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Thinking about robots that can change into cars lead me wondering to what else they can discuse themselves as -
And in what other shows they might be working behind the scenes.

I.  Bolo Prime

II.  Remember The Magic School Bus?  What if the yellow bus was Perceptor?  (or any of your favorite Transformers?)
    Does that make Miss Valarie Frizzle a hologram?  Or is she simply the human who discovered/found/helped repair/helping neutral hide from the waring sides?

III.  How about a crossover with Slug Terra?  The mechas - animal form mechanical transports that everyone rides - are Transformers (could be leftovers from Quintessicon production, and have never known the Golden-Era, or are 'drone's).
     What would Blaster or Soundwave do if they found cassettes (cassette-like) robots being treated like non-thinking machines?

IV.  Star Trek: The Next Generation treats andriods (DATA) as sentient beings.  On the other hand, they are at war with a cyBORG race that is intersted only in absorbing knowldge- so, how would Picard's crew react if they found a mechancal race that has no qualms about downloading information from computers, or squishing fleshies?
      Star Trek: Voyager has a holographic doctor - upon meeting Hound (or others with hologram capabilities) would Kathrine Janeway consider the holomatter avatars a seperate being, or part of the new-specie's natural capablities?

V.  Jack and Maddie Fenton found a stasis-locked Cybertron (Autobot/Decepticion - I'm thinking Wheeljack), and, not knowing anybetter, studdied the Cybertron before making their Fenton Family Assult Vehical.  Strange things start happening around their inventions - and its not ghostly influence - (Danny Phantom Crossover)

VI.  The Transformers verses The Terminator:  Who'd win?  The metal robot from the future, or the metal robot from outerspace?

VII.  Pacific Rim - Jaegers are entirely human built.  The largest machines every.    But they are nothing in size compared to city-formers.
OR: Skyfire (like Omega Supreme transports) finds himself among local company - and for once, no longer feels like he's towering over everyone. 
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Skyfire crashes into the arctic in G1 because of the Beast Wars. Chaos ensues as the Maximals try to fix it. Or cover it up...  Skyfire probably wasn't important enough to put in the history books about the Great War anyway. (sshhh! there's a timey-wimey ball or something)
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I’m new here. I watched the original G1 Transformers when it aired and liked it but didn’t really follow the franchise when I got older. Then I got into Transformers Prime and it got me hooked again. I’m rewatching the original series again and I’ve seen some of Armada and Animated. I’ve read tons of fanfiction and I have lots of ideas of my own but I have no time to write them so I thought I’d post some here so maybe someone will find them inspirational.

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The hatch failed.  The bunnies did not stay in their nice, snug little cages.
Oh no, they had to chew through the wood and cuddle up.  And then, they had the nerve to squeeze through the corners, where the wood and wire didn't fully mesh up.

I don't think I've stepped on any.  But, I need to get rid of them before I do hurt one of the little guys!

See what's been bitting me )
Please, take one?  They are cute and cuddly - just ignore the sharp incisors.
I do.
Trying to escape from the one's I've picked up on my last visit, but I think they've got me cornered.
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Both of these are what ifs / AUs.

1) G1 - What if Skyfire never crashed?  What does he decide when the war starts?  Does he go with Starscream to the Decepticons, and if so, what happens now that they are together (for example, does Skyfire try to protect Starscream from Megatron?).

2) TFA - What if Longarm Prime became a separate, distinct personality from Shockwave?  A duo personality where one is evil and the other is not.
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Oh joy, Transformer Plot ideas and snippits I can’t work into a story/ficlet at this time.  I want to see them, but keeping them straight (and giving them the attention they deserve) is not possible right now.

WARNING! .... The technical background gets a bit wordy ... )

Well, now that I got these off my chest, maybe I can actually work on the stories that are bouncing around in the attic.  If any of the bunnies attack you, so sorry, but I would like to see the results.
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1. Skyfire is usually portayed and a very easy going mech, slow to loose his temper, forgiveing type and he'd have to be to have been/still be friends (Or more>3) with Starscream. I wanna see him loose his temper but it has to be at an Autobot. What ever reason you like. Maybe he's just sick of being trated like a taxi when he's much more but what ever reason the resulting loss of temper has to be EXPLOSIVE! He's got to be called SkyFIRE for a reason after all.

Bonous points if Starscream finds out and gets a good laugh at some poor Autobots expense.

2)Movie!verse Bluestreak really likes guns, He's a sniper after all. One that never misses at that! Ironhide really likes guns. The two hit it off and decied to show their guns to the other. This does not bode well for the rest of the base.
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    This bunny was on my mind for such a long time - finally got around to posting it. This can be a comical story, or even a redemption/salvation story: 

    I would like to read a story where Wheeljack makes a weapon that has powers like that of the Well of Transformation, where he uses it in a fight (intentionally or unintentionally) against the Decepticons.  He's aiming up to the sky at Starscream, trying to help one of the aerialbots or Lambo twin, but hits them both.  Now, earlier on Starscream and said Autobot flew past a swarm of ducks/geese so those avians were on their mind when they were hit . . .  Cue female duck!Starscream and male duck!Autobot (they may or may not have their minds/personalities) .... and eventually a bunch of chicks!  Hilarity ensues, especially when they're turned back into their real forms and the chicks are also turned into Cybertians.   Duck-like behaviour such as the chicks following the mommy, father/mother foliage for food, nesting, protective instincts to the chicks, etc. lingers on permanently.  Also, in my mind there are no genders nor reproduction for Cybortians - which makes all the Autobots completely out of their element with this situation.  They don't know how to deal with this unnatural but fascinating turn of events.  And if the Decepticons ever catch wind of this . . . well, it wouldn't be healthy for Starscream.  Also, would Skyfire be jealous - and of who?

PS.  It would be awesome if someone, if they can't write this, would draw something along the lines to this.
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Hello, here are a few bunnies that might want to get adopted.

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A post all about new sparks, sparklings, mechpreg, and the drama there of.

In which Starscream is NEVER the pregnant one )

Edit: Autoformatting on this community is terrible. D=


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