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1. An Autobot fights for the Autobot cause but dislikes Optimus Prime.

2. "We're unarmed and in the middle of Decepticon territory. What are the chances we make it out alive?"

3. "Cut that out! You think your being cute? I demand you stop right now!" Red Alert exclaimed.

"Red, its just a sparkling."

4. "My aft," groaned an Autobot. "Can someone fix my aft please?"

5. TFP: One of the children has pink eye.

6. An Autobot is enthusiastic when getting caught by the Decepticons.

7. "I only lost a partial of my leg. I still have the ability to shoot."

8. The Autobots are curious when they over hear their human friends say they have brain freeze.

9. The Decepticon base shakes and they think its the Autobots attacking. Its only two whales fighting, one of the whales slammed into the base.

10. What if there was an Autobot that changes into a communication array?

11. Autobot food fight.

12. An injured Ratchet onlines to see two bots guarding him.

13. "I see the two Sleeping Beauties are online again."

14. Soundwave gets into Megatron's mind without him realizing.

15. Aerialbot, Seeker, Skyfire, Blades, or any bot that flies goes down in battle. Thanks to the help of a bird(s).

16. Movie verse: Two NEST soldiers fighting. A few Autobots watch.

17. G1: A Human hack group manages to hacks into both Autobots and Decepticons security. They put on the internet all of the army's stats/files etc. Its for the public to see.

18. G1: I imagine Cliffjumper has a lot of weapons in his subspace. Where does he get them? Who is his supplier?

19. TFP: "Jack, what is covering your eyes?"


"What are sunglasses?"

"They protect my eyes from the sun's UV rays so I won’t damage them."

Optimus turns to Miko and Raf. "Why aren't the two of you wearing sunglasses?"

20. The Cons were acting like excited children on Christmas morning gleefully digging into presents.

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Some of these are cannon actually but 1) grimlock (natch). 2) in a text story in a marvel uk annual called the magnificent six... No really. 7) chromed one is seen having his leg rebuilt during the early stages of the matrix quest aboard the ark like this (jump off point for someone?) 15) poor fire flight cops for this a lot.... And again 17) marvel uk annuals used this trope a lot, though again we tended not to see the aftermaths....

Nice list though ^_^

Date: 2014-07-17 11:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] chryscare.livejournal.com

Number 9



Number 15


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