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1. TFA *two Decepticons guard Optimus*
*suddenly, Con1 gets a kick against the shin while a piece of metal hits the back of Con2*
Con1: You wanna trouble?
Con2: I'll show you trouble! *the two begin brawling*
Optimus: O_o I didn't know you to be that devious, Prowl.
*Ghost!Prowl smirks*

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Hey, it's been a while. I've had this list sitting around for a while, along with these fics...

First off, fic:
Uneven, inspired by bunny #89 here.
Family, dialogue at the end of the chapter was taken from and inspired by bunny #13 here.
(I don't know when I'll update these, finals are coming up and classes are taking up a lot of my time now.)

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Let's do the Transwarp again
Let's do the Transwarp again

Some spoiler bunnies for who hasn't seen "Transwarped" yet! Mostly Animated...
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ext_18500: My non-fandom OC Oraania. She's crazy. (Latin Prime)
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He was leader of his people, but no one knew he was a slave to his bondmate - a mech he had been forced into bonding with, against his will. Under the control of his bondmate the war was slowly being lost, as his freedom had been.

His only refuge was in his dreams, where Primus comforted him, wearing the face of his closest friend.
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Wow. I just realized we have 104 members and that 114 people are watching this community. And there have been 358 entries (not counting this one). *shocked*

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