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 Been attacked by a new horde of bunnies.
Some (okay, most) have been inspired by fan-fics.
If someone knows of a fic that fits the criteria, please share link?  I'd really like to read the story!

(Most of these are either Generation 1, or any-continuity. Only a few are universe-specific)

  1. Air Raid is a femme in disguise!    ~shush~  Nobody knows

  2. Air Raid is a mech disguised as a femme – (undercover)

  3. The Aerialbots – Silverbolt, Slingshot, Skydive, Fireflight – are really femmes.  Only Airraid is a mech.

  4. Tracks is a femme, hiding from ____________.  Tracks saw stowing away on The Ark as a way to escape

  5. Sunstreaker is a femme, who doesn’t get along with Elita-1 – that’s why she’s on The Ark instead of with the rest of the femmes.

  1. Red Alert and Breakdown are twins – separated at birth!

  2. Breakdown is Sideswipe’s younger brother

  3. Breakdown has an older brother – who hates him, and tried killing him when they were still young.

  4. Sunstreaker isn’t an artist.  He’s a forger.  Sunstreaker’s ‘works of arts’ are replicas of other (deceased mecha) work.

  5. Sideswipe is a thief!  A professional cat burglar who got caught only once.

  6. Wheeljack is telepathic!  (Like Soundwave)

  7. Blaster is an empathy – just as powerful, but less disciplined, than Soundwave

  8. Cassettes are pets.  Intelligent pets, but still pets.  Soundwave and Blaster are their trainers/owners.

  1. Motormaster is Megatron’s second-in-command. After Soundwave, (Starscream is second over the Seekers, third over all Decepticons). (Well, second over all rubber-burning flightless Decepticons.)

  2. Soundwave (and cassettes) are spies.  Spies for Optimus Prime.

  3. Rumble is a creator/parent figure to Stunticons

  4. Frenzy is a caretaker/parent figure to the Combaticons

  5. Motormaster and Optimus Prime are twins.  Alternate: they are from the same factory mold.

  6. All Constructicons – Long Haul, Scrapper, Mixmaster, Hook, etc – have medical training.  They don’t advertise the fact, because most of them would rather be building stuff than repairing injuries or fixing wounded Decepticons

  1. Silverbolt was built by the Constructicons.

  1. The Constructions (builders by trade), try their hand at demolition – starting with buildings that are scheduled for total destruction..

  1. Megatron is Unicron’s avatar.

  2. The Fallen has taken physical form again – his new body is ________ , a previously deactivated mech.

  3. Jazz is a child of The Fallen.

  4. Bayverse Optimus Prime (between Dotm and AoE), was replaced by a SHATTERED GLASS Optimus Prime - first order of business: kill all NEST associated humans and the Autobot unit on earth.

  5. Wildrider is a genius – an absentminded genius.  If he could focus on one thing at a time, his mental processing power could rival Perceptors – and Starscream’s.

  6. Hpyeractive, attention deficit Wildrider rivals Skywarp – (ie. Prank rival, and/or number of thoughts simultaneously)

  7. Bumblebee and Dead End (or Drag Strip) are family – they still are, even though personal choices have them on opposite sides of the war.  (brother/father? Writer’s choice)

  8. CMO Ratchet has had enough.  He deliberately kills one of his patients.

  9. Ratchet has had it!
    Ratchet: “That’s it!  I am bolting your head on!”
    ???? – “Totally unnecessary!”
    Ratchet:  “I am tired of having to find your head after every battle, and needing to reattach it.
    ????? – “I don’t loose my helm ever battle.”
    Ratchet - “Once is an accident, three times is a problem.”

  1. Drag Strip (or Dead End) and Sunstreaker are family – Drag Strip (or Dead End) tried rescuing his (son/brother?) from the Gladiator pits by joining the Decepticons.

  2. Megatron is the creator/parental figure of Motormaster – or any/all other Combiner leaders.

  3. Laserbeak was on the Pirates of the Caribbean crew/set- he had fun helping make the Pirate trilogy.

  4. Prowl is Shockwave’s brother (twin)

  5. Soundwave does not officially acknowledge his only living family member – the Autobot’s second-in-command.    But the often-ignored  link/connection is there.

  6. Stunticons races The Race Track patrol.

    1. Single race, relay race, team effort. 

    2. Which team will win the race?  Drag Strip or Groundhog?

    3.  Which team member will cross the finish line first?  Roller Force or Breakdown?

    4. Who can go faster – while remaining in their lane?  Motorhead or Wildrider?

    5. Can either leader keep their team in line?  Barricade or Motormaster?

    6. What about the odd mech out - Dead End (or another)?

  7. ALL CYBERTRONS – Autobots, Decepticons, neutrals/civilians, all Transforming robots – are triplechangers.

    1. Blitzwing, (jet/tank) AStrotrain (jet/train), Springer, and the like, are different from other triple-changers because both their altmodes are  self-propelled.

