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For some reason the subject of gypsies (Romani) came up in a discussion with my mother and she related a documentry she saw at one point that had something in it about modern Gypsy clans in America - they have semi trailers that they've turned into large-scale caravans that they drive around the USA.

So, given that I was thinking of my movieverse truck toys as examples of the sort of trucks, I ended up turning around the thought... and getting a plotbunny.

The Autobots on Earth have been trying to track an unknown mech they believe has landed but are having trouble finding. The reason why they can't find him? Ultra Magnus totaled a Romani truck when he landed and is currently acting as their replacement for it until they can afford a new one. The clan has practically adopted him and make sure he has plenty of fuel and the clan mechanic has helped repair damage from his landing.

The other Autobots have kept missing him because the nearest they have come to the clan, they dismissed the trucks because they were a Romani convoy.
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