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The history of this universe:
The transformers were slaves created by the Quintesson. Their bodies come from the planet dubbed Cybertron's mechanical outer shell/crust and their power cores or "sparks" are mined from the planet's volatile inner energy. "Cybertron" itself is a powerful, grouchy, sapient mechanical planet who takes exception to this mutilation and theft. Spark Eaters are the planet's defense against these parasites and a way to return its stolen life energy from the abominations burrowing into its body. The Matrix of Leadership was created from an integral part of Cybertron's core with the two fold purpose of both weakening the planet and controlling the rapidly advancing development of their slaves. The Prime is simply the lead slave who the other slaves are programmed to obey through the control of the Matrix. However the Quintesson did not count on a Prime itself using its power to drive them off and after doing so the transformers were free to grow, adapt, and advance on their own.

Eons pass and the slaves have split and war upon themselves, ultimately leaving a dormant planet behind and relatively unguarded.

Autobot and Decepticon alike are rapidly recalled to Cybertron to protect their home from the Quintessons who have ripped Wells- great holes- into the planet to mine its remaining energy. Though unresponsive and powerless itself, the planet's natural defenses rise greater then ever to fight the invaders and the abominations on its surface. Refusing to lose the planet once more the Quintessons command the newest Prime heed their demand and obey or be destroyed by the swarming Spark Eaters. It is his function, his purpose to compel the slaves to obedience, a function that he has only half fulfilled.

Horrified at the truth, that their home is a tortured and imprisoned being that their very lives were stolen from, that by existing he has taken his Autobot's true choice away, and separated, backed up to the edge of the largest Well by a tide of Spark Eaters and the Quintessons over head dangling his survival as threat and bribe, Optimus does the only thing he can.

This is the universe Orion Pax is expelled into when Cybertron spits him back out of the well. A universe where Autobot, Neutral, and Decepticon alike have no memory of Optimus Prime.

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As many of you know, it is currently assumed within the tf fandom that the DJD's Tarn is Roller. I believe that it is also assumed that Tarn developed his vocal abilities late in his life, perhaps after a certain explosion.

What I want to see is a fic where Roller is still with Orion's group when his powers start developing. I imagine there was a time where he was accidentally hurting others with his power and I just really want to see how everyone reacts!

Obviously this is in the IDW universe. Feel free if you write this to have any pairings and any ratings.

Good luck!
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Hi, I come with just a few bunnies, hope someone adopts them. Plus one I came up with that I actually did myself, but would be interested in seeing someone else's take if it bites them...

1)2007 Movieverse - Mikaela finds herself alone when Decepticons attack, and ends up coming close to death. It seems, however, that her contact with the AllSpark left her with enough residual energy to turn her into a Cybertronian, but with few or none of her memories as a human. The Decepticons take full advantage, and recruit her into their group.
Of course, at some points she ends up fighting against the Autobots.
-Would love the Autobots to somehow work it out.
-Does she find out/work it out/get told/end up finding repressed memories and finding out?

2)2007 Movieverse - When Prowl lands on Earth, he loses the co-ordinates of the Autobot Base, but recalls those of Sam's house. He scans a Police car alt, and decides To go to the boy in hopes that Sam can help him rejoin his companions. Not realising that the last time Sam saw a Police car, it had a seriously bad attitude.
- Bonus points if a) Prowl scans the exact same car Barricade did, or
- Unknowingly scans Barrucade himself in alt.
- Bonus points if Sam screams like a girl when he spots Prowl

3) Any continuity - Starscream suddenly goes into heat while out on a flight. This makes him do one of two things when he sees other Cybertroniand, He tries to 1) interface with them till they are exhausted, or 2) attack them if he perceives them as a threat. The Autobots capture him and confine him to a room /tie him down to a berth for his own safety. Ratchet finds out that in heat, a Seeker's sex drive is insanely high, and interface is needed to stop the Seeker going mad/dying. So most of the Autobots end up performing this duty.
Bonus points if:
a) the ENTIRE Autobot forces in the Ark/Base/wherever are needed.
b Starscream wears them ALL out. (Yes,including Prime/Aerialbots)
c) Skywarp and/or Thundercracker have to rescue the Autobits and the situation by taking him on themselves.

