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1. Animated/G1 crossover with very, very OOC Cons:
While fighting with Megatron and the Decepticons over an Allspark-shard, the Animated- Autobots accidently activate some experimental Sumdac machine and create a vortex in another dimension. When they finally manage to close the doorway, several mechs of this other dimension ahev already been sucked through and suddenly Optimus and co have to face not only one, but two very pissed of Con armies.
After the fight that the Autobots somehow survive due to both armies turning on each other over who's who and who's the boss, the G1 Decepticons discuss the happenings in a newly found hideout, far away from their Animated counterparts.
They are less then impressed with both factions of this dimensions.
The Animated Cons are crazy and far more cruel than the G1 Cons ever were, while the Autobots of this dimension are a bunch of Younglings, poorly trained and armed and far too young and inexperienced to deal with their enemies.
The Cons decide to stay and investigate further.
When they learn more about the elite guard, this dimension's Cybertron, bootcamps, sending Younglings in a war and the overall proceedings, they Cons decide to see the whole trip as an vacation and to take matters into their own hands.
They manage to temporary get rid of the Animated-Cons and begin to "train" and "help" Optimus and his team in their own special way so that once the Animated-Cons return they are worthy adversaries, begin to see what's wrong in their universe and how to change that.

2. Animated/G1 crossover:
The Animated-Decepticons have been able to get most of the Allspark-shards and used them to create new mechs. After finally managing to flock together, Megatron now has a whole army at his disposal and attacks Cybertron and Earth. The Autobots lose more and more ground and many of them have already been killed.
In a desperate move Ultra Magnus decides to use the remaining Allspark-shards to revive the heroes of the old times. He has Red Alert and Wheeljack repair and upgrade some corpses they found in a an old monument and gives them back life.
And while the newly revived warriors online their bright blue optics for the first time in many centuries to look into the hopeful faces of the hopeful Autobots surrounding them, nobody knows that they've gotten the wrong mausoleum and have brought G1 Megatron and his army back into the universe.
What will the G1 Cons do?
Will they help and fight against these ridiculous impostors staining their names and reputations? Will they attack and unite with the new Decepticons? Will they help only to take Cybertron for themselves? Or will they take one look at the situation, groan "Not again" and try to find a way to reunite with the Allspark as fast as they can?

Date: 2009-11-16 03:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] shadir01.livejournal.com
Both are quite amusing.

I cannot avoid to imagine Starscream training the Optimus of the animated world and to laugh until it hurts my stomach.

Date: 2009-11-16 08:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] winged-sundisk.livejournal.com
For some reason I can see Starscream terribly upset about his alternative version, utterly hating Thundercrackers double, motherhenning Skywarp and being bestest buddies with Slipstream (They could be partners in snark). He would find some similarities with Optimus (both having lost a friend under rather traumatic circumstances and said friend is now part of the other fraction of the war and both were kicked out (Starscream: Science Academy, Optimus: Autobot Academy) because of said loss).
Somehow I can see him getting along with Optimus, helping Slipstream kicking the other Starscream around and horribly needling Ratchet, 'cause the Ratchet in his homedimension would be horribly upset about the fact that his counterpart had not maintained himself very well... I think Ratched in the animated 'verse is not very good at selfmaininance letting his own checkups slip past, because he has aged and several other bots who are of similar age have not. (Hehe.... I can see G1 Ratched strapping animated Ratched down in the medical bay, cursing all the way while undoing the damage of time and neglegt....)

Started, though...

Date: 2011-05-24 06:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] magni-zeal.livejournal.com
It's got less of the 'training' and more of the fall-out. Sorry. This is the first bunny, and the rest of the story will come out pretty soon. Anyway, here. http://magni-zeal.livejournal.com/18603.html


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