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Another thirteen plotbunnies for your perusal.

1. Post-war. The defeated Decepticons are either prisoners or given positions in society under close watch. When someone starts viciously killing off ‘Cons, Prowl is assigned to investigate but all the evidence keeps pointing to an unlikely suspect.

2. The Constructicons were never reprogrammed and fought for the Autobots along with Omega Supreme. They designed a forcefield for Crystal City which is now the last untouched city on Cybertron and a refuge for survivors from all over the planet. How far will Megatron go to take the city?

3. G1. Teletraan1 is the AI for the Ark. What if the Decepticon ship also had an AI, one controlled and enslaved by Soundwave? When a glitch allows the AI to break free without his knowledge, it contacts Teletraan1 and they come up with a plan to take down the ‘Cons from the inside. With their ship turning against them, will the Decepticons be able to figure out what’s going on before it’s too late?

4. Post-TF: Prime. Megatron has declared the war to be over and the Decepticons to be no more but with the ‘Con forces scattered across the galaxy, Megatron takes it upon himself to track all of them down and make sure they accept his ceasefire…or else.

5. The Shattered Glass Decepticons switch places with the G1 Decepticons. Now the G1 Autobots and SG ‘Cons have to get used to each other while the G1 ‘Cons find that the SG ‘Bots are far more ruthless than they ever imagined the ‘Bots could be.

6. The Beast Wars Autobots end up in the G1 universe. How would the Dinobots react to BW Dinobot?

7. A story where someone comforts a dying member of the opposite faction in the aftermath of a battle.

8. What if the Dinobots accompanied Optimus and the others to Vector Sigma and were given proper sparks? Would it change their personalities or change how the other Autobots see them?

9. A ‘Bot or ‘Con’s mind is trapped in a virtual reality where the war is over and everyone is at peace. They become close friends with someone from the opposite faction in their imaginary world. When they’re finally brought out of it, they find it hard to shake off the effects and fight against their “friend.”

10. The war is over and the Autobots have won but with Vector Sigma and the All-Spark gone, the remaining Cybertronians are worried about their race dying out. Most of the Decepticons are kept alive in the hope they can be rehabilitated.

Then Ultra Magnus and a handful of others on a routine patrol in deep space find a lost Neutral colony where a quarter of the population is sparklings. Nobody in the colony will tell the Autobots where they came from and they have to decide whether to investigate more against the will of the local population or go back and send someone else to investigate. (This would assume that the fanon act of two mechs creating a sparkling through interfacing and/or spark-merging are not canon and don’t actually happen in this universe.)

11. Rescue Bots crossover. A damaged Starscream crashes in Griffin Rock. The Rescue Bots have to decide what to do with him while trying to prevent him from finding out who they are or where he is.

12. G1. In the middle of a chaotic battle something (Primus? A virus?) reactivates the slave programming in all of the Decepticons causing them to imprint on whichever Autobot they see first after the program kicks in. This results in a lot of random, odd, and awkward pairings. Some of the Autobots could have three or four Decepticons imprinted on them while others have none.

Megatron imprints on anyone other than Optimus. Bonus points if it’s someone totally unexpected like Hound or Beachcomber. Also, I have this image of an imprinted Reflector gazing adoringly at Optimus and wanting to take a million pictures of him from every angle.

This could work for TF: Prime as well with a smaller cast of characters. I’m imagining someone with a horde of Vehicons/Eradicons following him/her around.

13. Two possible Star Trek: The Next Generation crossovers.

a. A Cybertron that was never torn apart by war petitions to join the Federation. A team is sent, including Data, to evaluate the Cybertronian where they find the seemingly perfect façade hides a darker underbelly and a brewing civil war.

b. The Transformers versus the Borg.

Re: 13b

Date: 2014-05-18 10:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tiamat1972.livejournal.com
There is a fic with the Transformers vs the Borg. They capture Megatron and add him to the collective, much like Picard was turned into Locutus.

Don't remember the title or author (sorry!) but it is an old, old fic.

Date: 2014-05-19 06:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] misty-mina.livejournal.com
Nr. 12 is such a crazy bunny. XD I never saw the whole bunch act like that. I remember one with SkywarpxCliffjumper. Sadly I can't find it anymore. T_T

But then if the whole bunch were slaves, who would continue the war? Well maybe not all of them, half is also plenty. XD The possibilities are endless. XD

Nr. 9 is talking to me, but I have too much on my mind to pick it up. Hopefully someone else takes it. ^_^

Plot bunny #7

Date: 2015-09-30 03:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lugianna.livejournal.com
I actually wrote something like this a few years ago, set in the Bay Movieverse. Sam ends up finding Barricade, who is mostly immobile, but dying. Barricade asks him to stay with him as he dies. It's in my Fanfiction.net account as one of the series of one shots featuring Sam.



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