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My first post on here, but I got bitten by a bunny who appeared out of nowhere while I was looking through this group...

Jazz (from the TFAverse, after the 3rd season finale) wakes up in an unfamiliar medbay. He realizes his joints feel rusty and stiff, he can't comm. anyone, and has no feeling beyond his waist. He manages to pull himself up slightly to see that his waist is slightly separated from his torso. The medbay door opens, revealing a strange green mech who looks at Jazz in shock, saying his name in utter disbelief.

Basically Jazz is bodyswapped with Jazz, but Jazz is dead so only Jazz wakes up as Jazz, but not as Jazz, an alternate universe's Jazz.


I mean, TFA Jazz wakes up in the previously-dead body of Bayverse Jazz IN the Bayverse, scaring the wrenches out of Ratchet.

That's the basic premise, but of course here's some things that could happen:

1. Jazz doubles over laughing when Optimus tells him he's the leader of all Autobot forces because: Optimus Prime, young maintenance crew bot, being a Decepticon-sized, deep voiced, battle-masked mech? Similar reactions to the contrast between the mechs Jazz knew and these new ones.

2. Prowl arrives on Earth to see a mech he thought dead walking around and cracking jokes. Also, Jazz hearing Prowl's voice and finding out that dear Primus, Prowl's ALIVE. In all, angst and shipping across 'verses.

3. Sentinel Prime is a jerk across the multiverse. What makes each Sentinel unique is HOW much of a jerk he is.
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So, I'm rereading the Gone series by Michael Grant (wonderful dystopian/super hero/super villain/horror stories. Not what I ususally read, but great nonetheless. Anyways, I'm rereading 'cause I haven't read the last one yet, and I've got it on hold at the library), and in the second to last book, Fear... Well, the army brings in a group called "NEST" to examine the Dome. This'd be a total AU for both continuities, but I was thinking, if anyone's up for taking it... Well, who better to examine this strange, odd, freak-of-nature occurance than Super Advanced Alien Transforming Robots?


Aug. 8th, 2010 12:58 pm
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I've started reading 'Dune Messiah' and it struck me - Movieverse Ironhide is a Mentat.

Which leads to today's bunny (If you're unfamiliar with the series, notes are below the bunny):

Dune Bunny.  )
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Well, I posted last month, I though I was planning to wait until I got comments on it...this huge ass bunny shows up. *looks at giant bunny* And being the kind of girl I am, its a...hidden femme fic. *stares at red eyed bunny* And a dark fic. Yay. Basically, I drew on Kingdom Hearts and The Grimm Brothers. You know, the scary as hell movie that invoked a lot of fairy tales. So, here I go. As a bonus, I had trouble putting it down, so I ended up putting up a brief *ha* summary of the beginning of the fic. So please try to deal with this huge ass bunny in anyway possible. Otherwise I'm going to have to put it down. I also added a smaller hidden femme bunny at the bottom as well. I like better than the monster, so I suggest you pick that one up.


*is squished by bunny* )
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The bunnies have slowed to a crawl, so it's been a while. In my defense, RL has been kicking me into next week and back. Silly life.

So- have another 25.

Every bunny list should have at least one crack crossover. I'm rather proud to say that out of 25, I've got 3. There was a 4th, but I've forgotten )
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3, 4 &, 5 kind of go together, in mind at least, but can be done separatley.

1. ‘So… you guys do this to each other often?’ Lennox asked wryly, breaking the stunned silence which had filled the room shortly after their entrance. Optimus only produced a staticy burst in response, blue optics glued to the battered figure chained and riveted to the far wall before them. The Seeker’s once beautiful wings were torn and scratched where heavy bolts passed through them, holding him in place like an organic insect. Fluids of various colors flowed down to form a puddle at the wall’s base, the numerous wounds along Starscream’s body continuing to ooze slowly, sparks hissing softly as they fell from damaged circuits to drown in the discolored liquid.

2. Alone they were no match for the pretty Seeker’s speed. Together there was no way they could fail.

3. The Seeker youngling shied away from the reaching hands of his adoptive ‘creator’, small red optics, bright with fear, looking frantically for an escape route. A dark, velvety chuckle following his retreat, a large silver hand managing to catch hold of his forearm, delicate, underdeveloped plating collapsing slightly under the applied pressure.

4. The exhausted youngling struggled to rise, limbs slipping through the pool of purged energon and bled-out fluids beneath him, as one of his ‘creators’ meticulously scribbled down notes on the data-pad he held.

5. He curled tightly into his ‘creator’s’ lap, clicking quietly as large claws smoothed over his quivering wings, Soundwave’s cassettes crowding around them to coo gently at their frightened ‘sibling’.

