Oct. 28th, 2009

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Transformers do Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Who's who? How about a few lines? Pit, how about some sample tracks?

Any universe goes; no two are the same.

(Deep down, someone's gonna love this!)

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Ello! This is my first time posting, but I need these out of me head before I start more fics. This has spoilers for RotF, but I don't know how to post behind links...

1. (movieverse) The Primes brought Sam back, but not to the moment he had left. No, he had come back to life in the past. (I'd find it amusing if someone did this where he went back to when the Fallen first arrived on Earth. I just find the idea of timetravel fascinating and I would adore anyone who writes something for this)

2. The Transformers decide to participate in Halloween by making their alt modes famous vehicles from games and movies. (I would love if someone had the motorcycle Cloud drives in FFVII as one of them, it was the inspiration. The bus from the movie Speed comes to mind as well as Herby the Lovebug (Tis perfect for Bee!)) Movieverse would be preferred since that's all I know, but others are welcome. These are ideas to be used, not limited.

3. (movieverse) Sam is the Allspark, but he's a motherhen to all of the transformers; actually being nice to Megatron and the decepticons. (Just a few possible quotes..."Soundwave, stop sending out your minions to cause chaos, I'm tired of the complaints." "Megatron, stop killing the humans! Just because we squish easily doesn't mean you have to keep doing it!." "But, the fleshbags..." "Watch your mouth! Or do I have to send you to another planet to teach you a lesson?") A friend of mine thought of this, btw. (and yes, this is meant to be a crackfic, but it would be amazing for someone to pull it off seriously and believably)

I have others, but I have a project to do for college. I'll post them when I get the time and I hope these few bunnies find nice homes.

Take care everyone!

~Aina Riddle

P.S. How do we post this stuff under links? I'm pretty new to LJ, so I have no clue, but I see everyone else doing it...


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