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Right now I have a full hatch of bunnies to take care of.
Can't handle all these too.

(any continuity)

  1. You know the ol’ saying that ‘Seekers make great sparkling protectors’?  It’s a lie.  Propaganda spread by the … (Decepticon of your choice)

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I know I've adopted a few bunnies from others, but for the life of me, I have dropped them - can anyone point me to the posts and/or authors that I've promised to write a drabble, fic, or something for?
 (I suppose I could go back and reread comments, but am afraid of picking up hordes of bunnies that somehow missed me before)
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I'm having a hard time thinking of a story with Skywarp being the one who's carrying eggs. I know I have to have read one somewhere.

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First Post

Oct. 17th, 2014 10:36 am
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First post, so tags might be a little odd... But anyways, they're from various continuities.


1. Starscream, still estranged from the other Decepticons, wakes up one day with a motorcycle alt. mode. After meeting an Insecticon named Venom, stuck in a weak body, the two find out that the Combaticon Swindle - the Combaticons having just made planet-fall - has made off with their old bodies... And the two have to get them back before he sells them.


2. The Decepticons catch wind of Blackarachnia's experiments and weaponize them. Say hello to the entire bug-ified Autobot team...
But where is Optimus, and who's that 'Tarantulas' character? (Tarry!Optimus, preferably with Tarantulas being a separate personality)


3. Starscream, as he promised, comes back to wreak his revenge, starting by stealing Terrorsoar's still functioning body from under the lava. However, when he's snooping about in Darksyde in order to perhaps steal something, he's found by Rampage - his clone. Seeker protective instincts kick in... And basically, no one's going to be safe from a very pissy and protective 'Screamer.


4. Pre-war, the Combaticons in high school. Even then, they're a close-knit group, so when the War starts, they have to decide whether to join Megatron's rebellion... or not.

5. G1 Starscream ends up on the run from the Decepticons for yet another grab at leadership... And ends up in the 'badlands', a series of dustbowls and gravel pits fought over by two sets of mercenaries, one RED, one BLU. Finding that they are a bit too tough to take on alone, the disgruntled Seeker ends up just hiding out at their bases to plot. (Crossover with TF2)

6. Seeker trines come in two types: traditional and non-traditional. Non-traditionals don't have a trine bond and are more common, but don't get along as well as traditonals (an example would be the coneheads), while traditionals have a bond and are rarer, more of a relic from the golden age (examples would be the Command Trine and the Rainmakers).
1) Trine bonds are spark bonds that are non-sexual, non-romantic, and produce an effect similar to the bond between spark twins. It makes them very able to co-ordinate in battle, and makes them instinctively predict their trine mates' actions. However, the death of one or more of the trine members causes something called 'trine withdrawal' in the remaining members, which is a relatively short period of time in which the Seeker weakens and feels pain. It's temporary, but makes the Seeker a liability, which is why there aren't many trine bonds anymore.
2)Trines have three parts: drive, energy, and temperance. Drive is always the leader and provides direction, energy provides motivation, and temperance reins in the other two. All three parts regulate each other; it's why the Command Trine is such an effective trine despite their differences.
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Just... this weird, weird little piece that's taken residence in my head.
Starscream from Transformers Prime verse has somehow ended up in Transformers Animated verse, and met the clones of his local equivalent. Following exchange ensues:

TFP!Screamer: *looking at the clones that are watching him with various levels of curiosity, disdain and wariness* "And these are all...clones of my native counterpart?"
Random!Mech: "Yes."
TFP!Screamer: "And you say they all represent an aspect of his personality?"
Random!Mech: "That's right."
TFP!Screamer: "... Did the mech have a single REDEEMING quality?"
Random!Mech: *looks around* "I think she's here somewhere..."
TFP!Screamer: "..." *facepalm*

Anyone's free to take this and run. Or heck, use it for any other character if the fancy takes them.
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[One little bunny from my pal Doomstalker].
G1. PG-13 or higher. Motomaster/Silverbolt. Every Aerialbot was created by Vector Sigma to counteract a certain Stunticon, accordingly. The problem is, they're too similar, alike, and complementary... to really hate each other.