    2. Megatron is a triple changer – one of his two alt modes is that gun that anybody can shoot.  The other (vheical or jet or boat) is _________

    3. Optimus is a triple-changer – primary alt mode is the truck.  Secondary altmode is the battle/attack form, in which he separates into three components to fight.

  8. (PRIME) – Knockout is a reformatted Sunstreaker – one who has been conditioned to be a Decepticon (which, oddly suits the gladiator better)

  9. (BAYVERSE) – Sunstreaker had an accident:
    Upon arriving at the scene of the accident Sideswipe is speechless
    ??? – Where’s your twin – random autobot looking for the yellow frontliner
    Sideswipe, just points at the offline forms
    ??? – Those are younglings.
    Sideswipe nodds.  Finally finds voice.  “They are Sunstreaker”
    ???? – BOTH OF THEM?
    Sideswipe – help me get my brother … brothers to the medic.
    another  explosion

    And that is how Skids and Mudflap came to arrive with the Autobots.

  10. Dinobots – Grimlock, Snarl, Sludge, Slag, Swoop, etc – are the last survivors of the Beast Wars/the ones left behind after the beast-formers left the planet so long ago.

  11. Autobots are from a holocaustic future – thing is, they don’t recognize the world from their past at first.  And, they might not realize earth is the planet they were sent back in time to save until it is too late.

  12. Decepticons are humans in armored shells – these mechanical exoskeletons were reverse engineered from other robots, - and are being test-piloted by daredevils.

  1. Punch/Counterpunch – he’s not the only mech indecisive about which army to support.  He’s just the one nobody (everybody) knows about.  Other mechs working both sides include:

    1. Smokescreen as Barricade

    2. Prowl as Soundwave

    3. Starscream trades off with Silverbolt when he needs a vacation.

    4. Thundercracker hides in plain sight as Bluestreak.

    5. Skywarp decides ‘Autobot Mirage’ is the best cover ever!

  2. Punch/Counterpunch is a true shifter.  He can shift into multiple robotic forms, imitate ANY mech.  Nobody is safe when Punch/Counterpunch decides to become __________.

  3. Several bots suffer from MPD – multiple personality disorder – or DIS – disassociate identity syndrome.  Punch/Counterpunch is one of them.

    1. Hook moonlights as Ratchet

    2. Ratchet moonlights as Hook.

    3. When off Nemesis, Hook relaxes by adopting the persona of Hoist.

    4. When off the Ark, Hoist relaxes by adopting the persona of Hook.

    5. Grapple wakes up as Hook, once in a great while.

    6. Hook wakes up as Grapple once in a great while.

  1. Alter egos: (Ie. Punch/Counterpunch) – Most of the soldiers of both armies are playing both sides – they switch off between being an  Autobot or Decepticon.  Megatron and Optimus Prime are the ONLY ones who aren’t undecided about which side to support fully.

    1. Prowl  becomes Barricade

    2. Bluestreak refuses to remember his time as Barricade

    3. Jazz changes between himself and Meister

    4. Wheeljack, in his darker moments, is Shockwave

    5. Perceptor moonlights as Shockwave -

    6. Who is he? Blaster or Soundwave

    7. Steeljaw is Ravage

    8. Eject and Rewind alternate positions as Frenzy and Rumble

    9. Red Alert was once Breakdown.  Breakdown was once Red Alert

    10. Blades is Vortex (G1) – Bayverse version: Blades is BlackOut

    11. Sideswipe (and/or Sunstreaker) occasionally plays as KnockOut (Prime verse)

  2. Mechs with visors (masks, half or full face), have secret identity – why are they hiding?  Why are they pretending to be someone they are not.

    1. Beachcomber is an elite assassin, hiding out on earth.

    2. Jazz is wanted for killing (assisting Megatron) Sentinel Prime.

    3. Soundwave is a deep-cover Autobot waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

  3. Bayverse:  After Barricade disappeared at the end of Transformers: Live Action Film, it was because he found himself changed– now, how will Cade Yaeger survive as a human when all he’s known is life as a Cybertronian?

  4. Grimlock is the newest brother to Prime.  He is in line to receive the Matrix of Leadership if/when Optimus Prime dies.

  5. Grimlock is brother to Megatron.  He is in line of succession as Decepticon Lord Protectorate.

  6. Future Grimlock had an accident.  He found himself in the past – and now, after going through a reformate and upgrade, he realizes he needs a new designation.  He chooses to become ___________.