6. Perhaps it was divine, more likely infernal, intervention which kept Megatron from striking Starscream while Devastator had reign, perhaps it was some ingrained, unacknowledged sense of self-preservation on the volatile mech’s part. More than likely it was just luck. But on whose side it lay was debatable.
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Hello all.  I've heard this is a great place to drop off bunnies?

I've been attacked by a line.  One single line (and so help me I'm trying to keep it that way.  I have other fics that need attention, kthnx Mr. Bunnies).

"Honest, officer, I wasn't driving, my car's an Autobot!"

My brain has thrown in G1 Tracks for some reason, although it really could be anyone.  I've always been a big fan of G1, hence why G1 is coming to the fore, though I doubt it would absolutely have to be G1.  Maybe Movie'verse?

...Oh deer.  The more I think about it, the more the bunny stares longingly at my ankles, and I'd really hate to punt it halfway across the planet... Please help?
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These are from the 2007 movie only, and they concern only one character. Megatron.

1. Rather than killing Megatron, the All Spark merely turns him into a newborn sparkling. Rather than being a little hellspawn, like the few other Sparkling Megatron bunnies say, he's just the cutest, sweetest little guy imaginable. Being mean and cruel is a learned trait, not an innate one.

2. The real reason Megatron has always been so cruel is because he was abused as a sparkling. His father was probably Sentinel Prime, and this also explains why he killed him personally. If Optimus attempted to take care of his brother through all this, it would also explain why Prime managed to survive so many clashes against somebody that freaking strong. If the father also kept him hidden inside his home, it could explain why so few people realize that he's Optimus Prime's brother. How would any of them deal with this? Does such treatment in his past have any other mental or emotional aftereffects on him? Would this have any effect on Optimus?

And now for some crack...

3. A funny story that ends with this sentence: 'From that point onward, Ravage was no longer allowed anywhere near Starscream.'
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Aheh. And my hands are cramping from "358/2 Days".

Who loves their HP, MP, and stats finessing? )
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1. The Autobots believe in spirits and honoring their dead and have their own tradition of communicating with their departed loved ones. It's a special ritual that happens only once a vorn and Halloween just happens to fall on the same day. So as the humans are preparing to celebrate Halloween and the spirits of fear and darkness, the Bots are preparing to celebrate the lives of the long departed (and maybe say hello if they're really, really lucky). The humans assume that they are just getting into the Halloween spirit.

2. G1/2007 Movie crossover; G1Optimus: "So, let me get this straight. You and Megatron are brothers?" 2007Optimus: "Consider yourself lucky you only met him when he was an adult and didn't know him before the war." (Or a conversation between generally good-natured Optimus and a more battle scarred, better warrior Optimus)

3. Why, why, WHYWHYWHYWHY!?!?!?!?! Why does it always happen to those around him...

4. "Look, you sorry pile of scrap, either you dress up in this costume or you can tell Anabelle why you won't go trick-or-treating with her!!" (Somehow I can see Ironhide saying this to the Twins or another Autobot or maybe Lennox to Ironhide, I don't know. XD

5. If anyone can make a fic based around this music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9koVQcYGxg8 you've just made me a very, very happy Transformres fangirl and won yourself a whole bunch of cybercookies plus a drabble/fic from me with the pairing/prompt of your choosing.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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1.  the old Civil war lesson-as told by a Decepticon. Not an Autobot. It could be a Decepticon prisoner, contact (like Shawn Berger, Angry Archer etc.) OR, it could be the story from the Decepticon' point of view. Any continuity, but Movie would make the most sense to me.

2. Movie 'o7: *Ironhide holds out box* -I have reserached the pastimes of these animals. They are loyal, trustworthy, dogfighters?
-Dogfighting is illegal in many states, Ironhide. Besides, we don't need a dog. Go see if Sam wants it.

3. Animated: Which face does Blitzwing have on while he's sleeping?

4. G1. Megatron and Optimus (only!) are turned into sparklings. They can't remember their past , and are on the path to becoming best of friends. Sad or hilarious, whichever.

5. G1/Animated: Swindle teaches a kid to con.

6. the wars began simply. Neither Pime nor 'tron could beat the other in a simple game. 
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1. 'Even the gods fought to tame me! What makes you think a pathetic mortal like you will achieve such a trying feat?!’

