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The history of this universe:
The transformers were slaves created by the Quintesson. Their bodies come from the planet dubbed Cybertron's mechanical outer shell/crust and their power cores or "sparks" are mined from the planet's volatile inner energy. "Cybertron" itself is a powerful, grouchy, sapient mechanical planet who takes exception to this mutilation and theft. Spark Eaters are the planet's defense against these parasites and a way to return its stolen life energy from the abominations burrowing into its body. The Matrix of Leadership was created from an integral part of Cybertron's core with the two fold purpose of both weakening the planet and controlling the rapidly advancing development of their slaves. The Prime is simply the lead slave who the other slaves are programmed to obey through the control of the Matrix. However the Quintesson did not count on a Prime itself using its power to drive them off and after doing so the transformers were free to grow, adapt, and advance on their own.

Eons pass and the slaves have split and war upon themselves, ultimately leaving a dormant planet behind and relatively unguarded.

Autobot and Decepticon alike are rapidly recalled to Cybertron to protect their home from the Quintessons who have ripped Wells- great holes- into the planet to mine its remaining energy. Though unresponsive and powerless itself, the planet's natural defenses rise greater then ever to fight the invaders and the abominations on its surface. Refusing to lose the planet once more the Quintessons command the newest Prime heed their demand and obey or be destroyed by the swarming Spark Eaters. It is his function, his purpose to compel the slaves to obedience, a function that he has only half fulfilled.

Horrified at the truth, that their home is a tortured and imprisoned being that their very lives were stolen from, that by existing he has taken his Autobot's true choice away, and separated, backed up to the edge of the largest Well by a tide of Spark Eaters and the Quintessons over head dangling his survival as threat and bribe, Optimus does the only thing he can.

This is the universe Orion Pax is expelled into when Cybertron spits him back out of the well. A universe where Autobot, Neutral, and Decepticon alike have no memory of Optimus Prime.

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The Decepticons and Autobots are having a lot of cross-faction bondings and relationships. But they're all keeping it a secret from everyone else.
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This is the first time I post anything here so please poke me if I do anything wrong. The bunny below is dark and mentions M-rated themes so please avoid if that bothers you.

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I'm having a hard time thinking of a story with Skywarp being the one who's carrying eggs. I know I have to have read one somewhere.

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Two bunnies

Mar. 3rd, 2014 07:40 pm
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Please let me know if this is the wrong community and/or bunny needs more or less description. Or anything else that needs improvement.

Story idea #1. Mail Order Mate )

Story idea #2. Orphan Train with Mail Order Mate )
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Lips of an Angel by Hinder inspired this. Blaster X Soundwave. Blaster is alone at night, laying in his berth and remembers his past lover Soundwave. As he lays beside--whomever you choose--he decides to Com Soundwave. He talks with him, about how he misses him.
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The crew of the Lost Light don't really know how to handle the Scavengers.  They're just so very strange.  Especially Misfire.

Misfire being overly affectionate (hugs, etc.) when he no longer views someone as an enemy.  Seeing the seeker hanging out with both Grimlock and Bob (you can't tell me that Bob wouldn't adore him).  Getting in trouble for being a bit too affectionate in public (I'm thinking Misfire x Fulcrum.  Setting: Swerve's Bar.... Fulcrum really shouldn't let him get overcharged).  The Scavengers are pretty used to this side of Misfire by now. 
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They're Weird )

9. "What are you in for?"

10. "...Did Ramjet just understand Perceptor!?!"

11. "You obviously don't comprehend the level of insane I operate at."

12. Beast wars characters acting out The Killer Rabbit from Monty Python and The Holy Grail.
Waspinator: Tim The Enchanter
Silverbolt: Sir Robin
Terrorsaur: Sir Lancelot
Tigatron: Sir Galahad
Cheetor: King Arthur
Stampy: Killer Rabbit

13. Art. Wheeljack in a box labeled "Highly Explosive, keep your distance"

14. G1. The Twins learn that angry Wheeljack is scarier than Angry Ratchet. Why? Wheeljack throws his half finished projects instead of wrenches.

15. G1. A virus is going around The Ark and the Nemesis. Suddenly, mechs are speaking with the voices of famous characters, or getting a character's personality, or saying things they'd never say before.(Bonus points for getting personalities from other universes)

16. Art. Swoop and First Aid beating Megatron into submission with wrenches, Ratchet looking proud, the twins running away in horror

17. G1. Sideswipe:*dressed up as a pirate* Come on, say it!
Swoop: No, Swoop don't wanna!*flies off*
Sideswipe: Great, NOW where am I gonna get a parrot!

