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1) The Autobots get a virus that make them go slow.

2) Random Autobot: "You monsters! We don’t have a medic or the equipment to repair injuries."
"Who are the Autobots calling monsters, Starscream?" Megatron asked.
"I do not know unless they are referring to themselves." Starscream replied, smirking.

3) Shockwave makes a Frankenstein out of Autobots.

4) Jazz has giant stylish sunglasses made for him.

5) Jazz actuallys hands in reports for once causing everyone to be suspicious.

6) Random Autobot 1: "You pick on one of us you pick on all of us!"
Injured random Autobot: "What took you bots so long?"
Random Autobot 2 *smirking at Decepticons*: "Had to teach a few ‘Cons some manners."

7) There is a bet on how long it’ll take Jazz, Mirage, and Bumblebee to find Hound. Hound is the Autobot’s best tracker. He knows how to hide his tracks. Its done for an exercise.

8) Ironhide is court martialed.

9) A new gang is trying to take over the city and they want Sparkplug's garage as their hideout.

10) "I would have spared him from seeing that scene! At least talk to Bluestreak. That's his mentor in Med Bay."

11) "Are you done grappling with Grapple?"

12) Starscream/Thundercracker - Delusion

13) "Both of you were sent on a simple patrol route where there wasn’t any Decepticon activity. How did the two of you get hurt?"

14) TFP: "Thank goodness you grabbed us in time. I wouldn't have enjoyed being trampled." Raf exclaimed in relief.
"And whose fault was it when they opened their big mouth to those Decepticons?" Jack said, looking at Miko.
Miko huffed. "How was I suppose to know the cows were going to take off towards us?"

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