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1. Avengers/Transformers crossover: The ship/air craft carrier is the triple changer Broadside.

2. Agents of Shield/Transformers crossover: General Morshower goes undercover with SHIELD.Morshower is an army admiral whose helping to get rid of Hydra and John Garrett. John Garrett kills the Army Admiral by putting his hand into Morshower’s body, ripping out a rib bone and killing Morshower with it. (What a way to die.) What does the rest of the Army, NEST, and Transformers think of Morshower’s death?

3. Movie verse: NEST meet Brains. They first meet him as a laptop. Carly and Sam is using the laptop to search for something.

"That's just wrong man."

"I'm never going to look at a computer the same ever again."

"Does it get off when you push the buttons on him?"

4. A Decepticon holds Trailbreaker hostage in front of the Autobots. To make matters worse they can't harm the Decepticon because he ordered Trailbreaker to put his force field up.

5. Optimus or Ratchet (could be both) have turned into sparklings. Their genders have changed as well.

6. "Scraplets huh? Sounds like the piranhas we have here."

"What are piranhas?"

"Fish that have sharp teeth and tear your flesh apart. They live in the waters of South America."

Number 5

Date: 2014-07-18 06:40 pm (UTC)
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You're going to get tired of me. Sorry, here's 5


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