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Well, I posted last month, I though I was planning to wait until I got comments on it...this huge ass bunny shows up. *looks at giant bunny* And being the kind of girl I am, its a...hidden femme fic. *stares at red eyed bunny* And a dark fic. Yay. Basically, I drew on Kingdom Hearts and The Grimm Brothers. You know, the scary as hell movie that invoked a lot of fairy tales. So, here I go. As a bonus, I had trouble putting it down, so I ended up putting up a brief *ha* summary of the beginning of the fic. So please try to deal with this huge ass bunny in anyway possible. Otherwise I'm going to have to put it down. I also added a smaller hidden femme bunny at the bottom as well. I like better than the monster, so I suggest you pick that one up.


1. (Any-verse is possible, but I prefer Animated, so I'm writing like its that) A long time ago, a race of monster-like creatures were dying from a virulent disease. Now, being sentient, they struggled to survive, but being also selfish, they slowly succumbed to the illness. But one survived – the Queen of the race struck up a deal with an entity whose wickedness was legendary and thus became immortal despite the illness still wracking her body.

Flash forward to the Earth year 2050 where Optimus and his crew have defeated and sent Megatron and his elite warriors into the stockades. Everything is peachy.

But strange things start happening in the universe. Slowly but surely, one female from eleven different planets, their races each known for their beauty, are being stolen in horrific ways.

(Think on how the girls in The Grimm Brothers were stolen, and adapt it a bit to reflect different alien cultures – you can pull in races from games/movies/series if you like as well)

Since the ways they are taken are different, everyone dismisses the incidents as being unconnected. But then a girl from Earth is stolen, and data from the camera bots, given that a mysterious figure spoke absentmindedly, points to the fact that there is going to be one more strike – and its going to be on Cybertron.

Panicking, the Council orders a lock down on all femme bots, to their protest. Unfortunately, a femme escapes; right into the arms of the most disgusting monster ever seen(go wild here). Even more unfortunate, is the fact it was looking for said femme specifically.

Optimus and his crew come to the rescue, and things are actually not going so badly, until the mysterious figure appears(I see it as female), and attacks, doing severe damage. Luckily the Elite Guard shows up and manage to corral the monster, though the figure manages to draw Optimus away from the crowd, as she blames him for the failure to capture the femme.

Optimus manages to outwit and outmanoeuvre her enough that she gets angry and pulls out a simple metal arrow – that is glowing a bright white light. Appearing to create a bow from nothing, she shoots Optimus straight through his chest and into his spark chamber.

She turns to go, for she knows he wouldn't possibly survive that attack, but Optimus actually gets back up again and throws his axe at her. She is surprised and actually examines him for the first time. She talks to herself, trying to work out how he survived the purifying arrow that would kill anyone else, since no one could survive without a little darkness in them unless...

Lighting upon the truth, she rips through Optimus covering armour, revealing the truth just as the Elite Guard and the others appear – Optimus is a femme. And the real one she is looking for.

Cackling with delight, the woman takes off with Optimus, freeing the monster as well, leaving everyone stunned beyond belief as they try to process what just happened.

Now, this can be done in anyway, but the idea is to combine the Princesses of Heart from Kingdom Hearts with the idea from The Grimm Brothers – basically, all the females taken are pure of soul/spark, not to mention the pinnacle of beauty in their race, young and virgins. And the reason, is either to cure the Queen of the old monsters(by the way, the mysterious figure isn't her)from her horrific illness or grant her absolute power. Maybe both.

You can do it in any continuity, in any way, but a few things should be constant – 1) there should be at the least seven girls needed or at the most thirteen girls needed(leaves more room for creativity if you want to make truly horrible kidnappings but isn't too much to handle) 2) a mech has to be revealed as a femme and 3) the basic idea of purity of spark/soul, youth, beauty and virginity playing a key part.

Some suggestions for hidden femmes(two for each continuity):

TF:A – Optimus Prime or Bulkhead(maybe he's hiding a lot under that thick armour)

Armada/Energon – Hot Shot or Ironhide

G1 – Sunstreaker and Sideswipe(to make it difficult for the villain) or Perceptor

Movie – Jolt(he needs more love) or Bumblebee

Don't see how it would be possible with a Decepticon, purity being a factor, but if you can manage it in a completely plausible way, I will worship you in awe. On top of that, this fic screams dark fic(with a happy ending), so the nastier the better.

2. (TF:A) In the beginning of the Great War, no femmes were allowed to join Elite Guard to help fight off the Decepticons. It was only much later that femmes were allowed to join the war effort, but by then she was so deeply entrenched within the High Command, it was virtually impossible to reveal herself without facing serious consequences....(Ultra Magnus anyone?)

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From: [personal profile] eerian_sadow
thank you for remembering to tag! please add the movie and literature inspired tag to this as well, though. ^_^

Date: 2010-08-05 03:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] starshipm.livejournal.com
On the second one, it could be either hilarious or semi-dramatic if Sentinel was the femme. That might explain the Jerkass personality FREAKING PMS RAAAAAAGE because she's scared that if she isn't tough enough, someone will call her out.


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