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I was watching The Breakfast Club this past weekend, and a bunny bit.

The younger humans in G1 have a very similar diversity to them. The brain (Chip), the princess (Astoria), the 'odd girl' (Carly), the street punk (Raoul), and the 'average' kid (Spike). And the fact of it is, most of them have never met each other onscreen.

Why, WHY is it always the humans with me? )
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So I'm on a HUGE Tracks/Raoul thing; I've got over a dozen stories/art/comic ideas just focusing on these two stewing right now (I'm going to singlehandedly change the pathetically low number of Tracks/Raoul fanworks in the world, I swear).

But clearly that's not enough, as a certain New York punk has been throwing bunnies at me left and right focusing not just on him and his flying Corvette, but him interacting with other G1 characters too. And since I have enough bunnies multiplying around me, I thought you guys might like to be sacrificed to adopt some adorable Raoul bunnies.

As a bonus, I'll give you a side option of one TF Crossover bunny.

two episodes was all it took for me... )

(Knowing me, I'll get to some of these eventually anyway, but FFFFFF...)
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Hey there, new to the comm! Oh, this place is either going to be awesome for me, or just give me more ideas. XD;;

Anyway, got a bunny for TFPrime that won't leave me alone, but I can't nail down a full plot either. Forgive me if I do this wrong...

I CAN'T be the only one who sees it )
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ROTF bunnies
1. Prime is late, and the Fallen turns on the machine. In doing so, he attracts the attention of Ra, Egypts sun god. Who is not happy.

2. Back in ancient times, when the Fallen first arrived, man still had magic and cursed the Fallen off earth until the last prime died. Sam Witwicky is the last anscestor of the man who gave the fallen the curse, and learns of the spell through the allspark's symbols. He now has a choice - he can leave magic alone, and be normal, or curse Megatron in the same way.

3. Tracks lands on earth and meets Raoul - and has to hide the fact he has a human friend from the rest of the autobots.

G1 bunny.

Sentinel crossover. In the Sentinel, for those who don't watch the show, a sentinel is a human who has all five senses enhanced. They usally have a guide to help them out, lead them along, and make sure they don't focus too much on one thing. In fandom, the sentinel usually is quite paranoid, secretive, and grumpy. The guide seems to be carefree, open and happy. (based on Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg.) Red Alert and Inferno as a sentinel and his guide.
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...because if I don't get bunnies down right away, I usually forget 'em!

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The 1930s have nothing to do with this post. I've just been looking at really old ads. Meat was 18 cents a pound and none of the cars were over $200. That's so not fair.

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This is my first time posting, so bear with me. I've been mob lately with the bunnies, often of epic proportions, but due to work and just a general lack of willpower, I'll likely not be able to do anything with them myself.


...a bunny list /without/ Perceptor?! )

And they're all free to good homes!

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They aren't that good (school is eating all my mental activity, so I've been short on ideas), but have fun anyway:

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I still haven't decided on whether the contest entries should be anonymous. I want entries to be judged on how well they're written, not on who wrote them. But I don't really want them to be anonymous. If they're not anonymous, do you think voters can be trusted to vote for the best fic, not who wrote it?

Also, text size has been acting up for me. If anything looks too small or too large, that's why.


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