megatron's spark, too?

3. (Movieverse) Megatron actually does manage to make good on his promise and keeps Sam as a pet. Locked in Megatron's quarters, the Decepticon leader becomes Sam's only link to the outside world. Megatron occasionally makes passing references to how the war is going, mentioning victories or losses to the Autobots, but in reality Megatron has been lying to him the entire time, the entire war post-imprisonment fabricated--in truth, the Decepticons won the war a long time ago.
     And why would Megatron lie about a thing like that?

4. (Movieverse) I've seen fics where Starscream was immortal, and a few where Sam was immortal. What if they were both immortal?

5. (General) Someone starts to suffer from a glitch to their sensory system: all sensors trigger pleasure--literally all of them, even those that normally respond to hot, cold, pain, etc. Bonus points if this 'someone' is Starscream, especially if an irate Megatron appears in the story.
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...in a giant robots from SPACE kind of way. )
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Yeah, I'm not certain how this came about, but if anyone wants it I'll even put a bow on it for you. Also the FF13 aspect is kinda just a loosely stolen idea for it.

Behind the cut because it's a bit TL;DR )
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It all started when I saw the "sweet little bumblebee" vid on youtube.

Then a bunny jumped at me. What If Mikaela isn't a real girl?
Bumblebee was on earth for veeeeeery long and to blend in, and keep an eye on Sam he took the form of Mikaela, alowed his holo/pretender to grow and develop. Keeping an eye on Sam but acting as If Mikaela didn't know him. Then the first movie happens and Bumblebee finally is able to have acces to sam with his alt-form. To make things easier he pretends to help hook Sam up with Mikaela etc. Anyway the first movie happens.

What next? Would bee tell Sam Mikaela is and never was real? Would 'Kaela be 'real' Bee, how would Sam react if he knew.

The scenario has potential for almost everything. from Slah to het, from love to hate, from fluff  to total angst and from crack to drama.


Mar. 18th, 2010 04:44 pm
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1) Movieverse, post ROTF: Sam thought the only thing the All Spark gave him was knowledge, but while visiting a museum/amusement park, he accidentally brings a giant mechanical t-rex to life... (Other Dinobots optional)

2) Animated: Jetstorm's optics turned red when he was upgraded with Decepticon technology. He is embarrassed and ashamed of this which is why he always wears a visor. The only other bots who know about this are Jetfire, Perceptor, and Wheeljack.

3) Animated: Jetstorm and Jetfire were normal Autobots before they were upgraded with the ability to fly. What were their names then? Their names were Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.

4) Animated: (Post series, assume that the Decepticons have escaped) Shockwave feels that he made a mistake in offlining his favorite Autobot. When Swindle (or Lockdown if you prefer) offers to sell the Decepticons a mysterious blue cube that he found in the Autobot's garbage, Shockwave is eager to buy it, thinking he can manipulate Blurr into joining the Decepticons. The rebuilt Blurr is confused and disoriented, having lost many of his memories. But he does remember his superior Longarm Prime, who he admires and trusts very much... (Please don't make this into one of the stories that make it seem as though the Autobots are evil, I've read a few Shockwave/Blurr stories like that and it annoyed me.)
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...it does strange things to my bunnies... And, yes, I know some of them are long *cough*5*cough*; I just couldn't figure out how to shorten them without leaving something out.

1. Devastator snarled, massive mismatched claws curling around the battered form of the Seeker, acid green optics flaring in a toxic combination of rage and hate, as he searched for the foolish being who had dared to damage what was his. The broken flyer, one proud wings now tattered and dirty, was clutched protectively against a massive yellow chest as the gestalt waged war upon Autobots and humans alike, Decepticon forces wisely parting before him.

2. Sam liked this song, he wasn’t sure why, but it reminded him of that feeling he got when Starscream was feeling playfully rebellious against something…

3. They barged back into the room, movements frantic, to find Shockwave, hands still bound, standing of the writhing form of the Seeker as Starscream tried to dislodge himself from the medical berth he was bound to. Energon and fluids stained the berth and floor below as the struggling mech practically jerked his right shoulder and hip joints out in a frenzied attempt to roll away from the silent, unmoving mech standing over him, screaming at audio-splitting volumes all the while.

4. He watched his leader fall with apathetic optics; the Cube was gone, Cybertron was dead, as were his wing-mates, and the Autobots had a new little home to call their own. What was there left to fight for?

5. The insect-like symbiote scurried along the sand dunes, dodging another blast from Ironhide’s cannons, until it disappeared over a dune with a series of frantic sounding chirps. Cursing enough to make even a resident of Kaon blush Ironhide followed, reaching the shifting hills crest, and almost sliding down the mound of sand’s other side in his shock. There lay Starscream, silver plated body partially covered in crystalline sand grains and showing no signs of life despite Scorponok’s incessant nudging of his exposed wing and arm. A particularly hard prod finally earned a flicker of light within the jet’s dark optics, causing the smaller ‘Con to churr impatiently and wave its claws about before the other’s face plates. ‘I know little one; I need to get you out of here, get you food, shh,’ Starscream’s mumbled reassurance was followed by an attempt to rise which left Ironhide gritting his dentals at the sounds of grinding gears and locked hydraulics it produced, ‘I’m trying.’

6. 'Jambi' (Tool) + Megatron x Starscream or Megatron x Optimus
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Here I am, studying for finals, and then I feel the bunnies start nipping and start some interesting daydreams. Fun, but a bit distracting... I see all of these as movieverse cause thats the only one I know...

1.Would a Taser be considered a sex toy for Cybertronians? Perhaps it was invented cause they found a similar device on Megatron? If so, how would the Autobots react if they saw one?
Edit: 1a. Would this make Jolt be considered a sex god? (I had the thought and just had to add it in)

2.Optimus has forbidden Sam and Leo from ever drinking again and they are not allowed in the vicinity of either set of robot twins for at least a month. Why? They had decided to introduce the twins (can be either Sides and Sunny or Mudflap and Skids or both) to the art of cow tipping. A myth prank normally played on city dwellers by country folk, it takes at least 2 people’s strength to tip a cow if they catch it off guard, four if they don’t. Their knees don’t lock nor do they sleep standing, so a highly improbable task. A giant robot’s strength though…well, I feel sorry for the cows.
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Okay blame my hubby for it, he brought the whole season of Dr House home.

I watched, watched.. and then I had epiphany.
Sam Witwicky went to Pron inceton, right?
Dr. House is working in Princeton Hospital, right?

I always pictured Ratchet's holo looking like Hugh Laurie but that's not important. Imagine if Ratchet and House met. I don't know, maybe Sam ended in hospital and House try to find a way to cure him, and fails. Ratchet comes and well... I imagine they are throwing insults at eachother and generaly being mean to one another.


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