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1. G1: A Decepticon has a stalker. While walking down the hallway, a whale or dolphin follows him. Doesn't the hallways have windows?

2. Carly is arrested for identity theft. The Autobots hunt down the person who took her identity.

3. Any verse: Decepticons think an Autobot is down so they focus their attention on the rest of the captured Autobots. Said Autobot is playing possum and is waiting for the right time to attack. The Autobots know their comrade isn't unconscious so they plead to him not to do anything foolish on another comm. line.

4. Wheeljack and Inferno in front of a fire cackling.

5. After Spike told Perceptor about all the different sunscreen lotions people use, Perceptor works to invent one that every human can use.

6. Since the Dinobots are going to be in Transformers 4, what are the reactions of the other Autobots?

7. TFP: One of the Autobots make Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack talk out their problems.

8. TFP: The kids ask how the Transformers flirt.

9. TFP: What if one or all three of the kids cell phones were a Transformer all along?

10. "My brain feels like it's on autopilot."

11. "We're unarmed and in the middle of Decepticon territory. What are the chances we make it out alive?"

12. There's a Human Transformers Rights group.

13. Sunstreaker and Tracks ambush an Autobot to clean him up. They're tired of seeing his paint messed up and scuff marks line his body.

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Number 1


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