[an AU plot-bunny from Deska]
What if there are places in universe where 'Cons and 'Bots can be at peace and their struggle is no more? Not a one-sided victory, not an armistice, but all-Cybertronian peace when all stand united as one people, in fusion and unison, one race once again.
This opens possibilities for many plot twists.
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[And my own "teeny-weeny" bunny. :D]
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So I was watching this video (below the cut) and thinking, "Hm, legs." As you do. And then it hit me: Seekers!

Seems simple enough. Megatron hits on Starscream one too many times or Shockwave won't stop groping the Rainmakers and BAM! The trine quits in the most spectacular way possible. Because, really, legs. And Seeker-feet look like high heels anyway.

I think it would work as an art or a fic prompt, yes? :)
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I was rewatching a Dark of the Moon trailer, and I realized that with the wingsuits on, the humans kind of resemble Starscream's overall structure.

So: For whatever reason, as long as NEST is in the wingsuits, they're adopted by the Seekers. Little to no harm will befall them. No wingsuits, though, and all bets are off.
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What with my mind getting invaded by other fandoms at the moment, the TF bunnies are slowly dying. Please, don't let these poor little things waste away. Adopt one today and you will also get your choice of a free mouse pad, mug, or calender with pictures of your adopted bunny.

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1. It's widely believed that when a seeker's wings are irreparably damaged, said seeker tends to slip into madness. The humane thing to do in this case is to put the seeker out of his or her misery.

Starscream is shot down in battle and his wings are utterly trashed. Megatron opts to leave him behind (no sense wasting resources on a mech who's just going to go mad, after all) and the Autobots take him back to their base in the hopes that something can be done for him. When it turns out there's no way Ratchet can repair Starscream, it kicks off a moral dilemma: should they kill Starscream while he's in stasis or let him live in misery?

2. A variation on the first bunny and incorporating some of this bunny as well. Vos has aerial seekers (Starscream et al) as well as non-aerials or "skimmers" (Cliffjumper); skimmers are actually the Vosian variant of minibots. When an aerial's wings are irreparably damaged, Vosian medics either modify the frame to non-aerial or - if the damage is too great - transfer the ex-aerial's spark to a non-aerial frame.

Same scenario as above happens, only when the debate starts Cliffjumper and any other minibot that might actually be Vosian (I'm thinking Bumblebee) insist on modifying Starscream into a non-aerial frame. When questions start being asked, the two minis reveal that they're actually seekers, discard whatever excess armor they've been using to disguise themselves, and reveal what has actually been happening to damaged aerial seekers over the eons.

Bonus points here if Bumblebee/non-Cliffjumper mini was actually an aerial seeker long before the war and was modified due to severe damage.
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Ah, hello! I am a complete and total newbie to Live Journal but after stalking this parade of bunnies I thought I should share some of mine since I would love to see these written and I should contribute to a place I stalk regularly. So... yeah...

1. (Any Verse) Transformers Dark Woods Circus: For those unfamiliar with Dark Woods Circus--> www.youtube.com/watch
I imagine it as Megatron as the Ring Leader and Decepticon and Autobot slaves as his performers. You could include as many performers as you want, I just wanted a creepy circus run by Megatron. XD

2. (Any Verse) Triple Changers (Like Blitzwing) are born with not three, but four sparks. 3 are violent traits and one is a good trait. Three sparks fight for dominance and the fourth dies. The bad traits usually win as they have better powers.
--A. When triple changers fight and get shot at only the dominant personality at the time dies. The other two grow stronger but are in a state heavy grieving.
--B. (Animated specific) Blitzwing's Icy personality is killed. The Autobots, feeling guilty, say they could revive Icy but they might end up bringing back Benevolent, the good trait. HotHead and Random are willing to take the risk.

3. (Any) What if all bots have the same Autobot programming and every Decepticon is just glitched?

4. (Animated) Blurr managed to get to Ultra Magnus and inform him that Longarm Prime is Shockwave. Problem is, they didn't believe him...

5. Prowl the Decepticon spy who is actually working for the Autobots! (Double double agent?) (Ah if this is confusing I mean that Prowl is pretending to work for the Autobots and then pretends to be working for the Decepticons and has actually been an Autobot this whole time...)

