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Do you guys think I should try to space out my posts a bit more, so it's not like three posts per page? >>;

1. [Animated] Dr. Jekyll Longarm and Mr. Hyde Shockwave.

2. [Any] What if the Transformers landed on an Earth that was ruled by magic instead of science and technology?

3. [Animated] A small group of Autobots and Decepticons are captured by pirates/Quintessons/insert group of bad guys here. Shockwave, who is among the captured, is tortured for important information about both factions, leaving him deaf and blind and forced to rely solely on touch. Bulkhead was also captured, and because of his unique body frame, he is the only one Shockwave can recognize and therefore trust. Ok, why can I see this possibly becoming Bulkhead/Shockwave?

4. [Animated] The Autobots and Decepticons are younglings living in an American suburban neighborhood.
     a. The Autobot gang consists of Optimus, Prowl, Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Sari, the new kid who just moved to the neighborhood with her dad. Ratchet is the cranky old guy on the cul-de-sac who nevertheless lets them use the tree house in his backyard as long as they clean up their messes (he's secretly rather fond of them and likes to keep a close optic on them to make sure things don't get too out of hand). Sentinel and Jazz are Optimus and Prowl's respective older brothers, and Ultra Magnus is Optimus and Sentinel's grandfather.
     b. The Decepticon gang consists of Megatron, Starscream, Lugnut, Blitzwing and Blackarachnia. Their "base" is a shack by a junkyard. Lockdown is a school bully who likes to make everyone miserable, and Swindle is an aspiring business mech who is constantly opening a new business (Ala Ed, Edd n' Eddy). Starscream has six siblings (the seeker clones) and two cousins in Russia (the Jet Twins). Shockwave is Lugnut's cousin from England who visits occasionally and whom Lugnut has a fierce rivalry with.
     c. Unlike in the show, the groups' interactions are more of a casual rivalry than anything. They'll fight and compete with each other (water gun wars, go kart races, etc), but they'll easily work together if the situation calls for it (like when Sentinel is going on a prank spree or Lockdown is causing trouble). They'll even do celebrations and other fun stuff together.

5. [G1] Some Decepticons hear the first half of Voltaire's The Beast of Pirate's Bay www.youtube.com/watch. And then someone makes a comment about the size of redwood trees...now the cons refuse to go to any port that has had a noted presence of pirates.
Some say he's a guppy a kid threw in the sea
He ate so many sailors he grew larger than a tree
His teeth are sharp as scissors, his claws they are like knives
And if you think he's ugly, wait 'till you see his insides!

6. [G1] Soundwave hears some whales singing near the Nemesis. When he spontaneously reads their minds, he is surprised to discover they are much more intelligent than he first thought, and are acutely aware of current events (and are very gossipy to boot). Seeing whales as a potential source of useful information, he decides to learn whale-speak.
     a. When he succeeds, he suddenly becomes a kind of celebrity among the whales, being the first non-whale to speak their language.
     b. The other Decepticons, meanwhile, are ready to strangle him when his "conversations" with his new friends cause them all to lose recharge.
     c. I wonder if Soundwave would become fond of the whales (intelligent AND able to make beautiful music). If he did, and he learned how endangered whales are becoming, would he make any efforts to help in their conservation? *is suddenly seeing Rumble and Frenzy grumpily holding signs that say "Save the Whales" because Soundwave forced them to*

7. [Any] Within Temptation's Truth Beneath the Rose www.youtube.com/watch
How can blood be your salvation
And justify the pain
That we have caused throughout the times?
Will I learn what's truly sacred
Will I redeem my soul
Will the truth set me free?

8. [G1] Something's wrong with Soundwave. Strange injuries keep inexplicably showing up on his body, he's experiencing hallucinations and blackouts, and he keeps having nightmares where he's mutilating himself and the other Decepticons. He tried to ignore it at first, but it just got worse as time went on, and the fact that he has no idea what is happening to him or how to counteract it is scaring the paint off of him, though he refuses to admit it even to himself. He suspects, though, that it has something to do with that voice in the back of his head, the one that is always laughing and uttering taunting whispers....

9. [Any] Are we allowed to post video bunnies? Cause I have an awesome idea for a Transformers amv set to A Gorey Demise by Creature Feature www.youtube.com/watch, but I have neither a youtube account nor a movie-making program. T_T
     a. You can use clips from any and all Transformers shows/movies. Not all of the clips have to be actual deaths, either. For example, for "T is for Tori who froze in the snow," you can have Unicron Trilogy Devastator after he got dumped in the Arctic or wherever, and any clip of Quickstrike would work for "J is for Johny who was bitten by snakes."
     b. Bonus points if the narrator/main singer is Animated Icy Blitzwing and a clip of him switching to his Random personality is used for the last verse ("Z is for Zack who simply went...insane"). The best scene I can think of for that would be when Blitzwing is talking to Lockdown in the episode "Thrill of the Hunt," since the main singer breaks down into maniacal laughter when the song ends (and Random Blitzwing pushing his face into the screen before it goes out would be perfect for that part).

10. [G1] Neo pagans believe that everything in the universe is connected by the flow of spiritual/astral energy. Those who can consciously tap into and manipulate that energy can do all sorts of things, such as communicate with entities, travel through the astral plane, and even enter other peoples' minds. What if this was the secret to Soundwave's telepathy? If so, can he do other stuff as well? Does he know about karma and the Rule of Threes? Would he even care?

11. [Any] The Cybertronians believed that Primus was the Ultimate Good while Unicron was the Ultimate Evil who had to be destroyed in order for the universe to be safe. However, an Earth Transformer learns of Taoism and their concept of cosmic balance, which gets them thinking. They then try to contact Unicron, and are very surprised by what they find when they succeed.

You know, if I'm not careful, things are going to end up being kemetic_feline is to Soundwave as kirin_saga is to Perceptor.
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