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I'm not sure if this has come up before but I was thinking about how in an alternate universe of the live action movies, Jazz is revived by Ratchet but has been corrupted by the fragment of the all-spark and goes evil. I read a lot of Prowl/Jazz stories and wondered if Prowl came to Earth, would he attempt to save/rescue his bondmate/lover/friend?

I'm curious to see how this could work out. I would love to see a happy ending but a bit of angst and hardship to get there.

Second bunny is a wish of mine. I've seen stories with Bluestreak and twins, etc, but would love to see a take of a pairing of him with Tracks. 
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Right now I have a full hatch of bunnies to take care of.
Can't handle all these too.

(any continuity)

  1. You know the ol’ saying that ‘Seekers make great sparkling protectors’?  It’s a lie.  Propaganda spread by the … (Decepticon of your choice)

Doesn't stop here! )

I know I've adopted a few bunnies from others, but for the life of me, I have dropped them - can anyone point me to the posts and/or authors that I've promised to write a drabble, fic, or something for?
 (I suppose I could go back and reread comments, but am afraid of picking up hordes of bunnies that somehow missed me before)
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 Been attacked by a new horde of bunnies.
Some (okay, most) have been inspired by fan-fics.
If someone knows of a fic that fits the criteria, please share link?  I'd really like to read the story!

(Most of these are either Generation 1, or any-continuity. Only a few are universe-specific)
Lots of bunnies - 57 to be exact! )

Maybe after sharing these, the others will stop hounding me.
Or calm down enough so I can write one without being mercilessly interrupted.

Have fun.
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I'm sorry I keep posting frequently. I don't understand why all the sudden these bunnies keep coming to me. I have twenty three bunnies.

Read more... )
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And I really want to see the stories written, but I don't have the time or skill to do it myself.
So I'm leaving these here in the hopes they find a good home.

http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m50tldzKjX1qdqhmvo1_500.png Time travel, Tracks, and Breakdown/Knockout

http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m509gp6iJa1qk58ipo1_500.png Seekers and a birdbath, I envisioned this involving a startled autobot coming across them and being dragged in to scrub someone's back but whatever floats you boat.

Comment if you write/see it please?
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So I'm on a HUGE Tracks/Raoul thing; I've got over a dozen stories/art/comic ideas just focusing on these two stewing right now (I'm going to singlehandedly change the pathetically low number of Tracks/Raoul fanworks in the world, I swear).

But clearly that's not enough, as a certain New York punk has been throwing bunnies at me left and right focusing not just on him and his flying Corvette, but him interacting with other G1 characters too. And since I have enough bunnies multiplying around me, I thought you guys might like to be sacrificed to adopt some adorable Raoul bunnies.

As a bonus, I'll give you a side option of one TF Crossover bunny.

two episodes was all it took for me... )

(Knowing me, I'll get to some of these eventually anyway, but FFFFFF...)
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Hey there, new to the comm! Oh, this place is either going to be awesome for me, or just give me more ideas. XD;;

Anyway, got a bunny for TFPrime that won't leave me alone, but I can't nail down a full plot either. Forgive me if I do this wrong...

I CAN'T be the only one who sees it )
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...because I only have four, and a one-legged combiner wouldn't be able to kick ass.
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Somewhere, when 'Animated' was discontinued here in North America, there was a rumor about a Transformers Series being brought to the Discovery channel. More than likely just a rumor related to Optimus appearing in one of their 'Boom de Yadda' commercials, but it's fun thinking of TFs being handled by Discovery. Something Movie related as that's what Hasbro was wanting to focus on.

Now cue the hilarity bunny.**Cue 'Dirty Job's' theme here** )


Make them stttttoooooop! LOL! )
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Read more... )
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Hello all.  I've heard this is a great place to drop off bunnies?

I've been attacked by a line.  One single line (and so help me I'm trying to keep it that way.  I have other fics that need attention, kthnx Mr. Bunnies).

"Honest, officer, I wasn't driving, my car's an Autobot!"

My brain has thrown in G1 Tracks for some reason, although it really could be anyone.  I've always been a big fan of G1, hence why G1 is coming to the fore, though I doubt it would absolutely have to be G1.  Maybe Movie'verse?

...Oh deer.  The more I think about it, the more the bunny stares longingly at my ankles, and I'd really hate to punt it halfway across the planet... Please help?


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