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1. Two Autobots jump out of a burning second story building.

2. "If this doesn't work I'm going to kick your aft in the Well of Allsparks."

3. Either Ultra Magnus/Elita One/Chromia in the brig.

4. Autobot to human: "Stop shedding your skin on the floor. Its disgusting."

5. Tracks stands over Raoul to protect him from the sun/heat.

"Man, its hot out here. I feel like I'm melting."

6. TFP: "Look there's a flying saucer! More aliens? Awesome!" Miko exclaimed.

"Nah, that's Cosmos."

7. G1: Two Combaticons - Brawl and Vortex interrogate an Autobot. To make the Autobot tell what he knows Brawl forcefully holds his head towards Vortex's spinning blades.

8. G1: A woman names her baby after a Minibot.

9. Sunstreaker is in charge of a group of Autobots.

A. They don't listen to him.
B. There's a fight amongst two Autobots. He has to break them up.
C. The group of Autobots respect Sunstreaker after the mission is successful.

10. Aerialbot bunnies:

A. Aerialbots watch humans skydive out of a plane.

B. "Air Traffic Control has informed us there is a group of humans that will be parachuting out of an airplane near here. We do not need another incident like last time."

"We're sorry. We thought they were in trouble."

C. "Air Traffic Control has asked us to keep you all away from the vicinity of all airports."


"Fireflight almost collided with an airplane filled with humans last week."

D. One of the Aerialbots collide with an airplane filled with people.

E. Aerialbots save humans from on top of a house from flood or fire.

11. Movie verse: Perceptor arrives on Earth. He quickly annoys everyone with science.

A. "You humans are fascinating. Do you know your body contains trillions of microorganisms?"
B. Perceptor asks to study one of the Autobots to see what kind of bacteria they have on their body since they are on Earth.

12. Movie verse: Sideswipe gets parts for Ratchet so he can fix them up. Where from? The Black Market.

13. Movie verse: Annabelle is a teenager. Her school is on spring break. She wants to go with two of her friends to the beach for a spring break party. What are the reactions of the Autobots when they learn what happens at these kinds of parties and why her parents refuse to let her go.

14. What if a turbo fox glitches and attacks a Cybertronian or youngling?

15. A youngling finds an Autobot’s gun and decides to play with it.

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Heh at #8
I can just see with the transformers being s big influence on human culture and babies being named after the parents fave cybertronian.

"Roll call time children.
Sally? John? Prime? Priscilla? Jazz? Tracks? Spike? Adam? Megatron?"



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