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I'm getting the bad feeling that the longer I stay here, the faster the bunnies will come....

The bunnies come marching 10 by 10, hurrah, hurrah... )
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Listening to the music she posted with her last bit of the prowlxjazz halloween challenge brought this up!!

Find any version of "This is Halloween" from Nightmare Before Christmas with the lyrics and let your brain go wild with any characters from any fraction. Personally I'm hooked on the movie universe, especially with Soundwave's spies. LOL. Sharp teeth and red glowing eye(s), do you really have to guess? Or how about with "I'm the one living under your stairs with snakes in my hair"?

If you didn't figure out real quick which characters I'm talking about... you need to watch ROTF again.

I need to stop listening to this song now... its giving me giggle fits with the imagery in my head... oh dear. 

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Ello! This is my first time posting, but I need these out of me head before I start more fics. This has spoilers for RotF, but I don't know how to post behind links...

1. (movieverse) The Primes brought Sam back, but not to the moment he had left. No, he had come back to life in the past. (I'd find it amusing if someone did this where he went back to when the Fallen first arrived on Earth. I just find the idea of timetravel fascinating and I would adore anyone who writes something for this)

2. The Transformers decide to participate in Halloween by making their alt modes famous vehicles from games and movies. (I would love if someone had the motorcycle Cloud drives in FFVII as one of them, it was the inspiration. The bus from the movie Speed comes to mind as well as Herby the Lovebug (Tis perfect for Bee!)) Movieverse would be preferred since that's all I know, but others are welcome. These are ideas to be used, not limited.

3. (movieverse) Sam is the Allspark, but he's a motherhen to all of the transformers; actually being nice to Megatron and the decepticons. (Just a few possible quotes..."Soundwave, stop sending out your minions to cause chaos, I'm tired of the complaints." "Megatron, stop killing the humans! Just because we squish easily doesn't mean you have to keep doing it!." "But, the fleshbags..." "Watch your mouth! Or do I have to send you to another planet to teach you a lesson?") A friend of mine thought of this, btw. (and yes, this is meant to be a crackfic, but it would be amazing for someone to pull it off seriously and believably)

I have others, but I have a project to do for college. I'll post them when I get the time and I hope these few bunnies find nice homes.

Take care everyone!

~Aina Riddle

P.S. How do we post this stuff under links? I'm pretty new to LJ, so I have no clue, but I see everyone else doing it...
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1. The Autobots believe in spirits and honoring their dead and have their own tradition of communicating with their departed loved ones. It's a special ritual that happens only once a vorn and Halloween just happens to fall on the same day. So as the humans are preparing to celebrate Halloween and the spirits of fear and darkness, the Bots are preparing to celebrate the lives of the long departed (and maybe say hello if they're really, really lucky). The humans assume that they are just getting into the Halloween spirit.

2. G1/2007 Movie crossover; G1Optimus: "So, let me get this straight. You and Megatron are brothers?" 2007Optimus: "Consider yourself lucky you only met him when he was an adult and didn't know him before the war." (Or a conversation between generally good-natured Optimus and a more battle scarred, better warrior Optimus)

3. Why, why, WHYWHYWHYWHY!?!?!?!?! Why does it always happen to those around him...

4. "Look, you sorry pile of scrap, either you dress up in this costume or you can tell Anabelle why you won't go trick-or-treating with her!!" (Somehow I can see Ironhide saying this to the Twins or another Autobot or maybe Lennox to Ironhide, I don't know. XD

5. If anyone can make a fic based around this music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9koVQcYGxg8 you've just made me a very, very happy Transformres fangirl and won yourself a whole bunch of cybercookies plus a drabble/fic from me with the pairing/prompt of your choosing.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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1) Strange sightings of transparent giants make Detroit panic in the night of Halloween. Upon investigating, the Autobots see a shadow running around who leaves blue blurrs behind, whispering so fast you can't understand and meet a figure which the humans call "a clawed demon with wings and red-glowing eyes". And then there's the last apparition, a warrior with kind blue optics and a sad smile etched on his face for his friends...

2) Space barnacles have mutated and affect now also humans.

3) Lockdown is back on Earth - and he has set his optics on four special bots: Jazz (fellow ninjabot of Prowl), Ratchet (gave him one of his biggest defeats and is also an escaped prey), Arcee (same as with Ratchet) and Optimus (same as the two before, with new bounty on his head).

4) Prowl is alive again. Unlike Optimus, however, it was a torturous process, making him almost unable to deal with the fact he is alive.
a) Unicorn wanted to devour his spark and Optimus, unwilling to let his friend vanish into complete nonexistence, pulled him back with his own spark.
b) And died instead.

I wonder that I'm the first one for Halloween prompts.


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