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"What If" the Wreckers decided to help the Decepticons?

What would it take for Springer to change his allegiance from Optimus Prime to Megatron?
Why would the Wreckers assist their mortal enemies?
Who’d be alive long enough to report their ‘betrayal’? 
What if the Triple Changers are using the Wreckers (and their love for destroying things) to keep the eternal civil war going, even as the scant fighters scatter to the winds?
Why would some Wreckers (ie Bulkhead from Prime) leave – do they see the writing on the wall, or are they simply interested in exploring new opportunities without tagalongs following?

What if Wheeljack is a Wizard – a Harry Dresdon style Wizard? 
(that’s why everything he touches (almost, anyway) blows up or breaks down, refusing to work the way it’s supposed to.
….   No, do NOT ask me how Wheeljack is alive, or even possible ….

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TF-Rescue Bots/G1
Amnesia time-travel )
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I had hoped that by dropping off the list last month, I would be able to work on other pieces, and actually get something written.
Alas, it is not to be.

Take the joke with a grain of salt, please (answer at the end)

Why did Ironhide change his armor color from red to black? )

He was tired of all the Red armored/skinned/emotion, Red Neck jokes.

I know, I know.

Bad Joke, (and in poor taste), but *shrug*

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...because I only have four, and a one-legged combiner wouldn't be able to kick ass.
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 1) Animated/BW. BW Inferno stalks Optimus, Lugnut, and Grimlock. And possibly tries to kill Megatron for 'impersonating the royalty'. Cracktastic!

2) Predator/Transformers (G1?) the Wreckers have met their match.

3) Quote Bunny: 'Follow me if you so choose.' I can't remember who said it....eep.
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Here's some more to share with you all! Please go ahead and take them off my hands.

They won't stop breeding! )
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I made a promise to myself that I would post a few bunnies once I was done this semester in college (which is why I'm screaming freedom).  I've been lurking a bit for the last month and this is my first batch. I apologise in advance if someone already did them, the lj cut doesn't work or if the tags need re-doing >.<



Here are the bunnies with some radom generator prompts at the end. )

Hope some of these bite you!
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 I did the math... and apparently I have 400 bunnies. WIth this post I'll have shared over 1/4 of them. Yay!

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A routine follow up on the detection of a Decepticon signal becomes not so routine when the Wreckers discover something a beyond their scope of expertise; Starscream, or what’s left of him anyway. The Decepticon SIC, having been abandoned and confined to a large asteroid, has lost much of his sharp tongue, only to replace it with claws and teeth. Unable to kill the degraded Seeker since he proves to be little threat when removed from the environment he was accustomed to, the team finds themselves in possession of one damaged, fearful and, occasionally detached Starscream. But the Seeker’s new behavior set proves to be a mystery some of their number can’t pass up, and with plenty of time between the asteroid and Cybertron they’re under no stress to solve it. Of course some mysteries have endings which leave a bad taste in your mouth and make you almost wish you’d never picked them up to start with. An immortal spark, when bonded with another, can provide immortality to those who claim it, at least until the bond is broken…

In the hopes that someone will write it, since it seems that I can't (the Wreckers just wont cooperate). ...I need to stop listening to Linkin Park...
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This comes off a long discussion about sparklings and sentient ships with a friend, I said this one line that set us both off laughing:

"That and "Uncles Whirl and Broadside" would be out for blood about Xantium being knocked up."

Do with it what ya'll will.
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There's a Tow-Truck Company in my home county called 'Sam's Wrecker Service'.
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Just cleaning out some of the brain space.

Bunch of random bunnies )


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