Nov. 16th, 2009

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1. Ani/G1 x-over. Animated Prime, Bee, Prowl, and Ratchet get sent through a dimension to the G1 universe. The chars there confuse the Ani characters with their own (Prime, Bee, Prowl, and Ratchet are out :) ) i.e. everyone expect Prime to be this brilliant leader, etc.

2. G1. Before the cons go to Earth (MTMTE) Megs hands Shockwave a sparkling, saying it Starscream's and Megatron's, and entrusts her/him to 'Wave, not knowing/knowing this is the first time a gun 'former and a Seeker have produced a sparkling. EVER.
From there:
2a. Wave experiments on the sparkling, causing it to be very traumatised toward gun 'formers. (Megatron's reaction to his offspring beingterrified of him)
2b. He raises him/her to be a solider, combat training etc. Megs is impressed, sends sparkling to Earth.
(I plan on doing this once Soundwave leaves me alone)

3. Soundwave-Blaster sparkling! fic: Soundwave curled into the pillow, hoping his creator would answer the door, and Blaster would stop bouncing around the house, clicking as if his life depended on it.
'No thanks,' his creator said firmly to the mech, a young one-eyed purple mechling who looked only a bit older than Soundwave. 'We aren't interested in your Decepticon ideals.'
Decepticons? Soundwave thought, What's a Decepticon?
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Bunnies are below the cut. However, since you are reading this I am looking for a fic. It takes place just after 'Carnage in C -Minor'. The Decepticons are still on Eurhythma waiting for Galvatron. It's night and raining and Dead End(I think) is thinking gloomy thoughts when he hears Soundwave singing. If you know what it is called PLEASE let me know. I wanna read it again.

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