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Well hello again!  Once again I come forward with more mad, random bunnies to both delight and amuse you all!!.......and maybe disturb a few as well.

Type your cut contents here.

!)One day, Blitzwing, having become throughly fed up with Lugnuts behavior, decides to go for a walk around Detroit city. There he happens to see Optimus Prime driving along with his tailer attached to him but when Prime stops and transforms, the trailer suddenly disappears into thin air. Suddenly possessed with a burning need to know just where that darn trailer goes, Blitzwing decides to go out o his way to set all kinds of wacky traps to try and capture Prime, to get the answers he wants.

2)TFA Optimus secretly likes the idea of running around in transformers styled lingerie, with frilly pink and lilac coloured stuff being his fave stuff.

3)With the power of the seven chaos emeralds and fifty rings, Megatron becomes Super Megatron!!

4)Blitzwing wants Prime's lips!

5)G1 Optimus and Ironhide, having become so fed up of all the trouble caused by pranksters,  decide to have a day of and get up to all sorts of mischief them selfs.! First they try prank a few of the resident troublemakers  and then go on to do some silly stuff, like building forts out of the rec room furniture or skateboarding down the ark's corridors, firing paint into random open rooms and so on. During the course of the evening the pair decide to get drunk and end up running amuck in the city for a bit, before ending up in New York and painting make up on the statue o f liberty's face! The next morning Ironhide finds him self stuck up a large tree and Prime wakes up in the cargo hold of a ship heading to china.

6)Skyfire has come back to the Ark after joining the Autobots and now needs to be shown around,given a medical, and given a place of work amongst them all. Optimus is only to happy to help the large, handsome scientist settle in and EVEN more happy to help out with his physical from Ratchet 

7)Sunstreaker has always wanted to ride a pony and Sideswipe decides to help his brother get his wish

8)Jetfire and Jetstorm finally work up the courage to ask what shade of lipstick Optimus Prime uses.

9)When no one else is looking, Optimus Prime and Ironhide secretly like to play catch with the Matrix..

10)Bumblebee is actually Unicrons son and his real name is Bumblecron! Now the son of all that is unholy and filthy decides to set out and prove to the world just how evil he can truly be through the sheer power of anoyance!

11)TFA. Ultra Magnus like peeping on the younger bots in the shower.

12)Ironhide, one of the few bots like kup to have ever been into space, has lost his beloved in terrible accident whilst exploring. Depressed and sparkbroken, he comes home to cybertron to begin a new life as a builder. During the demolishing of an old skyscraper, Ironhide discovers a strange tunnel leading to an underground chamber covered with old runes and strange metal statues. The room looks like it belongs to some sort of god or being of power and upon a raised platform, Ironhide finds an old strange looking cryo pod and causes it to open when he touches it. Inside is an enormous fembot, mostly blue and violet in colour with bits of pink and white. She looks like she was one a being of great power and importance but had been through a terrible battle that had both left her scarred and ill.She opens her gold optics and looks at him for a moment before asking him to please take care of her son, Optimus, whom she had been keeping safe within her. The fem then opens up and she gently removes a large sparkling, which she hands to Ironhide before falling back into the pod  and dying. Both stunned and scared by what had just happened, Ironhide decides to level the tunnel and seal of the strange temple like room, giving the intombed fem a finally place of resting. He then sets of home with the dead fembots child, vowing to raise him as his own.

13)Blitzwing's feeling horny! What does he decide to do about it? Why go get him self some Firetruck of course!!

14)Ratchet has a spanking fetish and Optimus has been such a bad boy lately , what with all his silly, over the top  heroics and almost getting him self oflined on a near constant basis and his sudden learning of extremely naughty Earth swear words that he really should not be saying out loud, especially around sari or Ultra Magnus. Lucky Ratchets there to set him straight.

15)TFA Optimus finds him self ending up getting locked together in a room with an extremely happy, horny and probably slightly homicidal Blitzwing, who seems to very much like the idea of being locked away, all alone with his favourite little Prime. All this is of course courtesy of Sentinel Prime.

Date: 2009-09-05 08:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] umalia.livejournal.com
1) I can imagine Blitzwing asking Optimus where his trailer goes and getting the response: "How the hell should I know?!"

2) And it would just be his luck that Sentinel would walk in at the worst moment and tell everybody.

8) Their going to be sorely disappointed (jealous?) when they find out he doesn't use make up. (Though I'm sure they'll ask in the middle of a crowd, sufficiently embarrassing the hell out of Optimus.)

14) I want to see this if only for Optimus using profanity.

Date: 2009-09-05 09:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] prowlieandjazz.livejournal.com
*dies laughing at all the bunnies, especially 2. and 4. I could see Blitzwing coveting Prime's lips.

Date: 2009-09-07 04:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] conure-herder.livejournal.com

7)Where the hell would Sunny get a pony THAT BIG?

11)I see a Family Guy scene happening here...

13 and 15) Optimus, while ducking Blitzie's advances: 'sentinel... is going to die a slow painful death when I manage to escape.'


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