18. "So, what do you guys want for breakfast?"
"Gummy Bears!"
"Steve, no! We both know how you get around gummy bears!"
Vehicons/Eradicons in the morning?
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First Aid arrives on Earth and joins Prime's team.  But he also has an opportunity to visit his son, Blades.  His adorable son who has no idea that his sire is a Decepticon by the name of Vortex.  In fact, it's been a well-kept secret.  Vortex may or may not know he has a kid.

Naturally, First Aid is in shock over Blades being a helicopter.  Heatwave is suspicious over First Aid's behavior... and the secret may eventually be revealed.

(Again, if it interests you, have fun :)

(TF Prime, Rescue Bots, and a touch of G1)
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(Just finished reading MTMTE Vol 4.  I'm a huge Cyclonus x Tailgate fan, but I've recently been drawn to Swerve x Tailgate.  I will try to avoid spoilers)

Both Swerve and Tailgate know what it's like to keep other people in the dark about who they truly are.  Cyclonus and Tailgate become more friendly once the secret comes out, but it never goes beyond that.

Swerve and Tailgate eventually find out each others' secrets (Swerve's has more to do with bragging and telling little white lies that just keep building... huh, I guess you could say that Tailgate does that too, in his own way).  It's a spark-wrenching moment, especially for Tailgate, but Swerve promises not to say anything (and keeps his word).  Tailgate, in turn, helps Swerve tone down his bragging, simply by being there for him to talk to (without the little white lies).  Their relationship progresses to Tailgate becoming a server at the bar, then eventually moving in with Swerve.

(More or less.  If it sounds interesting, do with it what you will)


Jan. 2nd, 2012 05:44 pm
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Thanks to my, uh, relative who was reading some tentacle manga, I was attacked by a rabid bunny. So I wrote this: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6909650/3/TFSC (Warning: NSFW, sticky)

Unfortunately that bunny is now dead and has left me with half a fic. I'd really like to see it finished though. Anyone? :3

(Also, this is my first time posting to this community so sorry if I'm doing something wrong ^_^; )
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My secret favorite characters of all time are Kup and Hot Rod - I fell in love with them instantly after watching the movie... And now I have this crazy idea, after reading that Rodimus Prime has quite the confidence issues,  but I'm unable to write it myself... Because it's dark, should be romance and angst and... Oh, see for yourself! ^-^

Bunny is munching away at my brain HERE... )
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Ah, hello! I am a complete and total newbie to Live Journal but after stalking this parade of bunnies I thought I should share some of mine since I would love to see these written and I should contribute to a place I stalk regularly. So... yeah...

1. (Any Verse) Transformers Dark Woods Circus: For those unfamiliar with Dark Woods Circus--> www.youtube.com/watch
I imagine it as Megatron as the Ring Leader and Decepticon and Autobot slaves as his performers. You could include as many performers as you want, I just wanted a creepy circus run by Megatron. XD

2. (Any Verse) Triple Changers (Like Blitzwing) are born with not three, but four sparks. 3 are violent traits and one is a good trait. Three sparks fight for dominance and the fourth dies. The bad traits usually win as they have better powers.
--A. When triple changers fight and get shot at only the dominant personality at the time dies. The other two grow stronger but are in a state heavy grieving.
--B. (Animated specific) Blitzwing's Icy personality is killed. The Autobots, feeling guilty, say they could revive Icy but they might end up bringing back Benevolent, the good trait. HotHead and Random are willing to take the risk.

3. (Any) What if all bots have the same Autobot programming and every Decepticon is just glitched?

4. (Animated) Blurr managed to get to Ultra Magnus and inform him that Longarm Prime is Shockwave. Problem is, they didn't believe him...

5. Prowl the Decepticon spy who is actually working for the Autobots! (Double double agent?) (Ah if this is confusing I mean that Prowl is pretending to work for the Autobots and then pretends to be working for the Decepticons and has actually been an Autobot this whole time...)