2. (Movie) Cybertron was dead, a rotten ball of rusted metal floating through space and time… Alone, just like him… Perhaps the Prime could bring himself to love him now, when there was nothing else left to lose…

3. (Movie) Starscream watched the Prime and his followers march around with their human companions, spark heavy with the knowledge of the life it would soon have to create, optics following their movements from his sheltered perch, Primus’s orders drifting round his audios in a deafening whisper. The lineage of the Primes had to go on, as did the sparklings of Cybertron…

4. The adults rushed into the med-bay, fearing what they would find, praying to Primus that the sparklings were unharmed. What they found was a pair of deactivated Decepticons and a trio of gore covered Seekerlings quietly guarding the Autobot born sparklings around them.

5. Starscream, as far as anyone could tell, never slept. It was as simple as that. The tri-colored Seeker was always somewhere, painfully awake, always moving, always doing.

6. Sideswipe + 'Wash Me' Windshield Writing = Fragged Off Sunstreaker
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Several sentences I came up with from the Random Pairing Generator that somehow turned into bunnies (which I will write myself one of these days). I thought I'd share. :)

1. (Tweaked) 2007. Sam’s bored. Ratchet’s busy repairing Sunstreaker. A bored human and a bored red Lamborghini. This can’t end well.

2. ?: “So…How was it?”
??: "Like Optimus ran me over."

3. As the pathetic scrap walked by, Ratchet for the first time in his life, did not help someone in need.

4. It’s about time the humans learned to speak “Giant-Alien-Robot.”

5. “If you are going to stay on this base, let’s get a few things straight, you overgrown, mechanical lizard!”

6. Sorry, Epps, the bots don’t do car insurance.

7. “You have your duty, I have mine. Now will you leave me alone!? I’m trying to win at cards.”

8. Every time both were on the battlefield, the expected casualty rate rose.

9. ?:“Well… This is awkward…”

10. “Where are you Sam Witwicky!?! Why can’t I find you!?!” Starscream yelled in frustration as he flew over the human city. He didn’t bother to read the sign that said “Welcome to Detroit.”

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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1.       (Movies) ‘I always wondered how much like your brother you were.’

2.       (Movies) ‘I can’t believe I’m jealous of an Earthling satellite!’

3.       (Shattered Glass) ‘Please, I beg you; don’t hurt them,’ the chained Seeker pleaded as he crawled forward to rest before the dark Prime’s peds, ‘please, as a first… and last, favor to your bond-mate.’

4.       (G1) ‘You, Autobots are so self-righteous, it’s pathetic, you’re nothing but a bunch of hypocrites… You want to know what happened to us after you banished our kind to that Primus-damned, Pit-hole Charr? We starved! We starved and died until we began killing our kin for the energon flowing through their systems! We were cannibals; and it is all your fault!’

5.       It was then that he noticed the absence of Starscream’s reflection in the grand mirrors surrounding them…

6.       In the darkest hours of night he would flee his mortal confines and dance in a long held ritual of homage and envy to those loved enough by the gods that they could die.

7.       Well, there were worse things than being stuck in an exceedingly small space with the oddly silent Starscream… Besides it would give Optimus a chance to learn more about the Seeker right? …Now if Starscream would just get his heel-thruster out of his crotch-plate…

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Simply because it won't leave me alone; a movie-verse story set to the tune of  this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny7NZPfl0l4&feature=related

Not necessarily following the full story of Mordred, but kind of like Megatron having gotten a hold of a sparkling/youngling Starscream, could be his creation or not, and raising him to hate Optimus and want to kill him. I'm not sure I'm explaining it very well...

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Just because I can, another little bunny from me.

A Decepticon is turned into a human by an unknown power/mechaincal device/whatever.
While the Autobots try to fiind a way to change him back, they need a human to look out for the newly reborn. Sam and his parents are on vacation in Europe, Michaela has some sort of father-daughter bonding time on a camping trip, the Lennox' family has no time to look out for the Con, too and nobody trusts Leo not to sell the human turned Decepticon via ebay to the highest bidder.
There's only one man left to do the job:
The newly reinstated Agent Reginald Seymour Simmons.

a) The Con really has no clue about being human at all. Simmons has to teach him anything. Much chaos and snarkiness ensues.
b) The Con isn't only turned into a human, he's turned into a teenager. Suddenly Simmons has not only to deal with a homicidal Con who's hellbent on killing him the moment he's learned to do more than three steps on that awkward shaped, fleshy legs, but with teenage angst and hormones as well. The Con also has to learn to deal with his memories about the years of war. It's hard enough deal with them as an adult but it's a whole other story when one is a vulnerable, insecure teenager.
c) Simmons has an even bigger problem. His collection of Cons is growing....
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Spoilers for GI Joe - if you don't want to know what happens, don't read X-p

1. There's only enough space for one secret war )
2. Flying tanks )
3. Enter the Nightraven )


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