4)This is the one I've done, but am throwing open for others.
G1: when Alpha Trion rebuilt Otion Pax into Optimus Prime, he wasn't the only participant. The other damaged mechs were added as the Command Deck and Roller, with Orion. Optimus Prime is a gestalt personality of the three, or at least he was. As Optimus was the first gestalt, when things started going wrong, his gestalt mind had been on the longest, and when Alpha Trion found out, he found the three separate minds had become irreversibly subsumed by the Optimus mind. So yeah, that's what I did, the whole "Optimus Prime is a (failed/too successful)gestalt, and this is why" (was inspired by KDZeal's "Part Of None" on fanfiction.net)

So - Do any of the Autobots know this?
-Do they find out?
-Do the Decepticons find out?

So, there they are, adopt away.
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Okay. So, we've all seen fics where Prowl, Jazz, Red Alert, etc. were thieves before the war. Now... I propose something a little different.

Orion Pax. Dock worker. Lowest of the low, save for gladiators and miners. Dock workers are well known for being slow, stupid, clumsy... and dirty. Cheats. They're sneaky, people say. Clever, even if they are stupid. Because every now and then, crates go missing. Whole ship-loads, sometimes.

And Orion... well, he's manager of a crew of dock-workers, who are stationed on one of the lower levels of Iacon. He isn't slow or dumb, not at all. He's actually very smart. Clever. Sneaky, perhaps. And smart enough to hide it. To most people, he just shows the "dumb dock worker" face, but to his team... he's a wonderful leader, director, and planner. And he's pulled off more than one successful hiest, many perfect scams, and still has retained his reputation as one of the few honest dock workers.

So yeah. Orion, before he became Prime, was a thief, con-mech, and leader of a little band of fellow thieves.

Do with it what you will, but the bunny came hopping up, and I've got enough on my plate as is without this particular one nibbling on my toes. Someone please take if off my hands?
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So I'm on a HUGE Tracks/Raoul thing; I've got over a dozen stories/art/comic ideas just focusing on these two stewing right now (I'm going to singlehandedly change the pathetically low number of Tracks/Raoul fanworks in the world, I swear).

But clearly that's not enough, as a certain New York punk has been throwing bunnies at me left and right focusing not just on him and his flying Corvette, but him interacting with other G1 characters too. And since I have enough bunnies multiplying around me, I thought you guys might like to be sacrificed to adopt some adorable Raoul bunnies.

As a bonus, I'll give you a side option of one TF Crossover bunny.

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(Knowing me, I'll get to some of these eventually anyway, but FFFFFF...)


May. 21st, 2011 12:40 pm
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I've scrolled through these bunnies for the last few months and I'm amazed at just how many I recognized as being the muse for some of the wonderful Transformers fanfiction I've read.  So I wanted to add some of the bunnies that popped up while I was looking through this journal.  I hope they inspire someone to create their story.


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 I did the math... and apparently I have 400 bunnies. WIth this post I'll have shared over 1/4 of them. Yay!

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Orion Pax, Otimus Prime's, well, first incarnation, wasn't the cute, slightly naive dockworker we thought him to be.
In truth, he didn't just admire the flying mechs of the Decepticon army, he was their spy, completely dedicated to the cause and telling them when to attack the docks and where to strike.
That he was caught in the attack and almost killed, was an unfortunate accident that Megatron still regrets. He such hopes for the young dockworker.

a) But now, vorns later, Orion Pax' memories are returning and Optimus Prime is suddendly torn between leading the Autobots and helping the cause he really believes in.
b) Optimus Prime knew the truth all along and helped the Decepticons without his own mechs noticing. He's working as a spy and saboteur, keeping Megatron informed about any important step of the army, until the last remains of the senate are finally found and slaughtered.
c) Alpha Trion was a Decepticon, too. He chose Orion Pax deliberatedly to be the new Prime.
d) One day, after going through some old files, some Autobot/Decepticon comes across some holoimages or securtiy videos showing Orion Pax either in the company of Megatron or at some other places that were attacked by the Decepticons at the beginning of the war. And he was always there just before the attacks happened. He becomes suspicious but how to tell the devoted Autobot army that their Commander works for the enemy?
e) What else you can think of.

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Hey, it's been a while. I've had this list sitting around for a while, along with these fics...

First off, fic:
Uneven, inspired by bunny #89 here.
Family, dialogue at the end of the chapter was taken from and inspired by bunny #13 here.
(I don't know when I'll update these, finals are coming up and classes are taking up a lot of my time now.)

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