6. (Animated) Shattered Glass! BlurrxShockwave :3

Now I was on a movie quote generator where you type in a word that gets replaced with a word in the quote. (The next five are like this)

7. "Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a Decepticon?" (Real Word: DeLorean From: Back to the Future)

8. "Remember who you are. You are my son and the one true Decepticon. Remember..." (Real Word: King From: The Lion King)

9. "This is the day you shall always remember as the day that you almost caught Blurr." (Real Words: Captain Jack Sparrow From: POTC)

10. "Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the Seekers." (Real Word: few From: Star Trek)

11. "First rule of Primus Club is - you do not talk about Primus Club." (Real Word: fight From: Fight Club)
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Ok, I have no clue if anyone has put this bunny up before, but this popped into my head as I was about to go to sleep last night.

Phantom of the Opera, TF style.

It would be: G1, with slash.
Pairings: Jazz/Soundwave, Jazz/Prowl
Where the main characters would be (TF character - Opera character):
Jazz - Christine Daae with the amazing voice
Soundwave - the Phantom
Prowl - Raoul (Victome de Changy)
Madame Giry - Chromia
Starscream - Carlotta the opera singer.

All the other members of the cast are up to you. It is also up to you if you make it mature. I thought this would work really well with these characters because I have seen a lot of fanfictions with both Prowl/Jazz and Soundwave/Jazz, and I thought that this bunny combined those two pairings and the dynamic between them really well.

BTW: Mods, I hope i did my first post right. Let me know if I didn't and I'll fix it.

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 So.. somehow.. while writing an angst Sam turned 'Bot idea.... the twins *sigh* the twins attached themselves to Sam in a sexual sense..
Primus help me.
The twins from Transformers G1 attached somehow became attracted to Sam and thus this wonderful threesome plot bunny was formed.
Anyway... because I have no time at all to write this fic I'm posting it here and hoping it will be adopted.....
I am going to post what I have written and if you have questions you need to ask them with in the next five days of this post because I am leaving the country.
Sam X G1 Twins
Warning! This is kinda meant to be a hurt/comfort/smex kinda thing... and if I had the time I would write it.

Kinda M-Rated... there are implications toward the end... JUST TAKE IT! )
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Everyone knows that Sunstreaker is super vain, and is always making himself look good and showing off. But what if that's not really the case? Sunstreaker has a lover, one that not even Sideswipe knows about (he's too busy with courting his own love interest to notice, or whatever reason you can come up with). This lover, however, is extremely controlling and is constantly putting the golden twin down. He makes Sunny feel very insecure about himself and is constantly telling him how ugly is and how lucky Sunny is to have him, because no one else wants someone who is so ugly. Sunny becomes obssessive about keeping himself looking good. However, while polish is good for mechs when used appropriately, too much will corrode plating and begin destoying circuitry. Eventually other Autobots start to notice how brittle Sunstreaker is becoming, but Sunny can't see it. All he sees is an ugly, tacky mech when he looks in the mirror.
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So, this is the story.

Prowl has attraction to social butterfly Jazz, but as his superior officer (or just shy in this kind of stuff mech) don’t say a word about it. Once, after celebrating of victory over decepticons/cibertronium holiday/etc. totally drunk Jazz offer Prowl “to have some fun” and tactician accept it like his chance to confess his feelings to saboteur. But the next morning Prowl find his lover with someone else and seems like Jazz don’t pay attention to the previous night at all (or even don’t remember it). 

Farther you free in your fantasy, but I like happy endings and would like to see in the end joyful Prowl in PJ or other paringB
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What if Soundwave had always been the real power behind the Decepticons, and Megatron is only his mind-cotrolled puppet? At the very begining of Megatron's little insurrection, he meets SOundwave, powerful telepath, misterious mech with a dark past... He offered him weapons and mods to make him stronger, more powerful but... Megatron realises too late that those 'gifts' come with an high price. Soundwave uses his telepathy, and takes complete comntrol over Megatron's mind, slowly, flawlessly, and over time. It is not a sudden happening, but a slow, well-planned and thorough process... In the ends, megatron is in command because of his qualities of leader and Commander, and such, but SOundwave pull the strings behid the scenes, and if Megatron ever tries to rebel (which he surely does) he can punish him any way you want. Pain, pleasure, both... It's up to you!

So... You can use smut (in fact it'll make it even better to me) and torture, both mental and physical. In a word, SOundwave is a twisted yet brilliant manipulator and stop at nothing to get what he wants. And he wants Cybertron... through Megatron.

SO here it is! Hope someone adopt it!
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Do you guys think I should try to space out my posts a bit more, so it's not like three posts per page? >>;

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You know, if I'm not careful, things are going to end up being kemetic_feline is to Soundwave as kirin_saga is to Perceptor.


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