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Ok so I did some thinking and it inspired me for a few bunnies. It's in the middle of the night or early morning and the bunnies refuse to let me sleep. So I post them here and hopefully they'll be gone from my mind and haunt yours. XD

bunnies here, now let me sleep. -_- zzzzz )

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This is my first post here. Let me know if I do anything wrong. The first four are movie verse while the rest is G1.

1. Autobots learn about roller derby.

2. Autobots learn about figure of speeches. Examples: Its your funeral, break a leg, its raining cats and dogs, etc.

3. Transformers/Pacific Rim crossover. When Megatron was frozen all that time, the government studied him. That’s how they came up with Jagers. Lennox and Epps are pilots.

4. What do the Autobots think of tasers? Is it like sex to them?

5. There is an explosion in Med Bay that has Ratchet and several patients.

6. A mission with Trailbreaker using his force field and Gears using his infrared vision sensors.

7. An Autobot dies on the battlefield. Before his spark goes to the matrix he sees his friends one last time.

8. A fanfic with this line in it. “Foolish Autobot. You thought you could sneak up on me? Next time hide your signal.”
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I’m back and I’m armed! With a batch of bunnies.

All G1

I blame the Tv... )

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Guys tell me a joke. ^^ No, seriously. It has been a while since I had a good laugh, so I wrote down a few ideas. Hope someone adopts a (Crack) bunny. ^^

Make me smile. ^____^  )
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According to a little chat on Topless Robot currently (that I can't link to, for some reason), G1!Trailbreaker is a Toyota Hilux.

Top Gear fans, you know what this means:
Trailbreaker will NEVER die.
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I've been lurking for about, what? Three months? Four? I guess it was enough for me to get a Livejournal. Maybe (hopefully) this will help my motivation as of late.

As for the bunnies themselves, I had no idea how badly they could swarm until, well, they started swarming. My first list, and I've already got a whole 25 bunnies for you.

I like 25 actually. Nice round number. I'll probably use that as a post-mark.

Please take some of these. As much as I love some of these, I'm an artist, not a writer! :( )
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Before you read the bunnies, here's a note on tags. When tagging your entries, before creating a tag, please check to see if there is already one for the character. The tags list is getting cluttered with repeats. Also, before creating a tag, if you think the tag will only be used once, do not create it. Thank you.

Now, on to the bunnies )
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A few new bunnies - some cute, some dark, some just a little weird.


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I've been thinking about one of my previous bunnies - the one about combining a bunch of unrelated bunnies together in one fic - and I'm seriously considering giving it a shot. I've never written fic before, but if I'm trying to combine four-ish different ideas I might be able to fill in between them enough to make a decent story. If I get any of it written before my head explodes, I'll post it on my LJ and post a link here, if that's ok.

Right now I'm considering some bunnies I've dug up from the archives that were submitted by [profile] cheysulinight, [profile] norielit, [profile] lapinporokoira, and [profile] dreamer_way.

And while I ponder:


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