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I pop back in to merely visit, and somehow the bunnies multiple. I've been back from Vancouver for weeks now, and I only got two bunnies there(both Seaspray centric). But one look at the Bunny Farm and !boom! I got bunny problems.

Might as well share them....


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The bunnies have slowed to a crawl, so it's been a while. In my defense, RL has been kicking me into next week and back. Silly life.

So- have another 25.

Every bunny list should have at least one crack crossover. I'm rather proud to say that out of 25, I've got 3. There was a 4th, but I've forgotten )
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A fine Bah weep grah nah weep ni ni bong to you all. I'm a long time lurker but first time poster. Enjoy!

30 bunnies )
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1. Seekers were known for their ability, and willingness, to eat just about anything.

2. Seeker 1: ‘Oh no, we’re perfectly fine with being underground; those stories to the contrary are just that; stories.’
Seeker 2: ‘Well to be more accurate; they’re a lie.’
Seeker 3: ‘A carefully constructed one which we have spent millennia cultivating.’

3. Ritual engraving had long fallen out of practice for all but the most exclusive ranks, mostly reserved for priests and leaders…

4. ‘You know; the inhabitants of this planet believe that if you see a shooting star and make a wish upon it it’ll come true.’
‘Wait’ll they get a load of ‘Screamer; I bet he’s worth a ship-load of ‘bite-you-on-the-aft’ wishes.’
‘Oh, ha-ha, your sense of humor never fails to disappoint Skywarp.’

5. Seeker courtship was notoriously short and drawing it out was an odd compromise between their two cultures. Especially when those being courted were frighteningly blind to it…

6. The Autobots watched the three unaware Seekers strike, kick and, bite one another, forcing each other brutally to the ground over and over, all the while with laughter, smiles and, good natured jibes. And slowly those present came to the realization that the Elite Trine were much more violent with each other than they ever were with them…

7. ‘Hey isn’t that that Autobot, um, Seaspray?’
‘The little slagger is spying on us!’
‘We’ll, if he wants to watch; let’s give him a real show…’
‘Skywarp, get off!’
‘Oh, I will.’
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Movie Verse bunny

Seaspray lands in Antarctica a few years after the knowledge of the Autobots and Decepticons had become public. Prime arranges for a military pick up (you choose which nation). During his stay in the Antarctic he realizes how intelligent the whales are and tries to communicate with them. Shortly before he is picked up the whaling season begins and right after he is picked up he hears over public channels the Sea Shepherds engage in the Japanese whaling fleet. Realizing the whales he had befriended were endangered he leaps of his transport vessel and joins the Sea Shepherds in protecting the whales.


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