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Jun. 30th, 2016 01:42 pm
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1) Beachcomber is charged for hitting an officer.

2) Bluestreak falls for a human scam.

3) Random Aerialbot: "Great, my wings are busted. Now what are we going to do?"
Random Autobot: "We grab Starscream’s wings, attach them to your frame to get us out of here."

4) TFP: Miko makes everyone watch the horror movie Jeepers Creepers.

5) Skywarp plays hide and seek with the humans. (I.E. He warps between humans.)

6) Spike and Carly stopped at the abandoned building where the energon trail led into.
"Do you think an Autobot or Decepticon is in there?"
"Let’s go find out."
"Are you crazy?" Spike exclaimed, wide eyed. "Haven't you seen what happens in the horror movies?"
"Don't be a baby!" Carly exclaimed.
"Let's contact the Autobots first."

7) Wheeljack creates a virtual simulator. Carly and Spike tries it out. ( 6 could be use for 7 as well)

8) "...Drag his big aft around."
"Hey, leave my aft out of this." came Astrotrain's sluggish reply.
"...He's alive. That means I can’t sell his parts..." Swindle pouted.

9) Human: "I was abducted by an alien with metal wings and scary red eyes."

10) What if a group of humans perform satanic rituals on a Transformer?

11) Skyfire/Hound - Intoxicated

12) "This device is set to go off whenever it leaves my hand."
"He's bluffing," A Decepticon said to his companions. He turns to the Autobot. "You're bluffing."

13) After awhile, the Decepticons stop shooting. The three Autobots look at each other.
"They give up?"
"Probably think we’re dead."
"Hey Autobots, you alive over there?"
"Shut up, aft head!" A Con hissed.

14) Someone paints an Autobot/Decepticon like a Dalmatian dog.

15) TFA: Bulkhead is a double agent


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