6. (Animated) Shattered Glass! BlurrxShockwave :3

Now I was on a movie quote generator where you type in a word that gets replaced with a word in the quote. (The next five are like this)

7. "Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a Decepticon?" (Real Word: DeLorean From: Back to the Future)

8. "Remember who you are. You are my son and the one true Decepticon. Remember..." (Real Word: King From: The Lion King)

9. "This is the day you shall always remember as the day that you almost caught Blurr." (Real Words: Captain Jack Sparrow From: POTC)

10. "Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the Seekers." (Real Word: few From: Star Trek)

11. "First rule of Primus Club is - you do not talk about Primus Club." (Real Word: fight From: Fight Club)
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Cliffjumper has always been a good Autobot, so no one really questions why he prefers to keep mostly to himself. True, Ratchet wonders why a good bit of his medical records are sealed, but whatever the reason it happened early in the war and he won't mess with it unless necessary.

The reason for the sealed medical history comes to light after a battle and Cliffjumper is knocked into stasis by something that rightly should have killed him. During repairs (and grousing about the luck of idiots) Ratchet discovers that CJ's outer framework is a secondary frame, and that the original frame underneath has been protected for the entire war.

The original frame? That of a ground-based Seeker. Not a Praxian, but a non-flight capable Vosian - they're distinctive for having small, light frames and decorative finials that act much like flight-capable Vosians wings for communication.

At this point, what can Ratchet do? The secondary frame is trashed, so Cliffjumper's just going to have to get used to being stared at again. Good thing that ground-based Seekers are also noted for being some of the fastest mechs online....

Bonus Bunny Bit: Cliffjumper has to rescan an alt mode and picks a sporty motorcycle.
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Someone posted a prompt by this theme on the tfanonkink community, and I thought he idea was interesting enough to share here. (Hope the anon doesn't mind.)
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During a conversation [livejournal.com profile] justbolts and I had a few weeks ago, we got started on the subject of characters ending up put into new and vastly different frames. The one that was the most intriguing was a ground model getting a flight-capable frame. Seeker frames were picked because they're hot interesting.

But what character gets the frameswap? Why would they get swapped? After much back and forth and figurings out, we ended up with this concept that we don't have any time to write, but love it enough to farm it out to someone interested enough in picking it up.

Set sometime in mid-G1, Starscream pisses of Megatron enough to get right and fully banished (or even better, outright killed). Thundercracker and Skywarp are pretty pleased to get rid of the jerk, but quickly discover a flaw in the situation. In this universe, Seekers do it in trines. The trine dynamic is required to keep systems running best, ect, and is the only way they can really get off.

That leaves Skywarp and Thundercracker in a bit of a pinch. There aren't any loose Seekers on Cybertron they can recruit, and they don't have the access to Vector Sigma that would let them create a new spark. But Skywarp points out that there's plenty of empty frames stashed on Cybertron, why don't they just snag someone else's spark and stick it in an empty frame? They don't like any of the other Decepticons well enough for that (plus Megatron would probably have their hides for it), so they set out to kidnap an Autobot. Skywarp makes the best plans, doesn't he?

Somehow or another, they get their hands on Perceptor, because he's not too aggressive and it'd be nice to have a scientist around again, right?

Perceptor would start off being pretty freaked out by the situation, the new frame, and all this new programming he has to deal with. Seeker Trine loyalty wars with Autobot Loyalty. Also, sometime along the process, Perceptor's interest is piqued by this interesting, albeit frightening, situation.

Skywarp and Thundercracker are at times annoyed by this bumbling new Trinemate (who they'll most certainly keep locked up for as long as possible) and also excited by their perceived ability to "train him up right".

Perceptor's new frame comes with plenty of base, cultural, and instinctive programming. How to fly, social drives, interfacing needs, etc.

We have no idea where this would lead (except for the Seeker culture building and plenty of smut) or how it would end. Sooo... Have fun? :D

New guy

Oct. 28th, 2010 03:29 pm
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A new creature unloading bunies on your head.

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Please tell me I'm not the only one who had dirty thoughts from this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHqMDzoY8x0 
If anyone can write a short story based around this clip or even install it in one of your current stories,  I'll luv you foreva <3  Dirty or not ;)  Extra lul points if one of the jets/planes are NOT a transformer.  Can be anyone as well: Seekers, Skyfire, Skylinx, Arialbots, etc...


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