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I have thirteen bunnies. Let me know if I've done something wrong.

1) Wheeljack builds a dishwasher for Carly and Spike as a wedding present.

2. TFA: Optimus a bounty hunter. Based on this and this. Optimus gets his first mods from Swindle.

3. "Primus!"
"No Primus here. Just me."

4. An Atheist argues with the Autobots.
"If you say 'Primus' is real then where is he?"

5. Ironhide teaches Prowl how to shoot better. (In the episode Roll For It, Prowl couldn't shoot accuarately but the moment Chip Chase helps Prowl he hits the Decepticons.)

6. Ironhide a Decepticon

7. Miko paints her fingernails in the base and the Autobots wonder why.

8. A human curses at the Autobots in a different language and just to be rude a few Autobots talk in the Cybertronian language.

9. One of their human friends gives an IOU to a Transformer and now the Transformer uses it on his comrades.

10. "Stop thinking and concentrate what's in front of you."

11. G1: There is a new trend among the humans. They are getting tattoo’s of the Autobots/ Decepticons heads on their bodies. Even Spike gets in on it.

12. Huffer and Gears drag an unconscious Sideswipe through debris.

13. Somehow a wormhole opens up in G1 and out comes TFPrime zombie Skyquake.
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