  7. Megatron has always disliked Prime on principle – especially Optimus Prime.

  8. Ravage, cannot talk intelligibly .  His best attempts at personal communication involve cat-sounds (roars and the like) because Ravage was built as a direct line to Soundwave (walki-talkie or radio with vid-screen).

  9. Mirage, NOT Ironhide, NOR Ultra Magnus, was rebuilt from Dion (G1)

    1. Dion/Mirage was hiding from his Tower’s Family – and being a successful dock worker – when Megatron attacked, nearly off lining the workers.

    2. Alpha Trion managed to save Dion’s spark, but not his memories.  Since one of the Nobles, who paid for the replacement parts, needed an heir, he brought the rebuilt Mirage to his estates and trained him.

  10. An EMP – electromagnetic Pulse – does not negatively affect humans.  To Cybertronians, an EMP burst is like a nerve-gas attack.   (Red Alert is especially prone to magnetic fluxuations)
    random human – what’s wrong with him?
    any medic – some kind of electromagnetic burst
    random human – will he survive?
    Medic – Maybe.  If we can figure out what caused the attack.

  11. Prowl isn’t the best enforcer Praxis had to offer – he was kicked out of Praxis because he wanted to feel emotions, wanted to empathize with the mechs he was built to serve.  Praxis feels enforcers best serve the people by NOT being ‘weakened’ by pesky emotions.

  12. Enforcers have a bad rap – instead of being elite police force personal always enforcing rules, regulations and laws designed to protect the common mech, they are hired mercenaries, bodyguards of crime lords.

    1. Megatron doesn’t need an Enforcer by his side.  Soundwave insists he hire one, just for publicity.  The ‘rebels’ with trained protection are the real threats to contend with  (they are the ones the Senate is willing to talk to/see) –

Megatron personally selects his enforcer – he chooses:

  1. Prowl – this no nonsense mech won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

  2. Smokescreen.  As a gambling mech, no one expects this praxian to be a paid bodyguard

  3. Bluestreak – he may be young, but he’s deadly.

  4. Barricade.  Given command of the Race Track Patrol instead of credits (he preferred the team over the money)

  5. Shockwave has enforcers guarding his lab – too many Autobot saboteurs have made the expenditure necessary to protect his experiments.

  6. Ironhide began life as an Enforcer,  then he realized there was more honor in protecting Prime than the crime lords wagging war on hapless civilians.

Maybe after sharing these, the others will stop hounding me.
Or calm down enough so I can write one without being mercilessly interrupted.

Have fun.

Date: 2014-07-19 08:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] chryscare.livejournal.com
The Fallen has taken physical form again – his new body is ________ , a previously deactivated mech.

Jazz is a child of The Fallen.

Can they be combined in the same fic?

If so, I'm interested.


Date: 2014-07-20 03:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] khgiggle.livejournal.com
(PRIME) – Knockout is a reformatted Sunstreaker – one who has been conditioned to be a Decepticon (which, oddly suits the gladiator better)

That actually makes a lot of sense! Wonder what happened to Sideswipe...

Bayverse:  After Barricade disappeared at the end of Transformers: Live Action Film, it was because he found himself changed– now, how will Cade Yaeger survive as a human when all he’s known is life as a Cybertronian?

I've also been reminded of Barricade when I hear the name 'Cade'. Not just in AOE, but in Rescue Bots as well. Funnily enough, the latter is a rescue worker.

Date: 2014-07-21 09:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] khgiggle.livejournal.com
Well, okay, tfwiki ways the Rescue Bots character is 'Kade' but they sound the same. He's a fireman and is partnered with Heatwave...who is voiced by Steve Blum...

Date: 2014-07-21 09:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] khgiggle.livejournal.com
Actually there is a Transformer who turns into a police car. It's not Prowl. I think his name is Chase. There's also a rescue helicopter (Blades), Bulldozer (Can't remember his name at the moment.), and a fire truck (Heatwave). No ambulance for some reason...

Date: 2014-07-23 05:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] chryscare.livejournal.com
Rescue bots

Chase--police car partner is Chief Charlie Burns

Heatwave--firetruck, fire boat, leader of Rescue force Sigma 17 partner is Kade Burns

Boulder-bulldozer partner is Graham Burns

Blades--helicopter partner is Dani Burns

They had Medix an ambulance in the toys and Hoist a tow truck in the toys.

Date: 2014-07-23 07:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] khgiggle.livejournal.com
Oh. I don't keep up with toys. Explains a couple of things though.

Lookie here

Date: 2014-07-23 05:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] chryscare.livejournal.com
Got the first two chapters up on XXIII and XXIV: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2009049


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